Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Hopes" for 2012 - Link Up

I think that it is safe to say that 2011 was a FABULOUS year, right??  It was full of SO many "firsts" and even some bittersweet "lasts" {baby months}, but all in all, it was a big SUCCESS!

With all of that said, I am ready for the New Year!  If this year was so much fun, I can only imagine what next year will bring! 

Thanks, so much to Brit over @ Our Life is a Jungle for co-hosting with me!  If you haven't "met" her already, please swing on over and say hi!  She has the most adorable family, and is super sweet!

Here are my "Hopes" for 2012...
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Adventures With Gwen

In 2012...

I hope to meet up and hang out with other moms and/or mommy groups more.  I know that I have friends, but very few have kids, and the ones that do, live at least an hour away... so I need to get out and make some "friends" for Gwen and I, I think that it would benefit us both!

I HOPE to spend less.  Because I plan on couponing a whole lot more.  I plan on sticking to "meal plans" most every week and not shopping before I have a PLAN.  It is not just that I want to save money, but I want to waste less.  I feel like I am ALWAYS throwing away something that I SHOULD have used.

I HOPE to start learning more about photography/sewing/crafting. I really want to get better at any or all of these things.

I HOPE to stop procrastinating. I have gotten a lot better at this, but there is still a little bit left in me, and it is a PET PEEVE.  That's why I am going to start Christmas shopping NOW, lol.  But seriously, I want to start doing things right away, so that they aren't a worry, or a last minute chaos causer.

I HOPE that I organize and exercise better than I did in 2011. Self explanatory, no?

My HOPE for my family is that we continue to grow and learn together, and that we always put our little family first.  That we keep doing what is right for us, even if not everyone agrees with us.

My HOPE for my child is that this year is a healthy and happy one. That Gwen, continues to learn, hit milestones, and is that happy little girl that she is.  And that we, her parents, are the best parents and role models we can be for Gwen.

{I added a few}
My HOPE for my marriage is that we remember to have "date nights," and "cuddle on the couch" sessions.  That we continue to not take life TOO seriously.  That we keep laughing.  And that we keep growing together.

I HOPE to be preggers with another Baby Jasovsky by the end of the year.  {Just saying, 2012 is the year that I would love for it to happen! We will start trying after the summer!}

What are YOU "hoping" for in 2012?

Now let's get those party shoes on and send 2011 out with a

Thursday, December 29, 2011


As I told you yesterday, we have been ridiculously a little bit exhausted from all of or holiday fun, so you may not be surprised to hear that Tuesday, Gwen and I spent in PJs.  All day.

C'mon, it was nasty out, we were tired and OH, by the way, Gwen has been rockin' her first cold ever {awesome timing right?} since a week before Christmas.  Thank God for Boogie Wipes is all I can say!

So, we locked ourselves in our house for a day... no big deal.

But, yesterday was a whole other ball game.  We had errands to run, and shopping to get done.  So we were up, showered, put together and out the door by 8 am... headed into the cold to stock up on supplies :)

Well, we went to the grocery store, post office {at least we tried to, until we realized that it didn't open until 10am :( } and then headed back to our humble abode to relax, play with some of Gwen's amazing new toys, and have lunch.

When we got home I realized that, in the haze of my "holiday hangover," I had grabbed diapers in Gwen's SHOE size, not actual DIAPER size.  Grrrr.  AND I had already gotten rid of the receipt.  Double Grrrr.  So, I called the courtesy booth of the store and explained me problem.

No worries.  Since, I used my "Store Card" I can just bring them back and exchange.

Ok, I am still annoyed that I have to go back, but at least it seems like it will be an easy task.


Well, that's sort of a fib.  The transaction went pretty smoothly, I mean, it did take a little longer than expected, and Gwen was a bit restless {nap time was near}, but I just handed her my keys, she happily accepted, and I continued to talk to the clerk. 

All done.  Sweet!  Now, let's get home and get my cranky/sick baby a nap.  But, as we approached our car, I realize that Gwen is no longer playing my keys... actually they are NOWHERE in sight!!!  Ahhh...

Don't panic, I think to myself, just go back to the booth and they will probably be right there.

Not a chance.

They weren't there, no one had turned them in, and now all I could think is that someone is going to drive away with my car, my baby and I will be stranded, and my husband may possibly have a heart attack! 

Cue the sweat and panic.

So, I call Jason, and begin to scream tell him the problem, and that I am currently standing with the car, with the fear that some weirdo is going to come and try to drive off with it.  I tell him to get his ass there IMMEDIATELY ask him to please go get his key and meet me at the car, so that I can walk through my "route" in the store while he guards the car. {Yes, I am crazy, I know.}

He arrives 10 minutes later {Thank goodness he only works a few minutes from home!} and I dash upstairs {we were in the underground garage} to begin my search.  Thankfully, I was only there to exchange the diapers, so there were only a few places that I had to look. 

After a few minutes of scanning the baby aisle, I turned the corner, and there, on the bottom shelf, were my keys {Cue the Hallelujah chorus!} and I was finally able to breathe again.

It seems as though when the keys were done entertaining Gwen, she decided that we no longer needed them, so she threw them out of the cart.  Thanks, peanut.  Lol.

Needless to say, crisis was adverted, Daddy came to our rescue, and I bet you can guess who doesn't get to play with Mommy's keys anymore???  At least, not the important ones ;)

Fun stuff, right?  Lol.

Here's some pics of mischievious little lady

Playing hide and seek with my Aunt

Hope you are having a good week!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Hopes For 2012"

It 's a usual tradition that every New Year we vow to do MORE of some things, LESS of others, so on and so forth.  We try to hold ourselves accountable for these "promises" to ourselves, hoping for a "better" us in the next year.

So let's talk about it.  And maybe, just MAYBE, putting it all out there would give us more of a push to do so.

So, on December 31st/Jan 1st link up and tell us what you "hope" for in the upcoming year.

Here's the prep... see you then :)

Adventures With Gwen

In 2012...   

I HOPE to ______________ more.

I HOPE to _____________ less.

I HOPE to start ______________.

I HOPE to stop ______________.

I HOPE that I _______ better than I did in 2011.

My HOPE for my family is __________.

My HOPE for my child{ren} is ____________.

Add in any of your own, or feel free to put your own spin on it!

Yay, for my first link up of the new year!


Wordless{ish} Wednesday - Holiday Hangover

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Our 3 day celebration was spectactular, we are so blessed to have so many amazing people who love us!

BUT, I have to say that we were thoroughly exhausted and needed a few days of recuperation.  Not to mention that my house is a disaster area filled with new toys and things... so every spare minute I have had has been devoted to the clean up!

Gwen got soooo many wonderful things!!!  {So did we!!}

AND I would like to add that Santa DOES read my blog! :)  That's right, Momma got quite a few things on her Christmas List.  Good Job, Santa... you the man!  {And I love you very much!}

Since our holiday celebration took place at 4 different locations, I'll spare you the written details, and just let you look at the adorable pics!

Back to reality now...


Friday, December 23, 2011

Hey there!

Hey!  Sorry that I am MIA, but I have been wrapping/crafting/last minute shopping/cleaning.. etc.

I promise to get back on track ASAP.

But right now I have to finish up some stuff bc our Christmas starts tomorrow!!!  Since we have so many families, we spread Christmas out into 3 days. 
And, to be honest.

I can't wait for it to start!!!  I don't think that I have been THIS excited about Christmas, since I was a little kid!!!

Here are some "outtakes" from all of our Christmas Card "photo shoots" :)

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Since the NY Giants game is just embarrassing to watch at this point, I figure I can use this time to blog :)

Seriously G-Men, WHAT are you doing??


I want to introduce you to my new niece!

Meet Callie!

Oh Em Gee... is she not just too cute for words?!?!

My brother and future sis-in-law picked up this sweet little girlie yesterday and they came to our house {to babysit Gwen} for our first meeting/sleepover.

She is the sweetest!  Gwen was tickled pink with her, and Wiley, well let's just say I think that they are going to be best friends!

Here's some more puppy lovin, you know you want it...

She fell asleep in my lap. Love her!

Gorgeous girl.  Can't wait to see her again.

On another note, last night we went to Jason's work Christmas Gala.  Yes, it is not a party, it's a gala.  Lol.  It's almost like a wedding it is so intricate.

We had a blast!  Martini Bar, good food, DANCING {oh, yes, we danced our asses off!!}, and great people.  What a perfect holiday celebration. 

Btw... I DID wear the dress I posted about a few weeks ago, and it was a hit!  I loved it {so did the hubs ;)} and am so happy that I went with it.

Us and our some of our fav people, Jenn & Brian.  Every year we take our "family" pic.  They are THE cutest and we are all so alike, which makes parties like this THAT much more fun!

Today we are recovering relaxing and watching the Giants hand over lose despicably. Lol.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Can you believe only ONE WEEK until Christmas?!!?


Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm A Thief

Let me explain...

This morning, Gwen and I were out running errands and decided to browse TJ Maxx to see if they had anything we needed.  I saw this adorable pair of Stride Rite slippers {Gwen's current ones are getting old and stretched out} that looked like the perfect replacement.  So, I put them in our cart and continued on.

I then saw a cute dress, that I thought might be perfect for Christmas Eve Mass and dinner.  So I grabbed it and headed to the dressing room.  {I don't know about you, but I physically CANNOT buy anything without having tried it on first}

The dressing room situation was a little hairy, because I couldn't bring the cart in, therefore, no stationary seat for Little Miss Gwen...  cue the chaos.

I don't think I have ever stripped down, dressed, twirled {you have to twirl in a dress}, stripped again, and re-dressed, all while "baby talking" with my daughter, faster in my whole life.

The dress was "ehh" and not really something that I NEEDED, so Gwen and I gathered our things and headed out to our cart.  I gave the dress back to the attendant, put Gwen back in the cart, and thought "I need to get out of here, A-S-A-P.  Because that was just a lot of work for nothing."

So, I proceeded to the door.

Then, through the parking lot.

Got to the car, put Gwen in her car seat, grabbed the diaper bag, and as I took off the cart cover... there they were.

Those damn slippers.

That I had decided we weren't going to buy, because they were a bit big on Gwen.

And I just stole them.

NOW, I am sweating.  Looking for cameras.  The Po-Po.   John Walsh to show up because now I am one of America's Most Wanted.

I knew I had to go back in, but {back me up Moms} I had JUST gotten Gwen, her puffy coat, our bags, snacks, etc. INTO the car.  Uggggggggghhhhhh.

But, I totally believe in Karma.

If I were to just head home and pretend that I didn't realize what had happened, SOMETHING bad would have happened to me.  Or I would have lost something important.  That's how Karma works.

Out of the car Gwen and I got, and headed back inside to confess our sin return the stolen merchandise.

The woman looked at me like I was crazy when I said "I am so sorry, but I totally just walked out of the store with these."

"Oh, ok."

Really, lady???  I just thought that I was going to prison, and you could give two sh*ts.

I should have kept them.


If you aren't laughing at my ridiculousness already, maybe these baby belly laughs will get you chuckling...

Gwen thought that we jumping was hysterical, check it out.
{Warning, I was taping and jumping at the same time, hope you don't get motion sickness from watching :)}

Happy Friday, peeps!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

THOSE People

Yes, today, we were THOSE people.

What people, you ask.

Oh, just the people with the poor child screaming at THE top of her lungs after being handed to Santa.

Let's just call this picture, "The Calm Before The Storm."
Bring in Santa... and cue the tears! 
Even Daddy couldn't help soothe her... 
And then she begins to try and escape! 

My poor baby.  But, you couldn't help but laugh because it was THAT loud of an EAR PIERCING scream.  I looked at the girl taking the pictures and said "It isn't going to get any better, just take a picture, please."

And as we were paying for our lovely picture, the cashier begins to say, "Wow, I thought Linda Blair was here." 

Really??  That's so sweet of you to say.  Jackass.

Here's the official pic...

$19.99 for this precious memory!

I couldn't wait to come home make dinner and have a glass of wine.  Blame me??

Hope Santa will still make it here ;)


Ah-mazing Giveaway!

You should definitely go check out this giveaway!!!

Actually, just check out Becky's blog anyway!  It's one of my favs!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Resolution and a Challenge

Resolution:  Host one link-up per month.
{Good, right? How else to "meet" new people}

I'll keep Thankful Thursday {November}, but every other month, I'll just do ONE day.  With a "prep" day for everyone a few days ahead of time.

I have one for February already :)
Here's a sneak peek at the button...


Deets to come later.

Challenge: 25 Days of Christmas
Thanks to my friend, Brittany, over @ Our Life Is A Jungle, I found a way to keep the Christmas spirit up AND another reason to take pics! 

Here is a complete list of the Challenge... and I have to catch up!  So, here are my Days 1-9 and I'll add the rest tomorrow :)

Day 1. Something red
Day 2. A List
I made this "free" card for Gwen from Tiny Prints.  It was too cute!

Day 3. The Christmas Tree

Day 4. Presents wrapped under the tree
Sorry, but I can't put out presents under my tree yet, they would be unwrapped or eaten before Christmas lol!
Day 5. Something warm and tasty
I made these {recipe found here} via Pinterest, and they are as amazing as they sound!  And easy to make! Go, NOW, make some!! 
Day 6. A Candy Cane
My Candy Cane Mani... that counts right?
Day 7. A Wreath w/ a Red Bow

Day 8. Stamped and addressed Christmas cards
I loooove our Christmas cards!
Day 9. Santa Claus

Santa, 2010.  We are going tomorrow to see the "Big Guy" and I'll post afterwards!  Please wish us luck! Lol.

Oh, how I love the Christmas season!