Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seeing Is Believing

Hurricane Sandy only left us without power for a week, but it devastated the areas where we grew up.  We were heartbroken to see all of the damage that beotch of a storm caused.  We were dying to get down there, mainly to Seaside and surrounding areas to see it for ourselves, but didn't have the chance, until about a month ago.

We weren't prepared for what we were about to see. 

You know, just because we aren't seeing it on the news AS much, does not mean that the recovery is still very much ongoing.  It was overwhelming to see all of the destruction to some of our favorite places.  The places where we have created so many memories.

The boardwalk, there is no boardwalk.

The Jet Star. :(

Tons of Landmarks all piled into a parking lot.

     Jason said that this looks similar to what New Orleans looked like when he was down there for work after Katrina.

Jason's Aunt and Uncle used to own the house all the way to the left.  Him and his cousins grew up there, spending many summers in that house. 

The damage to some houses was just unreal. I couldn't imagine my whole life just taken away like that.

 Another picture of the non-existent boardwalk.  ALTHOUGH, there is good news, they have recently begun to rebuild it!

It was a lot to take in.  You see it on TV and in pictures, but to be there and to "feel" the impact of it, was eerie.  We had lunch at one of the few places that are currently open, before taking one more trip down the Boulevard.  

I truly believe we will rebuild and will prove that Jersey Strong is not something to mess with!

Some pics from last Summer

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some days, I just need a nap.

First of all, chill out peeps.  I'm not about to get all woe is me, the poor stay-at-home mom, because, frankly, I love adore what I get to do each day.  I'm a lucky beotch to get to spend all day with my baby girl, but that doesn't mean that there aren't those  days.  

What days, you may ask?

The days I just need a nap.

The days where "the day" started a little too early, like 4:30am, and your very awake child is now sharing the bed with you and your bed hogging Hubs, therefore, you are lightly sleeping with a leg across your chest, half of your body hanging off of the bed and praaaaayying for five more minutes another hour of sleep. Yup.

The days where your morning flies by and suddenly you realize that you haven't showered, are still in your pjs, have pretty much polished off a pot of coffee, and the house looks like shit.  The last thing you want to when that tornado of a toddler finally passes out for a few hours is cook and clean.  You want to nap dammit. 

Most of  "those" days, I fight it off... I get my ish together and clean up the house, put on a real pair of pants and move on.  Some days, I can't.  Some days, I convince myself that a nap will make me a better person when I wake up lol.  That I'll be a bundle of energy, and "Suzy Homemake" my way through the rest of the day with joy.  Then, I realize that I am just trying to justify my want of a glorious hour of Zzzzs.  And I give myself a little kick in the ass and think... "Just take a nap, will ya."

It's not every day, but some days, I just need a nap.

And today may just be one of "those" days.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gwen's Got Something To Tell You

That's right! Jason's sister and her hubs are expecting a baby!  Due this August! Aaaahh!!!  We are so excited and have been keeping this secret in for way too long now.  Phewwww.  Felt good to let that out {btw, I am AWFUL at keeping secrets, so this was painful for me, lol}

And to make it even more exciting... one of my besties is expecting a baby the day after!  Yaaayy!!!

Let's just say that I am in full baby fever mode, and I am pretty sure that Hubs is too.  {wink, wink}

Congrats to all the baby makers!  We love you all so much and can't wait to meet those adorable bundles of joy!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

My Poopie Doopie Piiiiiiie

{written last week}

Since the day I brought Gwen home from the hospital, I, like many other mommas, have sung to her.  I have sung anything and everything, in many different "keys" lol.  But, there is one made up song that I never intended on happening or sticking around or EVER being sung back to me, and it melts me.

In those first few weeks of sleep-lacking nights, while rocking my sweet babe in our comfy glider, I made up this little tune, to the sound of Annie's "Tomorrow", and it's the simplest words, lol.  

"I love you, I love you, my Poopie Doop, I love you. I love you my Poopie Doopie Pie."

And sometimes I would switch it up, as I sang it over and over again, in the gentlest whisper, maybe switching out "Poopie Doop" for "Peanut Pie" or "Baby Girl" and sometimes even "Gwen-Bo-Ben."  Some mornings I would even walk into her room and sing "Goooood morning, good morning, I love you, good morning." But, the tune always remained the same, yet I never knew it's impact.  

Til recently.

See, I would just sing this song without request.  Because it came naturally to me.  

Then one morning a few weeks, maybe months ago, she asked me to sing "I Love you," and the first few times, I didn't get it.  I would say "I love you" and move on with our day.  Then, one night she sang "IIIIIIIIII love you, I love you" and I was elated!  I jumped right in and sang her the rest of the song with EVERY verse I could think of, with tears in my eyes, watching her smile from ear to ear.

Then, tonight.  Oh, tonight.  She sang the whole song to me, and even whispered the end "my poopie doopie piiiiiiie" in the tiniest little voice, because that is exactly how I sing it to her.

It was the most amazing moment.

Because it is something that she remembers.  And hopefully always does. :)

Happy Monday.