Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Eve

     Here I am, on the eve of my birthday... Little Gwen is asleep, Hubby made a wonderful BBQ'd meal, and we are sitting here, watching TV with a few glasses of wine. I have to say, I couldn't be happier.  But, I really want to enjoy this night, so this has to be short. 

     Tomorrow we are headed into the city to see the New York International Car Show (yes, that is what I want to do), and then hopefully out for a tasty bit to eat.  We love the city, and love even more that we don't live IN it, but that we live close enough to visit any day.  I hope that there is nice weather! 

     Gwen bought me flowers, and a beautiful card (thank you Hubby!).  I can't wait to spend my first birthday as a Mommy with the most beautiful girl I know, and the best husband a girl could ask for :)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chef "Boy-I-Hope-It's-Good"

     When we found out that we were expecting a little one, we began discussing ALL of the major decisions that needed to be made:

What will we name her?

Will I still work, or will I be a full time Momma?

Will I nurse, or go straight to formula?

Will we bank her cord blood?

Will I make her food, or just buy?

     Which brings me to my story/recipe.  We decided, that if I was going to be home (WHICH I LOOOOVE!), that I would like to make all of Gwen's food.  So, from the start, I have made whatever Gwen has eaten, but, it has been easy.  I have just been steaming veggies, or cooking/mashing fruit, then pureeing it to a consistency of Gwen's liking.  Well, when we went to the Dr. last week we got the "go ahead" on meats... ahh.  I was soooo nervous.  But, Monday night, we took the plunge.

I have a baby puree recipe book that I have been using, and this seemed like a yummy (or as yummy as it could get) recipe to  start with. 

 Sounds good to me...

I was feeling VERY intimidated.  I guess, I just was venturing into unchartered territory, and worried for Gwen, lol.

Well, I chopped everything up, and started the saute.

 This looks like stew or even chicken noodle soup to me, but it isn't, it is onion, chicken, sweet potato, and apple.

After it was cooked, it headed over to my favorite kitchen gadget, the Magic Bullet (I swear by this thing!!!).

Here's the final product.

Not too bad looking, for baby food.

Of course, I had to try it first.  I think the best way to explain it would be to say, that it is what I imagine the gum in Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory would taste like.  First you taste the chicken and onion, then notice the sweet potatoes, and then the hint of apples.  I wonder if that's what Roald Dahl had in mind when he came up with that idea... :)

Now, onto the REAL test, my customer.  :)  She made her usual face, as she does with all new foods... but this was the result...
I'd say Gwen is one happy customer!

     I am feeling a little less nervous about this "make it myself" journey, just hoping that my girl likes all of my food, or at least eats it all.  I'll keep you up to date on our progress!


P.S.  Look at how much 1 sweet potato, 4 ounces of chicken, 1/4 cup of onion, and 1/2 of an apple made!  And, this doesn't even include what I gave to Gwen!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Hodge Podge of Pics

Words do not explain HOW MUCH I love this girl!

My little ham!

How true is this shirt, for all babies?
My AWESOME desert at Easter Brunch!
I'm sorry but she is just too stinkin' cute!

My new favorite picture... There is nothing like a Daddy's love.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Festivities

First, please let me apologize... I have been so good and diligent with my blogging, that I feel awful I have slacked this past weekend. Lol.  But there is good reason, we were travelling the entire weekend, and honestly, yesterday, I was too exhausted to do much more than care for Gwen and Wiley. 

Just a little background info, Gwen has four sets of Grandparents, and 4 Great Grandparents, therefore, holidays can be a bit more chaotic than normal.

Last Weekend :  Yes, our Easter began last weekend!  It is almost impossible to see everyone in one day, so we had an Easter dinner here at our house, for Gwen's Wela, Uncle Michael, and Aunt Megan.  Just something little, but quite fun :)  And wouldn't you know, the Easter Bunny came early!

She was excited to dig in!

Good Friday :  Hubby had a half day, so when he came home it was Egg Decorating time!  Gwen was into it for a little bit, but I think Mommy and Daddy had a bit more fun!  Afterwards, Gwen's Aunt Sherri and Uncle Keith came over for some Seafood and Wine... yummy!

Our "family" of eggs, we went with simple and bright!
Saturday :  We headed to PA to visit with Gwen's Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie Meghann, and Uncle Robbie (we missed Uncle Phil).  It was a nice easy drive, and we had lunch and played with Gwen all afternoon.  AND Gwen pulled herself up for the first time!  Yay!  Seriously though Gwen, you are growing tooooooo fast! 
Gwen with Auntie/GodMomma Meghann

Gwen and Grandpa

With Grandma and Grandpa

Cuddling with Uncle Robbie (she was starting to get cranky here)
Easter Sunday:  Well, I am happy to report that we made it to 8 o'clock Mass Easter Sunday, but I must also report that not only did I spill "puffs" all over the place, but we had to leave right after Communion bc Miss Gwen was in desperate need of a nap, and wasn't ready to do so in Church :(  But, we made it, that's what counts, right?  We then headed down to have brunch with Gwen's Nanny, Grandpa, Great Grandma (it was her birthday), Uncles Mark, Joe, and Anthony, and her my Wela came too! :)  It was such a nice brunch, I couldn't stop going up for more! 

Gwen got to see the Easter Bunny, though she had NO interest in him. Lol, it's better than crying.

With Daddy and Nanny

Gwen and Wela
 From there, we headed to see Gwen's GG (Jason's Grandma), Ciocci, Great Aunts, and 2nd Cousins (I think that's right).  Sorry, no pics, but guess what?  The Easter Bunny visited there too!  Man, he's good.

Playing with Uncle/GodPoppa Michael

Gwen and Poppy

Happy Easter Beautiful Gwen!
Our last stop for the day was Gwen's Poppy and Grammy's, who had a house full of family and friends.  We had dinner, and played some more.  We also got the last of her goodies from the Easter Bunny (I am going to need a new room for all of the things he brought!!!!)

It was a beautiful day, with great weather. 

Unfortunately, we then headed home to sit in  3 hours of traffic (it normally takes us just an hour to get home).  So, between all the travel and excitement, we were BEAT! 

We are recovered now, for the most part, and looking forward to more gorgeous weather, annnnnnndddd My 1st Birthday as a Mommy on Sunday!  I can't wait to spend the day with my little family.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!


P.S.  Even though it was yesterday, it was a special day for Gwen's Pop-Pop, my Grandpa (and Pop-Pop too).  He celebrated his 80th birthday!!!! 

Pop Pop, Jason, Me, and Mam-Mom @ our wedding 2009

 Happy Birthday Pop Pop!!!! We love you and hope to visit you soon! xoxoxoxoxoxo!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Name Changes

I love this little  story from my childhood, I want to share it with you.

     Both of my Grandmother's are/were (my Dad's mom passed away when I was 12) named Barbara.  Therefore, when I was born, it seemed fitting that Barbara would be my middle name.  I think that it was at about the age of 5 or so that I realized these things, and over the next few days, I became very confused. 

     About a week after my new discovery, I was in the car with my Mom, heading to her Mom's (Barbara) house, when I decided to throw my Mom for a loop.  I asked, with a straight face and a lot of concern... "Mommy, when do I have to change my name?" 

     SHOCKED, my Mom replied, "What are you talking about?  WHY would you have to change your name?"

     I came back with, "I mean, do I have to wait until I become a grandmother, or will it happen sooner?"

     Not catching on, she dug for more details, and I then asked, "Well, when are you changing your name to Barbara?" Having finally put it all together, she burst out laughing, and explained to me that not ALL Grandmother's were named Barbara.  Just mine. 

Lol!  I really thought that at some point we all changed our names to Barbara.  Seems silly now, but I think that I was one intuitive little 5 year old :)

Happy Saturday!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Hair

No, not Gwen's... Mine :(

Let's back up for a second. 

     When a woman first finds out that she is pregnant, she usually goes out and buys "The Bible," What to Expect When You're Expecting.  She then begins to read about ALLLLLLL of the challenges changes that her body is about to endure, as well as, the growth of the precious little being inside of her.  Then, after the long nine ten months, our bambino enters the world. :)

     In the first few months of Mommyhood, we move on to reading about their first year: Milestones, breastfeeding, food, diapers, product reviews, etc.  Making sure that our baby is on track, and getting the best of everything from us. 

     Then, we read... yeah right, at this point, there is NO TIME to read.  And when we have that spare moment to read, we would rather finish that load of laundry, catch up on Reality TV (can you tell what my "Guilty Pleasure" is? lol), paint our nails, and even blog.  My point is, that we stop reading about US, about all of the changes that occur POSTpartum.

     Which is why, one morning, a few months ago, after blow drying my hair and seeing what looked like EVERY single one of my hairs on the floor, I ALMOST FAINTED!  Now, I have always been a "shedder," but this was outrageous!  I called my Mother IMMEDIATELY and asked her if I had Alopecia (remember, I am a hypochondriac, lol).  She confirmed that it was NOT Alopecia, that it was all tied into my pregnancy, and to go Google it.  I did, and turns out, hair loss is completely normal, without giving details, it all has to do with hormones (I thought we were done with those problems after the baby was born), and I should be back to normal within a few months.

Fast Forward to Today

Do you see them?

I am currently growing a new batch of hair... oh so much fun.  Let's just say that I will not be wearing a pony tail in public any time soon, as someone might mistake me for a porcupine!  These hairs better hurry up, or I may be buying hair spray BY THE BULK!

There are so many things that people don't tell you about Pregnancy.  I'm here to spread the word, haha :)

Hope you have a great day!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stats ~ 7 Months

Gwen, you are 7 months old...
and this is what you are up to...

Weight - 19.2 lbs

Height - 27 inches

Diapers - Size 2-3 or 3, you seem a lot more comfortable, even though they are a little big, it's better than them being too tight.

Clothes - 6-9 months, and some 9 Months (those are a bit big also, but they work!)
Food - Still some formula, whole grain rice cereal and oatmeal, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes (your fav!), peas, green beans, broccoli, bananas, apples, pears.  Moving on to meats this week!

Sleep - Still doing well.  Some mornings you have trouble sleeping past 5am, but when that happens, I come get you, bring you into bed with Mommy & Daddy and give you a bottle.  You hang out with us until Daddy is ready to get up for work.  You're such a cuddlebug in the morning! :)

Naps - You still nap a few times a day, I try to keep you up in the afternoons, so that you sleep better.  You love to car/shop nap!

Teeth - 2. Still.  I wonder when those top two will make an appearance.  If it fits into your mouth, you are chewing on it! Lol.

-You are CRAWLING!  And I mean, MOVING!  It is so great to see you have this new found freedom, even if it does mean that we need to do some SERIOUS baby proofing! 

-You seem very close to pulling yourself up in your crib and/or other places.  Talk about Mommy being a Nervous Nelly :)

-Your "talking" has started to involve a few consonants, not just vowels.  It is really cute, we've had two "Da-Da's" out of you so far.

-You have started to become extremely aware of your surroundings.  I mean, you always have been, but for instance, today we were at the Dr. and you seemed VERY aware of it (crying when we place you on the scale and the nurse started taking measurements).  But you did well the rest of the loooooong visit! 

-You are learning how to "work" us!  Haha!  Just meaning that you seem to know that crying gets our attention, and we have become VERY aware of the FAKE cry. :)

-Daddy and I were talking yesterday, and we just feel like you grew/changed soooooo much this month.  You're such a little person, and you amaze both of us more and more each day.

Your 7 month doctor's visit was yesterday, Thursday April 20, 2011.  Dr. A was called out for an emergency at the hospital right as we got there and it was a VERY LONG wait.  But, WHAT visit isn't long with him?  Good thing we like him, hehe! 

 Mommy and Daddy love you so, so much! We are excited for your first Easter, and all the fun that Spring brings!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ALMOST Wordless Wednesday - Crawling Chronicles Part 1 & 2

I can't make this post completely wordless, I need to do a bit of narrating.

Gwen's crawling is really picking up pace, and I wanted to share.  I figured the best way, would be to set her up at the end of the hallway, and put something she REALLY wanted at my end.  So, I put her down on the ground, walked to the other end with Bob (see picture) and our laptop (with some loud music playing).  And she was off...  although, she does get distracted (Wiley is still in his crate, as it is early morning and was sleeping, until she went by).  Which is why this is a two part series. Lol.

This is Bob, he squeaks, and makes an appearance in the videos!

Part 2

And, yes, she turned the video off herself, lol. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The "Cry Room"

     Every Sunday (since January), Jason, Gwen, and I head to church, sit in the same spot, same pew, which has a ton of room (great for the stroller), and an unobstructed view of the altar.  Also, from where we sit, you can see the windows of the "Cry Room"  on the side of the altar.  The "Cry Room" is a room for kids up to the age of 6 (I don't know why 6 yrs. old, but that's what the sign says) to watch the service and not "bother" any of the other parishioners.  From time to time, we see the occasional "hissy fit" or "freak out" in the windows, but usually it is just a bunch of toddlers playing with toys, while their parents look on without worrying about any noise their little tykes make. 

     I never knew if I was a "fan" of the idea, I mean, kids are kids, SO WHAT if they make a little noise here or there.  But, we knew that it existed, and that most people respected the concept.  Wellllll, this Sunday, Palm Sunday, was a very important, and intricate Mass.  Without getting into detail, it was a bit longer, the Church was a little more packed, and it was more than just a "regular" mass. 

     Well, Miss Gwen decided that the 10am - 11am hour, would be the hour she wanted to tell us what was on her mind.  No, not just a few minutes, yup, the WHOLE time.  So, guess where we ended up for a good portion of the time?!?!  Lol.  You guessed it!  THE CRY ROOM. Hahaha.  She wasn't cranky or crying at all.  Just talking, and talking, AND TALKING LOUDLY.  Soooo funny.  So Gwen and I HIGH TAILED it to the entrance on the side of the altar, and spent some time exploring the "cry room."  I was in such a rush to get my "Chatty Cathy" out of the spotlight, that I forgot her Diaper Bag... grrr... so I only had one toy to entertain her, and NO diapers, for a much needed change.  We managed though.

     Jason came and rescued us, lol, as the Priest was preparing Communion, and we survived made it through the rest of the Mass.  Next week, we have a lot of traveling to do for the Holiday, so we will be attending the early Mass... hopefully Gwen will be a little less "gabby" :)

Who? Me?


Monday, April 18, 2011

I've Been Awarded?!?!

     I can't believe it!  I received my first bloggy award from my new friend over at the workaholic momma and I feel so honored!  She is a new mommy too, to gorgeous little Addie, who was born just a few weeks after Gwen.  Unlike myself, not only is she a full time mom, she also juggles a full time career in the corporate world.  I love reading her blog, she is very honest, and shares everything from yummy recipes to great "mommy moments."  THANK YOU so much! Check out her bloggy award post, actually just check out her blog all together!

The Rules of the award are: Share 7 things about yourself, and hand out the award to 15 more people. I am going to try, but I don't know that I have 15 to choose from, lol.

1. I am a big hypochondriac.  For those that know me, already know this... but to keep from looking like a FREAK I usually only share with my family and hubby. lol.  It is quite comical in a sense, because I DESPISE doctors and hospitals, but think that the slightest headache is actually an aneurysm.  I'm crazy, I know... I really hope Gwen does not acquire this trait of mine. I should be BANNED from WebMD. Seriously.

2. I love to dance!  I grew up dancing, ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, and still can sit and watch for hours.  But, I mean I love to get on the dance floor and boogie!  Especially with Jason, who although I wouldn't he say his is "rhythmically gifted," he DOES make it sooooo much fun.

3. I hate feet!  (Except my own, and of course Gwen's)  I dislike almost everything about them.  I almost can't explain it, I mean, I don't like other people's feet touching mine (even Hubby's, unless he has socks on), I even get skeeved out in certain places where I know people have walked barefoot. Strange, I know.

4. I could not live without Blistex.  My gosh, I am making myself sound nutso!  Lol. But, it is true.  I need to have a tube of Blistex with me at all times.  I put it on right before bed (Jason HATES that!), and usually use it more that lip gloss.  And it can't be the "stick" kind.  It must be the white tube, containing white lip balm.

5. I looooove a good margarita, but can't drink tequila (Unless it is Cafe Patron).  Now, I personally don't this is so weird.  My perfect summer drink is a Golden Margarita on the Rocks w/ Salt... mmmmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  But if you EVER handed me a shot of Tequila, I would probably throw up on the spot.  The smell along could send into another room. 

Now here are my awards... I think that I am going to send out 3 for now.  Check out all of these, they are all wonderful.  Of course, I would send one right back to the workaholic momma, but I am not sure that's allowed... so here are 3 others.

1. Trisha's Travels - Trisha, is a friend of mine, who I have known since the age of 5!  A few years ago, she did a semester abroad in Australia, she liked it so much that she picked up a few months ago, and MOVED there! (Temporarily, I think, lol).  But I think that she is sooooo brave, and I love reading about her experiences Down Under.  Check out her Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, FRONT ROW concert!

2. Passion for Savings - I am hooooked!  Every since leaving my job, and us going down to one income, I accept any help finding bargains!  I have saved on everything from photos, to cards, clothes, and food!  Definitely check it out!

3. Stichin With Peg - Mrs. A (Peg, but I would never call her that, lol) is my best friend's Momma, and is a VERY talented quilter.  I am, in NO way, crafty, or should ever be allowed NEAR a sewing machine, but Mrs. A has made us 2 BEAUTIFUL quilts, and I love looking at what she is up to all the time.  She does some amazing work!

Thank you again for the award!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

7 Months of Gwen

Wow!  ANOTHER month behind us.  And what a month is was!  Crawling, new foods, finally SOME warm weather!  Gwen is now closer to being a year old, than a newborn, ahhhhhhhhhhh.  Hubby and I have already started planning her first birthday party (OMG!).  So much of me wishes that this first year would never end.  Yet, there are times that we are out somewhere and see these adorable toddlers, and think "We can't wait for THAT!"  I guess we will just stick to "one day at a time," and try to live in the moment as much as we can. 

We have a Dr. appt. this week, so I won't post her "stats" until then, but I feel like she grew SO much this month.  We will have to wait and see. 

Here is Gwen ~ 7 Months Old

Ugh... looooveeee her!

     These next few weekends are pretty booked for us, Easter, then My 1st Birthday as a Mommy (can't wait to share it with my girl... and Hubby & Wiley too), and then My 1st Mother's Day (YAY!).  Three consecutive Sundays of celebrations... hope we can handle it!  So, needless to say, I will have plenty to write about.

I hope you had a great weekend, but look out, here comes Monday! :(

Happy 7 months beautiful baby Gwen!
Mommy, Daddy, & Wiley love you so much!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas...

     With Mother's Day (my 1st, yay!), right around the corner, I've been on the lookout for new gift ideas.  Lisa Leonard has been a favorite of mine for a few years now, and recently she has put out some amazing pieces, that I just love.  And thought I should share.  Her molded heart bracelet is just adorable!  You can customize it with up to 30 characters with anything from a name and birth date, or I love you Mommy, Love _____ (hint, hint, hubby, lol). It is so simple, yet, very elegant. :)
     Another cute piece, is family tree necklace, we gave this to Gwen's Nanny a few years ago for Christmas, with the names of all four of her boys.  I think that custom things are such unique gifts, that really make a person feel special. 
And, if you sign up for her newsletter, you get 15% off your first order!  Order by May 2nd to have in time for Mother's Day.

Happy Shopping!

And Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Do YOU Think?

This afternoon, I was playing with Gwen, and she was babbling quite a bit, so I grabbed the camera to get some footage.  I'll just let you watch the video...


She never repeated it, but it definitely sounded like it to me.

I am posting a poll to the left... let us know what you think.


Wordless Wednesday - Yay For Spring!

Finally some warm weather!

I thought Spring was never coming... so happy it's here (well, maybe it's not completely here, but at least it popped it's head in, lol).


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby and Bunny

This weekend, we took Gwen to the mall to see the Easter Bunny.  She did so well with Santa, that we weren't even worried about the bunny.  When we got to the mall AMAZINGLY there was NO ONE, I mean not a single person in line.  Yay!  The poor bunny was sitting in DIRECT sunlight from a skylight above, I was roasting just looking at him.  

We had three chances to get the picture.  The first two went okay, and then the tears started... but I have to say, I don't think that it had anything to do with the Bunny. I really think it was the heat and the sun.  Who knows.  We got the pic, she isn't smiling or anything, but at least she's not crying... lol.

We don't have a scanner... so I had to take a picture of the picture.
Not the clearest, but the best I can do.

Easter Bunny 2011

This was before we went.  Seriously, I love all of her clothes!
Maybe Gwen just likes Santa better, lol.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

On The Move!

     For weeks, we have been on the verge of "motion," and tonight it happened!  Alright, maybe not the "Fast and Furious" type of movement, but definite MOVEMENT!  Ahhhhhh!  We are so excited!  She did it!  Little Baby Gwen is on the move, and we couldn't be happier or more proud. 

     All we had to do was give her the tools:  Bare feet, bare floor, and something she REALLY wanted (the remote).  And she was off!  Ok, OFF is a bit of a fib, but she put those mechanics together, and made it to her destination. 

Here's her debut!

Ok, so this was the 2nd round, but just as great!  And doesn't she have the best coach?!?!

I swear, I thought that she was going to skip crawling and go straight to crawling... but I so glad that we hit this first.  Either way, HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOO baby proofing!

Leave some love (comments) for the big girl!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Love The Way...

     I love way Jason loves Gwen.  Yes, it is so cliche, but the way that he loves her, makes me love him even more. 

     When I was younger, and pictured what my family would be like, for some reason, I always pictured having a boy first.  I'm not sure why, it's just what was stuck in my head.  Then, after I found out I was pregnant, I believed all of the pregnancy "myths" and SWORE I was having a boy, even had Jason convinced.  So, when the day came to find out the sex of our little bundle of joy, I was prepared to join team blue, or so I thought. 

     To be brutally honest, and this may seem cliche also, but after working in a Special Education School, and seeing the trials and tribulations that were endured EVERY single day... all I cared about was that our Baby was healthy.  I knew that no matter what we were having though, we were soooo blessed to be on this journey.

     Once we started telling our friends and family that we were having a little girl, the advice, comments, warm wishes, came pouring in.  But one thing stood out for me, and it became more than true when Gwen was born.  Our friend Ross, father of the most adorable little girl, Samantha, said to Jason...

"Every man needs to have a little girl, it will change his life."

     Well Ross, I am in complete agreeance!  Now, I am not saying that Jason would be a "different" Dad if we'd have had a son first, but, well, there are really no words... you just have to see Gwen and Jason together.  I don't know which of them "lights up" more when they see each other!  The way he talks to her so sweetly, and tells her that she is his whole world, that she is the reason he works so hard, or how he makes her giggle uncontrollably, brings me to tears every time. 

I guess, more than anything, I am appreciative.  Appreciative that he loves her the same way, or even better than he loves me.  And, I'm cool with that.
Their first full day together :)

Sending lots of love your way.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Know You're A Mom When...

I have seen these all over the place, FB, other blogs, etc., and can think of tons.  Here are a few:

You Know You're A Mom When:

  • Showering, Doing Your Hair, Make-Up, and Dressing is no longer a routine... it's an ACCOMPLISHMENT!
  • When you DO accomplish the showering, doing hair, make-up, and getting dressed, your husband says "Why are you so dressed up today?"  Hahaha. (This obviously has happened in our house.  I looked at Jason and just started laughing.)
  • You can do almost anything one handed.
  • You gave birth, therefore, you can do ANYTHING!
  • A "wild" night is actually staying up past 11pm. (Ok, who am I kidding, 10pm) Lol.
  • You spend more time watching the Monitor than the TV.
  • "Running Out For Coffee" is no longer a quick option, it's a "trip."
  • Drool, spit-up, and boogies are your latest accessory, and you really don't care.
  • You walk around the house, even when baby is sleeping, singing songs from Disney/Nick shows. (I am sooooo guilty of this, so is Jason.  That damn Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gets me like once a day!!!!!)
  • Just because the baby sleeps through the night, DOES NOT mean that you do... I mean, we HAVE to make sure they are breathing, right?!?!
  • The thought of carrying a purse AND a diaper bag is tiring, therefore, all of your stuff is now in the diaper bag.
  • You would rather shop in the baby department than your own.
  • Preparing for a "day out" is like packing for a mini-vacation.  Packing for a weekend away, is like preparing to go to WAR!
  • (Ok, this one may be only me, but here it goes)  Even after the baby goes to sleep, and you sit down on the couch, at least five minutes goes by before you realize you are STILL watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. LOL!
  • The "thought" of something happening to your baby can make you burst into tears at any moment, EVEN if she/he is sitting right next to you, and absolutely fine.
  • The silliest little things, smiles, coos, babble, burps, hugs, make everything better.
The list could go on and on... but here's my last one.
  • Nothing matters, except them. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

My Sleeping (and Awake) Beauty :)

She looks so cozy, I could just crawl in there and snuggle with her!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Jury Duty Diaries

     Yes, that is Diaries, plural.  Why, do you ask?  Because, I DIDN'T GET EXCUSED!!!!!!!  Deep breaths Sam, deep breaths.  Lol.  Let me start from the beginning...

     Over a year ago, I was "summoned" for Jury Duty.  At that time, I was working at the Private Special Ed. School, and they provided a written letter explaining that it disrupted the schedules of the children.  My duties were "postponed" to a later date. 

     This past summer, I was "re-summoned" for my duties.  We were in the middle of our Summer Program at the School, so they provided me with another letter, and once again I was "postponed." 

     This time around, when the letter came, I figured, "Hey, I have an infant now, and no childcare anywhere close, there's no way I WON'T be excused."  So, I write a letter stating that I have a newborn, I am her primary caregiver, and that it would be a financial burden to us for my husband not to work those days (that was a choice on the form that they had me fill out).  I waited a few weeks, and I received notice that my request to be excused was DENIED!  Really?!?!  Ok, whatever.  I'll just bring Gwen with me.

     That brings us to this morning, and what a morning it was.

     5am.  That's what time I had to get up in order to prepare, both myself and Gwen for the day ahead.  Shower, hair, make-up, dress, feed Gwen, change her, pack bottles, entertainment (for her AND myself), etc.  Thankfully, Jason waited for us to be ready to go to work, so he kept Gwen busy while I did my stuff.  JUST as we were about to walk out the door... it started to rain.  I should have known how the morning was going to go.

     7:30am.  That is what time I left the house.  I allowed myself 1 full hour to get there (I was to report by 8:30am), and to stop for coffee (5 min.).  Ok, so I had 55 minutes to go less than 10 miles.  Let me ask you... do you think that I was on time?  NOPE!  The Holland Tunnel had a bit of a back up, which I am sure is usual for daily commuters, but not for me.  So I pulled into the "Pay for Parking" Lot (Jason begged me not to park on the street, Jersey City is not his favorite place for me to be alone, and I agree), and unloaded the caravan to head inside. 

     8:25am.  You must be thinking, "You still have 5 minutes to get inside."  You're very right, but that does not mean that it only TOOK me 5 minutes to do so.  Lol.  The parking lot was behind the building and to the left of it about a half of a block.  I had seen while driving by that there was a door in the back, so I headed for it... WOULDN'T you know, NOT an ENTRANCE.  Alright, I will find another way.  I head to what looks like a path through the middle of the block, on one side of the courthouse, which leads to the front entrance.  It was.  But all steps upward!!!  Are you kidding me?!?!!  At this point we are at 8:29am and I figure, screw it, I'll carry Gwen and the carriage up the 10 stairs, and save myself having to walk all the way around the block in the rain.  So I did.

     8:30am.  Finally, made it into the courthouse and headed to the elevator.  We reach the 4th floor, doors open.... it's a GHOST TOWN!  A bunch of closed courtroom doors, and none of which have numbers. (I am supposed to report to room 440.)  Now, I am SWEATING, lost, and late.  AWESOME!  I finally find one kind soul, and I ask, "Am I in the right place?"  Do I really need to answer this?  I'm not.  The man tells me, "You are in the wrong building.  Head to the ugly building next door."  Back to the elevator we went.

     8:40am.  Reach the ground level of the building, only to find out that there is no ramp on this level.  I must go to the Basement for the ramp.  At this point, I can only laugh at all of this, or else I would probably have started screaming.  Into the rain we went, AROUND the block (not that it matters, but my hair looks FANTASTIC at this point, haha), and down the ramp, into the building.

     8:45am.   Metal Detectors. Fun with a stroller and infant, lol.  We rode the smallest elevator with the most amount of people ever (they just loved how much room Mommy and Baby were taking up, oh well!), to the right floor and headed to the room.

     Just shy of 9am.  I wait in line to "Check-In."  The girl informs me that I OBVIOUSLY can't stay today because of the baby, that I must speak to the Jury Duty Supervisor.  Seriously lady, just send me home.  You don't want me on your Jury anyway. :)  I go into Miss Personality's office (can you see where I am going with this), and she proceeds to tell me that I have already been Postponed twice (You are only allowed 1 postponement) and that this is my last "chance."  I DON'T WANT ANOTHER CHANCE, SWEETHEART.  My excuse is not valid.  See you in July. SWEEEEEEET!!! Lol.

I wanted to RUN out of there... oh, but I couldn't because I had to go to the basement, to get to the ramp, to go through security, to get out of the DAMN building.  I can finally see the light and the officer says, "Miss, you have to go to the other ramp, on the other side of the building, we are unloading a bus load of prisoners here."  OF COURSE you are, officer.

We eventually make it out and are FREE... well until July at least.

All this and I hadn't even seen 10am yet.  Only 2 positive things had occurred throughout this all:
1) I got my coffee.
2) Gwen slept through the whole thing.  My girl loves me!

Needless to say, we are home, in sweats, and trying to unwind.

104 days until we meet again, Jury Duty.  Be afraid.

Hope you had a better morning.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

     This weekend was one of the more low keys weekends that we are going to have in the next few months... Easter, My Birthday, My first Mother's Day (yay!), and a few other things are coming up.  So, it was so nice to relax, and not have anywhere to go.  We DID have some visitors, Gwen's Grandpa and Grandma (well, one set of them :) ) were up, and got to spend some quality time with us. 

Some morning playtime Sunday:

Just Chillin w/ Grandpa

These PJs are just the CUTEST!  They were a gift from Gwen's Great Grandparents (Mam-Mom and Pop-Pop) straight from DisneyWorld!

Working on her Crawl... as always.
But, it's Monday, already, and we have tons of stuff to do... especially since tomorrow I am supposed to have JURY DUTY!!!!!  Ughhhhh.  I wrote the court a letter, explaining that I have a 6 month old daughter, and I am her primary caregiver, but I was NOT excused. Grrrrr.  So, tomorrow morning, Gwen and I (yup, she's coming with me) are headed to the county courthouse to serve... with hopes that they send me home! 

Wish us luck, PLEASE :)

Hope you had a great weekend.