Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Laugh

I wanted to wish Melissa's {our blog hop's host} AH-dorable son, Zane {don't you just love that name?} a VERY Happy 1st Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day/weekend!

Now to my laugh:
I only have one today, but I assure you that it is funny enough that you won't miss the other four.

Wednesday night, I was busy making dinner {Ribs via Pinterest, where else?} and I asked Jason to change Gwen's diaper.  {Not knowing that it was one of "those" diapers, you know, the ones that makes Jason dry heave and run for the hills type.}
So, upon opening the diaper, on our couch nonetheless, he yelled "Ah, hun, {dry heave}, I need you {dry heave}, to take over {dry heave}.

**Let me just say, that it is moments like this, that I want to hit him over the head with a frying pan.  THIS, meaning the dry heaving and acting like he's on an episode of Fear Factor, is getting old.  In fact, I am pretty over it.  Seriously.**

But, for the sake of my daughter, and our couches, I swoop in to save the day.  Again.  He exits to the kitchen, hiding from the big bad poopie diaper while I diffuse the, uh, situation.

So, wrap up the used diaper and hand it to him to toss out for me, and as he holds his nose and carries the diaper {out in front of him} to the Diaper Genie, I notice that there is another wipe, a clean one, so I pick it up and give Gwen one more wipe down, then ask Jason to throw this one out.

I guess he missed the "using" of that particular wipe, because he took it and started wiping his hands with it!!!  Thank the good Lord that I caught him right before it was about to graze his face, when I blurted out "JASON, that is a DIRTY wipe!!" {I just snorted as I wrote that!! lol}

I am completely amazed that he didn't toss his cookies right there, but I think that it was bc he didn't actually believe me.

"No, it's not."

"Yes, dear, it is.  Go wash your hands."

That, my friends, is what I believe you call, Karma.


Here's a throwback from last Easter-ish!  
Happy Weekend!


Friday, March 30, 2012

My Little Secret

Where to begin?

Ok, let's get this part out... I'm NOT pregnant.

But, I thought I could have been.

Actually, that's a lie.  SIX tests told me that I wasn't.  But, I was still late.  And I am NEVER late, unless pregnant. lol.

So, for the past few weeks, I have been FREAKING OUT {that's an understatement}!  My "friend" went "missing."  I waited the appropriate few days before taking the first of a few six tests {over the course of about 2 weeks}.  

The results were not the least bit confusing.  Clear as day.  Negative.  Every time.

Then, WHAT was going on??

Of course, being the absolutely ridiculous hypochondriac that I am, I was convinced that I was either a) pregnant and the SIX tests were wrong {hey, it has happened to people before} or b)dying.  {LOL, because THOSE are the ONLY 2 options, no?!?}

I then did what I always do when I am dying sick... I called my mother.

After laughing hysterically {as usual} at my diagnosis, she told me to wait a few days and then call my Dr.

So, I waited.  And waited. And waited for what seemed like a million years, but was only a week {now 3 weeks late} and called my mom again, asking "Do I call the Dr. now?"

She said yes.

So, I made the appt. for the next day {Last Thursday} and continued waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen.


Jason, Gwen, and I went to see Dr. P., I peed in a cup, they took blood, and still NADA.

Not pregnant.  Not dying. {whew}  But, no answers.

Now, just so you get the whole story, I was sick when "friend" was supposed to show, THEN the next week I had a UTI {let me tell you how awesome THAT is}, and these are all factors that could have made me off.  But those are reasonable answers, and as we all know, friends, when it comes to illness, I am nowhere near reasonable.  ever.

Dr. told me to wait it out, call her if it doesn't return in the next few weeks.  Oh, AND she reminded me that as I got OLDER, things like this happen and change {well, kick me while I am down, sista, OLDER was NOT was I was thinking, lol}.

Back to waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.

I am pleased to announce that I am now officially not pregnant or dying.  Haha.

And we have resumed our normal lives.

You may be asking WHY am I PLEASED that I am not pregnant??  Here it is:

I absolutely want to be preggers by the end of 2012.  But, we have EIGHT weddings {1 down, 7 to go} this year.  One of which being VERY important to me, my brother's.  And I want this year leading up to it, to be all about him seeing as how he put up with me and my wedding planning, shower, then immediately after getting knocked up, lol, being preggo, ANOTHER shower, and the birth of his beautiful godchild.  This is HIS year.  Lol.  He deserves it.

But, just so you know, Michael...
Next year is mine. Hopefully;)

Happy Friday!  The first of our Easter celebrations begins this weekend!  Can't wait!

Here is some a lot of Friday Baby Lovin' for ya...
Bc coloring can ONLY be done in the window!


I may be biased, but she is one BEAUTIFUL baby!

We are going to an Easter Egg Hunt today, so I busted out the Bunny Ears :)

Really, Ma?!?  MORE pics??

So sweet. 

That's mah girl!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Ok... and some other stuff

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK... contemplate taking Gwen to see the Easter Bunny, and instead just have pictures taken with her in her Easter Dress.  {I just don't know if I feel like putting her through the torture of it all.  I mean, we know how our SANTA visit went. We'll see.} 

...that I DVR'd Pauly D's appearance on Good Morning America, so I didn't miss it.  Yup, I have a problem. lol. Don't judge.

...that I have seriously HIGH {and unrealistic} hopes of winning the Mega Millions this weekend.  It's almost $500 million, a girl can dream, right? think that the video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her son chewed food from her mouth is a little strange. Scratch that. Very strange.

...that I think buying something on sale or deeply discounted makes that item SO much cooler.  lol.  I rarely ever buy something full price.  

Which leads me to my next "segment"...

A few weeks ago, on A Thrifty Mom I saw that there was a serious sale on Toddler's Shoes @ Sears. I hopped on over, and found these bad boys {that I picked up today!!!!}.
Originally $24.98.  I paid $5.99! 
Originally $36.99.  Again, I paid $5.99! 

I also chose to pick them up in store, so free shipping!  So, $11.98 for these adorable boots, AND I ordered them a size larger, so that Gwen can wear them in the fall and winter!

I am so excited with my savings!! {Can't you tell?!?}

Almost Friday, yay! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Newlywed Game

I saw this on another blog and was immediately intrigued.  This is my blog, and although I sometimes offer Jason's side/opinion/etc., it is mostly me that you get the feel for on here.  So, I decided to play along, and ask Jason these questions, writing down word for word his side.

Should be fun, right?

What do you think my best quality is?

Me: Jason is one of the most upbeat people I know.  Honestly, his personality is addictive, no matter what type of person you are, you can't help but be drawn to him.  AND, he has THE biggest heart, he would do anything for the people he loves, that's what makes him a great daddy. 

Jason: {He honestly said my butt. Then I rolled my eyes at him.} Your toughness {I said explain}. That you are passionate and take no crap.

What would your ideal date with me be?

Me: I love nights in the city with Jason.  Dinner, drinks, and dancing...

Jason: Dinner, drinks, and an "adult night home" {He has such a one track mind}

What was your first impression of me?

Me: Cocky, determined, a charmer, and sort of irresistible ;)

Jason: You didn't look like THAT at Diesel's {the deli I worked at at the time}.  Let me clarify that, Jason and I had met a few times before, but I was always dressed down, messy {hey I was at work} and when I RE-met him at a party, he had no clue who I was.  So he introduced himself to me and I replied, "I know, we have met before."  He looked so confused, and when I explained, THAT {above} was his response.  As silly as it is, it really did hook me.

What is your favorite memory of us?

Me: See below {I asked him these questions first, and I couldn't agree more}  Well, maybe  our first moment alone with Gwen too.  :)

Jason: When we sat down after our wedding, and all the guests had gone upstairs to the "after party" and just took it all in, together and alone.

What do you see for us in the future?

Me:  I hope to be expecting by the end of the year, I would like to move a little closer to family, although it doesn't have to be ALL the back down the shore.  I like to see Jason be rewarded for his hard work, meaning promoted, lol.

Jason: Another baby, moving back down the shore, good stuff. {he cracks me up}

love <3

I liked this link up... although, hopefully next time Jason's answers are a little more in depth. lol.

Happy hump day, peeps.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthdays, Blackjack, and a Celeb.

I cannot believe that it is Tuesday already!  Jason and I had a long weekend, celebrating a few 60th birthdays!

Saturday night, we attended a surprise 60th birthday party and Sunday into Monday we went to Atlantic City to celebrate his Step-Mom's 60th!  SUCH a fun weekend!

It has been almost 3 years since either of us have been to AC, so it was pretty exciting for us!  We stayed at Harrah's, ate at Carmine's {omg, that place is so delish!}, drank like fish, lol, and gambled with a celeb!!  Yup, we were on our 2nd or 3rd blackjack table {he plays, I collect :)} and as we walked up I noticed a familiar face.  Now, mind you, I was a few Captain and Diet's in, so I was trying hard to figure out who this was, when it hit me... and I said, sort of under my breath, "oh, sh*t, you're famous."  She smiled and nodded.

It was Kelly Cutrone.

Now, I guarantee that some of you have no clue who is she, but that's ok.  I'll share.

Kelly Cutrone runs People's Revolution, a PR, marketing and branding firm and a NY Times Best-Selling Author.  Sadly, I know this because of my major addiction to reality TV, lol.  She has been seen on The Hills, The City, and her own show Kell on Earth.  She also will be on the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model as a new judge.  Soooo, you can imagine my excitement!  

She was completely humble, super nice, and we gambled with her for a decent amount of time.  When she was leaving she came over, gave me a hug, and talked to me for a few minutes.  It was really nice to meet her.

We spent the rest of the night playing some more blackjack, then Jason and I headed to watch a band play and dance a bit before calling it a night.  

Sadly, I didn't take many, actually any pics of our travels in AC, because you can't take pics on the casino floor.  :(  We came home late yesterday and have spent the past day and a half trying to get back to normal.  

It was a wonderful weekend, but I couldn't get back to my baby fast enough.  I swear, NOTHING compares to being with her.  And I looooooove that smile she gets on her face when she sees me walk in the door, as she runs with her arms wide open and collapses right into me.  Yup, that's the best.  BEST.THING.EVER.

Tomorrow is the birthday girl's ACTUAL b-day, so I want to give a proper bloggy shout out...

Happy 60th Birthday to Gwen's Grandma!
We hope you are having a great day!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Boob Tube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

There is a little, very little, part of me that is ashamed that my television watching is 99% "Reality" TV, but hey, it's addicting.  Lol.

Bethenny Ever After - This is one of my absolute favorites.  I LOVE Bethenny, I love that she's a little crazy, that she doesn't sugar coat anything, and I love her little family.  This week's episode was nuts! They were stuck on a boat without a working GPS!! I would have freaked out!! They are all alive and safe though, thank goodness!  And I almost peed my pants when her therapist walked in on her in the bathroom. AWKWARD! 

Real Housewives of Orange County - Ugh. Where to start??  I felt so bad for Vicki's daughter {and Vicki a little bit} for having go through that surgery and play the waiting game for her results... but I could not stand how Vicki was her nagging normal self while all her daughter wanted to do was sleep. Shush Vicki!  And weirdly I thought it was sweet how Alexis' hubs actually helped take care of her... then Alexis had to go and call him her "King" again, and I wanted to vomit. lol.

Criminal Minds - I know that I have said this before, but I have NO idea why I watch scary shows, when I am scared of everything!!  I really liked this week's episode, I love when they show the personal side of a character.  BUT, I hate when it involves kids... makes me want to cry. 

Jersey Shore Reunion - The whole Mike/Snooki scandal is just annoying.  Nobody cares. It's so weird that they all signed on for the next season, Snooki will be preggo and Mike having gone through rehab. What an interesting summer THAT will be!

TV shows that I am looking forward to:
Punk'd - OMG I crack up at just the commercials, I love a good practical joke!
The Pauly D Project - Seriously, you know you're gonna watch, he's probably the funniest one of the JS crew!
16 & Pregnant - WHY?!?!  WHY do I watch this show?  Bc it's a mess?? Bc I am a mom?? I have NO clue, but I will be DVR-ing {there is NO way I could get Jason to watch this, so I will watch during Gwen's naptime on Wednesdays}
Real Housewives of NJ - This is the best of all the Housewives!! I cannot wait for all of the drama to return!! 

Happy Friday! 
We have a very busy weekend ahead of us, with a theme of 60! I'll have all the details for you Monday! 


Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Ok

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok... put ice cubes in my coffee, because I hate the feeling of a burnt tongue. be excited for Pauly D's new show!  He's my fav. {c'mon admit it, you're a bit excited too!}

... that no matter how hard I try, I cannot drink red wine without getting purple lips! {is there a trick or something that I am missing??}

...that I am avoiding the whole "Timeline" thing on Facebook.  It intimidates me.  lol. {but I am sure that I will be giving in soon!}

...that I still occasionally turn up the baby monitor really loud, just to make sure that Gwen is breathing. be excited for dress/skirt/shorts/sandal season!!  {Hello Spring!!  Even though we barely had a winter, it's nice to know that Spring is officially here.  Watch it snow tomorrow, lol.}

...that I may have shot a look of death to the woman in TJMaxx that told me that my baby was probably crying because "HE was hot in HIS hat!" {1) Really?! My "son" is hot in his PINK hat??  Oh, that's right, I have a DAUGHTER!!! 2) Actually, she is not hot, she is mad that I will not let her run around like a lunatic in the store. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY 3) It is NONE of your effing business beotch!! So back up!}  Can you tell that I was just a little annoyed by her?!?  Haha. take pics when Gwen falls asleep on my chest {it happened again this week, so rare!} because these are the moments that I live for, moments that won't always happen as she grows older.  Moments that make all of the craziness of motherhood not matter at all...

...moments that melt me to mush.

Excited for Friday, and all the fun that this weekend has in store for us!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Again blessed with an amazing weather day yesterday, peanut and I headed to the park.  And, on the way home, I thought that it was the perfect day to have some ice cream!

So we headed to Baskin Robbins, and ordered up some Vanilla Soft Serve to bring home and devour!

Gwen was a little reluctant at first, but, well I'll just let you look and see...

A little skeptical... 

...but she got the hang of it!

This is great, Momma, but guess what I'm gonna do next? 
Dump it all out!! 

And dump again! lol.

And then paint with it!!
It was a good day :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You're Welcome

I should start this post by saying that I love my husband very much and he is a great husband and Daddy.  That I feel very lucky to have him as my partner in life...

...but that still doesn't mean that there aren't days that I could just kick him! ;) 

Like Sunday, for example.

Sunday we had somewhere to be at 12:30pm.  So, up and out of bed we got at about 8am, showered, fed baby, and then I wanted to get out to the store sans baby {because we all know how JOYFUL shopping with a toddler who DOES NOT actually CANNOT sit still for the life of her can be!}.  Husband, on the other hand, wants to take our fur baby to the park for some much need exercise.  Jason says to me, "Why don't you just take her with you??" 

Well, why don't YOU?!?!

I said, "Ummm, BECAUSE I attempt {by attempt, I mean RUN through the store grabbing anything I can remember off my list, before baby goes bonkers!} to shop all week with Gwen, I would like a trip where I don't need a diaper bag, cart cover, sippy cup, snacks, etc."

"Oh."  {I think he got my point! lol}

30 minutes.

That's how long my "freedom trip" lasted, because I knew that we had somewhere to be AND that Wiley really did need a trip to the park.  As I walked in the door, Jason was still not dressed to leave, and was finishing the dishes.

Me:  I thought you would be ready to go when I got back?
Husband:  I'm almost ready, I had something to eat and did the dishes.  You're Welcome.

Say what?!?!  

You know that quality that women possess where they can snap into full fledged bitch mode in .00001 seconds?  Yes, I shared that with my darling Husband at that moment. 

I said, "You're Welcome?!?!  Really, Jason?"

At that moment, whether he was really joking or not, he decided that it was wise to tell me that he was just kidding.  Good thing he did, because honey, I could have gone on for hours about things that I would love to say "You're Welcome" for.

Like, carrying your unborn child, safely for ten months {because I was totally comfortable the whole time, lol}, then birthing her {because that's not painful}, breastfeeding her, attending to her every need.

You're Welcome.

For not making you change "poopie" diapers when I am home, because you gag and dry heave like you were just on loop-de-loop roller coaster ride.

You're Welcome.

For equally doing dishes, housework, laundry, and cooking.

You're Welcome.

But I am TOTALLY kidding, honey. Lol.

Seriously, though I am always grateful for what he does for our family...  he is an amazing person and I am glad I married him...

...but I won't thank you for doing the dishes :)
Love you, babe.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Only 40-ish Days...

...until my birthday!  Yippee!

I love birthdays!  Not just mine, everyone's! I think that birthdays are something very special, I mean, you only get one day a year that the day is all about you!  

So, for anyone, ahem, Hubs, that is wondering some birthday gift ideas for lil ole moi, this post is for you. :)

{Btw, for your convenience, click on the links below each pic to order.  Yes, I know I am ridiculous! But, it's all in good fun!}

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Irish Hooligan

I hope that everyone had a very happy St. Patrick's Day!
We took Gwen to our town's parade, she loved it! 
It was a beautiful day and a perfect opportunity to take some pictures of my babycakes. 

 It was a nice quiet weekend, much needed.  AND we both got our iPhone's fixed {yippee!}!  

I can't believe that the weekend is already over! Ugh.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturdays Laughs

I am pretty proud of myself for getting this up on time!  I usually am posting these on Sunday, or sometimes not at all :(  Yay me!


5.  One of Gwen's current favorite words is "apple" and she is pretty good at associating it with fruit, yes, she associates it with ALL fruit{grapes, blueberries, the entire produce section}, but it's a start.  lol.  Sometimes, she will even just randomly walk around the house going "AH-pull, AH-pull" and we just laugh and repeat it back to her.  Well, the other morning as Jason was getting ready for work, he left his iPhone in a spot that Gwen could get to.  She picked it up and started running down the hallway chanting "AH-pull, AH-pull."  Jason took it back from her and said "No, sweetie, not an... oh wait, yeah I guess it is an Apple!"  Haha!!!  She's one smart girl ;)

4.  Gwen's teenage tendencies are appearing already at 18 months, lol.  While "fake" crying/whining to get what she wants {or attempt to} she puts her hands on her face covering her eyes.  THEN, in perfect teenage fashion, she stops, peeks through her fingers at us, makes sure that we are there and watching, and then proceeds to cry some more. Seriously?!?! haha!
3. We have had some absolutely GORGEOUS weather here lately, so we've been frequenting the park.  There is a section of the park that is a water park in the summer, that Gwen loves running around in, and it has a tall purple dragon, that she seems to be obsessed with.  Jason saw it goes "Gwen look, it's the Dragon from Shrek, you know, Donkey's wife!"  Ummm... I think you have seen that movie one too many times, dear.  Lol. {It was very cute though!}
2. We are in the process of weaning Gwen off of her bottle and on to the sippy cup full time.  It is going pretty well, except she HAS to have one when she wakes up and one right before bed.  She takes the bottle, chugs the crap out of it, and then heads over to one of us for a refill.  Daddy was standing at the fridge the other night, when Gwen came looking for a SECOND refill.  Daddy pretended to fill the bottle {that had a small amount still in it} and handed it back to Gwen.  WELL, you can't fool my girl!  She went into FULL tantrum mode until Daddy took off the bottle top and put a real refill in it!  Hahaha.  She's seriously too smart for her own good!

1. Gwen LOVES to sit in our front window, she climbs up there almost every day, colors there, watches a movie, even sometimes just people watches.  Yesterday morning, I was in the kitchen for a few minutes, doing dishes, and when I looked back in the living room, Gwen had brought a package of unopened diapers up to the window and plopped her little tush on it! I guess that the window sill needs a little cushioning, haha!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Go get your drink on!