Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That's A Good Plan.

We are now in the second week of preschool for Gwen, and {knock on wood} it's going great.

Last week, when leaving Gwen, we told her that we were "going to the store" and that we would be coming back for her right after.  She accepted our offer, and has been great since.

Today, when walking into her school she said to me...

"Mom, I'm going to school?"

"Yes, baby."

"And you go to the store?"


"Then I'll miss you, and then you come get me in a little bit?"

"Of course, I'll come get you in a little bit."

"Ok, Momma.  That's a good plan."

Ugh. Heart. Melt.

She's so excited to go, and I am excited to let her go, but it's nice to know that she's just excited to see me when I pick her up.  Good thing college is a loooong ways away, because I need to get it together before then!

Gwen celebrated her birthday at school today with cupcakes and Sophia the First party napkins that she picked out herself... and she was extra smiley when she walked out today.  She wore her birthday crown proudly, and was even more proud of the "I was a good helper today" pinned to her shirt.  

I couldn't be more proud.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Potty Problems

For awhile now, we have been working on the potty training thing.  This past month or so, has been "crunch time" because to attend pre-school, she had to be completely trained.  {Eeek!}  For the most part, she is.  I can say with confidence that as of right now, other than naptime and bedtime, she is Pee Potty Trained.  I stick her in a Pull Up when she sleeps, but from the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed, she is in BIG GIRL UNDIES.

Here's the problem...
She's scared shitless  {pun intended} to poop.  She complains that her belly hurts, but holds it in and cries at the thought of having to go on the potty.  This charade happens after dinner and close to bed time, so even though I attempt to have her sit and "try" she ends up going to bed, and waking up with a dirty {#2} diaper in the morning.

Now, I have used all the "tricks."  Rewards and prizes galore.  It all means nothing.  She REFUSES.  

And although I am thrilled that we are so far along in the process, it's so frustrating {for both of us} that we can't get this part down.

What to do??

Do I stick her in underwear for bedtime and hope that waking up in that "mess" makes her want to go on the potty?  {and have to clean and santize everything!}

Do I wait it out?  And hope that this is just a phase that will soon pass?

The worst part of it all isn't that I have to clean it up, it's that she is genuinely in pain and uncomfortable holding it in, and I can't convey to her that "going" will make her feel better.

I'm open to any suggestions :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bumpdate :: 26 Weeks {and 2 days}

These past 2 weeks have FLOWN by {for once}, and I am sure that it is all because of Gwen's birthday, birthday party and the start of school.  Hopefully only 3 more months until Addison's arrival!

How far along?
26 Weeks... and 2 days.

Total weight gain/loss?
I had a follow up visit with Dr. P this week {because of the passing out a few weeks back} and I gained about two pounds, which SHE was pretty happy about!  So about 11 lbs so far.

Maternity clothes?
I think that I have decided that from now until delivery I am going to live in leggings.  Lol.  I'm too big in the belly for my regular jeans, but maternity jeans slide right off of me and I am left with a saggy crotch area {sorry for the TMI}.  Therefore, I may be boycotting real pants until Addison is born.

I am back to being EXHAUSTED.  Maybe it's because of the crazy week we had, but I can't sneak enough naps in.  WHICH ends up killing me in the long run bc I can't fall asleep early.  Ugh.  Whatever works though.

Best Moment of the Week?
My baby girl's birthday and start of school.  I have been OVERWHELMED with pride this week.  I am just so in awe of Gwen and how much of a big girl she is.

Oh yeah.  And the most active is EARLY in the morning and LATE at night... not a good sign Addison, not a good sign.

Food Cravings?
Choc chip cookie dough ice cream.  It probably shouldn't be allowed in the house, yet SOMEHOW it always sneaks it's way into the shopping cart.  Damn you, ice cream, damn you.


Labor Signs?
Nope.  I hope those Braxton Hicks don't start showing up... ugh.

Belly Button?
It's on the move for sure.  Meh.

What I Miss?
Pumpkin beer.  And blue cheese with my wings as I watch football.  I may have to buy some pumpkin beer and hide it until after Addison is born.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
Well, next Tuesday I have to go for a growth ultrasound because Dr. P wants to make sure that baby is on track with her growth.  She claims that I am not gaining that much weight and that she doesn't want it to affect the baby.  BUT, the truth is, last pregnancy, at this point, I had gained even less.  So, even though it's not for a GREAT reason, I am looking forward to seeing baby girl again!!!!

Not this week, but next week we enter the third trimester! Yipee!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gwen Goes To School.

As if being pregnant, already emotional, and having your little baby girl turn three were not enough... Gwen started preschool on her birthday.

We enrolled Gwen in a two day a week program, two hours each day, with the local recreation program.  Monday was their orientation, which meant that we stayed with her, got to know her teachers, and learned the ropes.

It was unbelievable how grown up she looked all dressed up in her adorable "first day of school" outfit,  and carrying her bigger than her backpack.  It was hard to keep it together as I forced her to take the obligatory pictures to send to all the grandparents.

We waited for Daddy to come home and then we all packed up and headed to school.  We walked into the classroom, she put her adorable bag into the cutest little cubby, and then the teacher told her to pick a little red chair, while directing us to the perimeter of the room.  She obliged at first, but when she saw where we sat, she decided that she wanted to sit with us.  When we directed her back to her own chair, the lip started to quiver, her head stuffed in her arms on the table, and the sobs began.  

It took all of me not to run to her, scoop her up, and wipe the tears away.  I now was tearing up myself, and turned to Jason who was doing the same thing.  We're such saps.  Lol.  

I went over to her, sat on the floor next to her little chair, and helped her start to color.  Within a few minutes, she was talking to other kids and her teachers and I was able to sneak my way back to my seat.

The rest of the class went smoothly.  Thank God.

Today, was the "big day."

No parents.  Just a big girl headed to class all. by. herself.

To say that Jason and I were scared shitless, it probably an understatement.  He even texted me about an hour beforehand and said, "Please call me... I am so nervous for Gwen today."

We all went together, kissed a million times, then told her that we would be back later, that we had to go to the store and would see her in a little bit.  She was a bit hesitant, asked if we could go with her, but never cried.  

The doors opened, her teacher said hello, and off she went.  She walked into the classroom without even looking back.  Our big girl.

We walked out of the building and Jason said, "That's it?!  We just leave her?!"

"Yes, babe, she's ok."

"But, what if she is freaking out in there and we don't know it?!"

"They are professionals at this, they will get her through it."

"I don't if I am ready for this."

Lol.  And that's why I love him. He's such a good dad.

Turns out... she did fine.  She came out of the classroom all smiles, with her star sticker, telling me she had fun!  Of course, Jason called right as we were walking in the door asking how it went... Gwen reassured him that she had a great day.

Such a proud and bittersweet moment.  Our big girl.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl!
You are such a smart, sweet, beautiful, loving, funny, little girl with the BIGGEST personality.
You amaze us every single day, and we continuously feel blessed to have you in our lives.
You bring more joy to our world than we could have ever imagined...
You are simply amazing.

Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything in the whole wide world.
Happy Birthday Princess!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Gwen's Three Year Old Post.

Today {a week before she actually turns 3}, we went to the doctor for her three year old well visit.  We needed paper work filled out for her preschool {which she starts on her birthday! ahh!}

Let's just say, that my child may be 90% her father, but she most certainly inherited my hatred for doctors/doctors visits/shots/etc.  Lucky us.

Let me give you the rundown...

For the past few months, Gwen has become accustomed to doctor's visits meaning "Going to the baby doctor" to "check on Mommy's baby belly."  So, when I told her that we had to head out the doctor, that's what she expected, and when I told her that no we were going to her doctor... she flipped.

Now, it's been AWHILE since she has been to the doctor, so I am not sure what she remembers or what she associates with it, but let me tell you, it couldn't be good.

"No, Mommy, I don't wanna go for me.  Go for you!"

"Ok, sure."

Then we got to the office, and she panicked a little more.  I kept saying, "No worries, baby" all while singing the Doc McStuffins "Time for a checkup"  song a few times, which made her giggle.

We were called into the examination room, filled with cute pictures of animals that she named as she glanced around.  The nurse walked into the room with us, took down some info, then asked for Gwen to get on the scale.  As I picked her up and tried to put her down, she SCREAMED and began to cry.  She was so scared!  Of the scale!! 

I hugged and kissed her, and told her that I just wanted to see how tall she was, and after a few minutes, she unwrapped her legs from around me, and stood on the scale, with tears streaming down her face, lip quivering, like a sad little puppy.

I picked her back up and we sat together playing on the iPad, waiting for the doc to arrive.  Thankfully, she was still calm when the doc walked through the door, she said hello and gave her a smile.  I sat her on the examination table, while the doctor checked her heartbeat {she was a little nervous, but did fine}, and said "ahhhh" as she checked her throat {not a problem}.  Then the doctor tried to check her ears... holy crap, did that freak her out!  She was WAILING and squirming, screaming "Noooooooo."  I literally had hold both her hands in my one hand, squeeze her to my body and hold her head with my other hand as the doc sneaked a peak.  And shit, we weren't even to the "bad" part of the visit yet.
The doctor informed me that she needed to have a TB test for school. {Effin' awesome}  And wanted to know if I thought we needed a nurse to assist.  

Ummm, yeah.

So, the doctor returns, with her regular doctor, Dr. A {LOVE him!} to administer the 2 second test.  His gives me the usual rundown, "hug her and kiss her, so she doesn't look" and does the test...

Do you know those  children, the ones who are screaming BLOODY MURDER in the Doctor's office?  The ones who are scaring the living shit out of all the other kids waiting their turn??

Yeah, that was my child.

Dr. A says, "Okay, love you bye."  And hauls ass out of the room, leaving me with my distraught kid, lol.  

I think I promised everything but a pony to get her to stop crying.  

She finally did, we gather up ourselves, and headed for the door.  Stopping to pick up a "lolli" at the front desk, and then my child was normal again.  {Who knew?!}

It was eventful.  To say the least.

Turns out though, Gwen is great.  Dr. A said that she is "mature" for her age.  That she is right on track.  That she seems very bright and talks very well. {Proud Momma, here!}  She's 33 lbs and 40 inches tall!  She's cleared to start preschool next Monday, and hopefully won't have to go back anytime soon.  

I know you may be tired of hearing me say this, but I cannot believe that Gwen is going to be THREE.  I could cry!  I wish I could stop time.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Gwen is lucky enough to have a bunch of grandparents, seven to be exact.  Two Great Grandmothers and a Great Grandfather, too!

She uniquely loves each one and enjoys being with them.  The excitement on her face at the mention of seeing/talking to any of them is a true testament of how wonderful they are, and how important they are to her.  They bring as much happiness to her life as I know she does to theirs.

We want to wish Wela, Poppi, Mimi, Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny, Grandpa, Mam-Mom, Pop, and Gigi a very Happy Grand Parents Day! 

Thank you for the way you love us, for being so kind and thoughtful, and for filling the roles of Grandmother and Grandfather better than we could have ever asked for.

We love you all so much!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bumpdate :: 24 Weeks

6 months.  Yes, I have said that this pregnancy seems like it is draaaagging along, but I am surprised that I am six months pregnant now.  Only 16 weeks left, which I know is probably going to fly by.

I am SUPER excited about Fall being here.  It's the calm after our storm of summer.  We spend more time at home, watch football, fill our house with pumpkin smells and eats... it has easily made it's way into my heart as my fav season.

How far along?
24 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss?
At my Dr. appt. yesterday I had gained 4.5 lbs, so I am just a little under 10 lbs.  I am pretty sure that I gained most of that weight in the last week, lol, bc I had to change my eating habits to make sure I was feeling well.  Still, not bad.

Maternity Clothes?
Even though I am dreading it, I think I am going to have to pick up some new pieces.  Summer weather is soon going to be in the rearview and I don't really have things that are fall friendly and are going to fit this belly of mine.  Anyone want to share theirs with me?? :)

I still can't get enough, but I am thankful that I am not having any trouble sleeping. Very thankful.

Best Moment of the Week?
Pumpkin {decaf} coffee has entered my life!

Tons.  This was one thing that made me feel better while I was feeling like crap this past week, she was always moving.  It was like she was telling me, "Don't worry, Mom, I'm ok!"  Jason has been able to feel her a lot this month, he always giggles when she kicks him, it's very cute.

Food Cravings?
No cravings, I have just been stuffing my face with a lot of protein to keep me fueled up each day.


Labor Signs?

Belly Button?
It's not as "deep" as it normally is, but pretty much looks the same.

What I Miss?
Feeling "normal,"  or good.  I may be a hypochondriac, but that doesn't mean that I like feeling like crap, I hate it.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
Getting started on my rocker/glider project, going to see Bethenny Frankel's talk show next week, Gwen's birthday, and of course FOOTBALL!

I think 6 months is a milestone, it makes me feel much more pregnant.

I haven't heard from Dr. P today, so no news is good news I guess!  I go back in two weeks, just to make sure that I am feeling better.  I don't mind, better safe than sorry.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Takin' It Easy :: Doctor's Orders

I shared with you guys that last week I passed out, probably from not eating lunch early enough, and that I hadn't been feeling "great" ever since.  I feel like I am constantly having to snack and make sure that I eat every few hours or else I start to feel like shit.

Today was my monthly visit with Dr. P, and I of course shared all the "happenings" with her.  She took some blood to check if I am anemic and to check for a few other things {we get the results tomorrow}, but she basically told me that I am doing too much.

Um, huh?!

Now, I am the first person to say that being a mom is a FULL TIME JOB, but to be honest, I don't feel like I am doing too much.  Ok, maybe my body does, but my brain does not.  Maybe because being a stay-at-home mom doesn't require  a certain degree or certification {although it probably should for some people}, and most people who aren't moms don't actually see that it IS a job.  I don't know.

Dr. P pointed out that we couldn't even have a conversation during the appointment without me having to address Gwen, or direct her in some way, even with Jason also in the room.  She reiterated that it's a job you never stop doing, that you never really get a "break" from.  One that takes more out of you than you sometimes know.

She also said that this pregnancy I don't seem as fresh and nourished.  And I have to admit, I don't feel it either.

Even though during my pregnancy with Gwen I was "working" and exercising more, I feel much more run down this time around.  I could nap every day if given the time to.  I am fine with things around the house not getting done so that I can sit and relax.  It's SO different than last time.

I don't want to be this tired.

I am praying that nothing is really wrong with me or the baby, and that the rest of this pregnancy goes by smoothly {and quickly}.  I am grateful to my husband who doesn't mind an untidy house or cooking dinner. 

For now, I am takin' it easy, just like the doctor ordered.

6 months preggo tomorrow...