Sunday, September 19, 2010

She's Here!!!!

Ok, so AGAIN I have slacked in my blogging, but THIS time it is for a REALLY good reason! Miss Gwenyth Cynthia Jasovsky made her debut Thursday September 16, 2010 @ 6:39pm. 
Right in the middle of that terrible storm!
She is 7lbs, 20 inches of pure perfection!

Here is her debut pic:

She was born with a little bit of chaos, though.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around her 3 times, and the Pediatrician said that it was a miracle that we decided to induce a week early.  That may have just saved her life!

Everything is fine, she is very healthy, and we headed home Saturday morning.
She is the most amazing little peanut! And we love her more than words could describe.

I'll blog again tomorrow with more pics and details, just wanted to give a quick update.

Thank you all for the kind words, gifts, wishes... we love you all so much!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's TIIIIIMMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sorry that I haven't been up to snuff on my blogging, but I have been trying to get everything ready for Gwen (and guests that will be visiting us)!  I went to Dr. P today and she informed us that I am almost 3 cm dilated and that we should report to the hospital at 9:30 am tomorrow morning to be induced!!! Yay!  She says that if she were to let me go on my own, it would probably happen within the next two days.... but we can't wait any longer!

So, tomorrow should be the BIG day!  The day that our little baby girl enters the world, and we become parents! OMG!!!!!  We are super excited/anxious/nervous, but couldn't be happier :) 

So, here is the last picture of Gwen in my belly:

38 weeks 6 days.

We promise to keep everyone updated.  We can't wait to meet Gwenyth Cynthia and to introduce her to you all!

Wish us luck!

Lots of love to you all.

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Weeks (or less) To Go!

Mommy-To-Be Quiz @ 37 Weeks

How far along?  37 Weeks... considered full term.  Long enough for me, come on out Girlie!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Still under 20 lbs.  I don't have an exact answer bc when I went to the Dr. this week, their scale was "low on battery" so the nurse said that she had to add on 4 lbs... but I only saw a 1 lb difference.  Whatever, lol, at this point I feel HUGE and uncomfortable!

Maternity Clothes:  The only shopping that I have been doing has been for Gwen... bottles, nipples, etc.  I have no desire to try on clothes... TOO MUCH WORK! Ha ha!

S-T-R-E-T-C-H:  I feel like we have been in the home stretch for a LOOOOONGG time!  I wake up every morning hoping to find that my water has broken lol.  I must say that I think that Gwen is running out of room in my belly.  Can someone tell her that there is plenty of room out here?!?!

Sleep:  Every night I become more and more uncomfortable... but when I do get comfy, sleep is pretty good.  I have limited my intake of water after dinner so that I don't have to get up as much.  I think that Jason suffers when I suffer.  For example, whenever I get up to use the bathroom or toss and turn, he asks if everything is ok.  I think he thinks any time could be THE time!  It is very cute of him!

Best Moment of the Week:  Finishing up shopping for Gwen, I was getting nervous that I wouldn't be able to finish in time!

Movement:  I feel her trying to find and even sometimes push some more room is my belly.  It must be so cramped in there!  She definitely kicks her feet out my side, and her butt out the other side.  She has had the hiccups almost every night still... poor girl!

Food Cravings:  Bought another watermelon, some pineapple (but I think that's because i heard it helps induce labor, Lol), and plums!  Lots of sweet stuff!

Labor Signs:  Cramping, Braxton Hicks, and still dilated just 1 cm.  But, I welcome any more signs!

Belly Button:  Still the same, but I have noticed that my Linea Negra is a bit darker, maybe that's because my tan has faded.

What I Miss:  Sitting, standing, sleeping, walking comfortably.  It is almost as if once I find a good position, I will do ANYTHING not to get up... like right now, I am blogging bc I am very comfortable sitting... I wonder how long I can milk this? :)

What I Am Looking Forward To:  LABOR!  OK, well maybe not Labor itself, but the reward after Labor... our little angel.

Weekly Wisdom:  Patience is a virtue.  (Ugh, please make me a bit more virtuous, PLEASE)

Milestones:  37 weeks.  And Group B Strep Test came back negative!  That makes for one less thing to worry about during delivery!

What Gwen Is Up To:  Gwen is full-term (Yay!) and is gaining about 1/2 an ounce a day.  She is also getting her first sticky poop (I can already hear Jason gagging) called meconium ready.  She is also brushing up on her skills for the outside world: sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping (it's getting strong!)  She is now the size of a Watermelon (and boy do I feel like it!!!!!!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Baby

Dear Gwenyth Cynthia,

     With your arrival quickly approaching, I can't help but stress about what type of parent I will be.  I may not have a definite answer, but I do know that I will love you UNCONDITIONALLY, every moment of your life.  I will always be here for you, to share anything and everything, to protect you, but to let you grow into your own person.  To support you and guide you to make the best decisions for your life, and to be a consistent force always standing behind you. 

     Although I know that our relationship will not always be perfect, I hope that through it all you will be proud of me, and even more proud to say, "That's my mom!"

     Now, get your little butt here ASAP, Daddy, Wiley, & I are READY to meet you!!!

I love you.