Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Last Bumpdate. 38 Weeks and 1 Week Post Partum

December 11, 2013
December 20, 2013
 How far along?
I am no longer pregnant, YAY!!!  I am one week and one day  postpartum. {written Friday.}

Total weight gain?
38 weeks - Gained that pound I lost back, so we are back to 19 lbs.  Although I feel as though I have gained 100++
Post - I checked the scale today, specifically for this post, and I was 6-7lbs away from my starting weight {hellooo breastfeeding!}

Maternity Clothes?
I wish that I could say that I have said, "Sayonara" to those Maternity Clothes, but I'll be rocking them for a little while longer... not much longer, maybe a few weeks.
38 Weeks - I've been napping most days {when I can}.  And I have been doing really good at night.  Although, I had one night where I could not get comfortable, woke Jason up for help {water and pillows}, cried hysterically because nothing would work, then finally fell asleep.  Yeah, that was a fun night.

1 Week Post - Sleep?? What's that?!  Actually we are doing OK. Addison is waking about twice a night and stays up for about an hour each time.  I've forced myself to nap with Gwen and Addison a few times this week... and I see that becoming a trend in our house.

Best Moment of the Week?
38 Weeks - Finding out at my weekly visit that I am 5cm dilated! And headed to the hospital to meet our girl!

1 Week Post - I can't possibly pick a BEST moment.  I'm in love and enjoying every minute with my family.

38 Weeks - Oh, yes.  She was "showing off" for her Daddy the other morning, so much so, that it kinda hurt.  It was A LOT of kicking for six in the morning!

1 Week Post - She is just as much of a mover on the outside as she was on the inside.  She's a little wiggler.

38 Weeks - Well, I can tell you what I am NOT craving, anything Thanksgiving related.  I am so over left overs.  And I guess you could say that I am craving that Apple Cider Sangria that I made last year... oh you can bet your ass that it will be making an appearance at Christmas!!

1 Week Post- Red wine.  And an Italian Sub.  Basically I want everything that I couldn't have while pregnant.

All girl.  Miss Addison Kay.  aka. Addie Kay

Labor Signs?
38 Weeks - A few.  I'm dilating as I said, and have had light cramps/contractions since my internal {Wednesday}, but nothing major... yet. {little did I know that I was already starting labor when I wrote that!}
1 Week Post - I've definitely had some afterpains, which were much stronger this time than last.  But overall, I recovered much better this time around than last.  I think because I knew what to expect and there was less for me to be scared of.

Belly Button?
38 Weeks - What belly button?  It doesn't really exist at this point.

1 Week Post - It's back to an innie, but definitely doesn't look like it's old self, yet.

What I Miss?
38 Weeks - Being able to go more than 5 minutes without having to pee.  Being able to bend over without grunting.  Walking without waddling... sad but true.

1 Week Post - Nothing!!! I'm not preggo anymore AND Addison is here!!! Life is good.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
38 Weeks  - Giving birth and meeting our little lady!
1 Week Post -  Christmas... Gwen is sooooo excited for everything Christmas.  She is going to be so much fun! And spending as much time with my little family as possible!

38 Weeks-  Making it full term.  And starting to dilate.  Yay!

1 Week Post- Giving Birth!

Overall we are all adjusting pretty well.  It's been so nice having Jason home, not just for his help, but for the quality time that we are getting!  I honestly can't believe that she has already been here over a week.  Crazy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Addison Kay.

If you haven't heard the amazing news...  Miss Addison Kay made her appearance into the world on 12/12/13 @ 12:14am.  Weighing in at a WHOPPING 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 inches long.  {She is the tiniest little peanut}  AND she has a full head of hair! Imagine that.  She is so beautiful and has stolen all of our hearts already.

So, how's about a little birth story for ya?

Now, my original due date, if you remember, was December 16th, which was then changed to December 25th after my first ultrasound showed that the baby was measuring smaller.  So of course we followed the 25th as our guideline.  But, as the last few weeks came around, and I was starting to dilate progressively each week, Dr. P was convinced that my first due date was the correct one.  She also was appeasing me {who was hell bent on not missing Christmas with Gwen} and agreeing to induce me Dec 19th, IF I hadn't gone on my own already... which she thought I was going to do.  

Well, at my weekly visit, on December 11th, she gave me the news... we were going that night.  I was already dilated 5cm and she was worried that I would end up giving birth on the Turnpike if I was in labor and had one good contraction.  Lol.

We left the appt, in shock, and planned out the next few days, alerting family, and then continued on with our day.

My in-laws came from Pennsylvania to stay with Gwen, which made her super excited, and my mom met us at our house to head over to the hospital together. I DREADED saying goodbye to Gwen.  I thought I wouldn't be able to control my emotions, and I didn't want to scare her.  I did waaay better than I had anticipated.  I brought her into her room, shut the door and explained that Mommy was going to the hospital to get baby Addison and bring her home.  I said that I loved her so much {I'm crying as I write this but didn't when it happened} and that I wanted her to come see me in the morning.  She reacted great, gave me a big squeeze and a kiss and headed out to hang with her Grandpa and Grandma.

We got to the hospital right at our 5pm check-in, but really didn't get to Labor and Delivery until about 6-ish.  They hooked me up to all those crazy monitors {I hate those things! I get what they are used for, but too many beeps and alarms and more things for this hypochondriac to worry about.} and it turns out that I was already contracting on my own. Every 2-4 minutes. Say what?!?!  I had no clue.  Therefore, I couldn't have the Cervadil... and had to wait for my doc.

Dr. P arrived around 7:30pm, explained the situation, and decided at 7:50 to break my water... then the walking began.  Up and down the halls, with husband in tow, walking this baby out of me.  I walked for a while, and when the contractions started to get a little stronger, I decided to rest and let the doctor check me.  I progressed to 6cm, but whenever I layed back down {instead of walking} my contractions STOPPED all together.  FML, right?  So I pushed myself to start walking again.

All this time, Dr. P {and everyone else} kept pushing and asking when I wanted my epidural.  My honest answer was that I wasn't really in AWFUL pain, and I wanted to be able to keep walking as long as possible.  So I waited.

After walking some more, my contractions became regular again and definitely more intense.  So I had them check me again.  I was now 8cm, and decided to cave and get the epidural... because Lord knows I wasn't having this baby without one.   Lol.  {I should mention that Dr. P once again gave me a Xanax, because I was such a nervous wreck... I seriously hate hospitals.}  Right before the epidural, they also gave me something to keep the contractions regular... not Pitocin thankfully, just a little pill.

From there on out, it was pretty quick.

Dr. P came in and asked, "So, Sam... which birthday sounds better, 12/11 or 12/12?"  {I can't say enough how much I love her.}  "12/12" I said.  She agreed.  She checked me again a little after midnight and told us that it was time.

They got the room all ready, and literally two pushes later... Addison Kay was born.

We're in love with our Addie Kay.

I obviously have tons to write about in the next few days/weeks... just need to find the time.  I promise to update you on how Gwen's doing, how we are doing, how my mom accidentally took pictures of all the wrong things during my labor, among many other things.  So stay tuned ;)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa Visit.

With our days of a family of just three quickly coming to an end, I find myself trying to pack in as much as we can because I don't want Gwen to miss out on anything.  So the first weekend in December we tackled getting a Christmas tree and decorating the house.  And when I went to my doctor's appointment Wednesday and she said that I was 3-4 cm and that she thought I wouldn't make it to next week, I immediately wanted to get our Santa visit done.  Like immediately.

For the first year, Gwen has actually been excited to go and see Santa.  She was still a little hesitant to talk to him and sit on his lap, but if we can refer back to 2011's fantastic meeting of Santa...

...yeah, that was fun...

...this year was a major improvement!!

It was so sweet and made it exciting for us seeing that "magic" in her face and the fun of Christmas back.  

The "official" picture. :)

I'd say a complete success.  And I am very happy that we were able to take her before all the craziness begins in the next week, or so.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap. And Some Baby News.

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend.  Our Thanksgiving was perfect.  Mellow, low key, and VERY relaxing.  Gwen ah-dored the parade, it was exciting just watching her get excited... although, I DID have to explain to her that she didn't have to look out the front window, because the floats were not coming down OUR street, but that they were on tv in NYC.  Lol.

We may have had a restful Thanksgiving, BUT the rest of the weekend was JAM packed... like I don't think that we could have fit anything else into it.

Friday we celebrated my cousin's 30th birthday with a surprise party :)  It was a masquerade party {I love a theme!} and I am pretty sure she loved it.  I loved seeing her so happy and relaxed, she's currently pursuing her doctorate, planning a wedding and working full time, so she doesn't get much down time these days.

Saturday morning we headed to the tree farm to Griswold it up and cut down our Christmas Tree.  I love this tradition,and Gwen was especially fun this year.  She said, "That one is PERFECT!"  So, of course we picked that one!!

Saturday night, we had another party {I def needed a nap before round 2}.  This time, it was a 50th birthday for a fabulous family member.  Another good time, although I do wish I could have had a delish mudslide shot with everyone... 2 weeks {ish}.  I couldn't last at the party past 10pm, and although I don't think he wanted to go, Hubs obliged and we left.  I loved getting dressed up and for all the sweet compliments that came my way, but I COULD not wait to put on PJs and veg.

Sunday, since Gwen wasn't home {for the second night in a row ::insert sad face::}, Jason decided to surprise her by putting up the Christmas lights up outside.  Of course we could not find one FULL strand of working lights, and even after spending a few hours trying to make just ONE happen, we had no luck... so we bought new ones.  Lol.

We then headed to The Stone Pony {an iconic music venue... look it up}, to watch my very talented cousin perform on stage for an Oceans of Love benefit.  And to meet up with our little lady... FINALLY!!!  I have to say, my cousin was great!  And I am in awe of her ability to put herself out there.  on stage.  by herself.  in front of a ton of strangers.  I would not be caught dead up there.  Ever.  She played "Round Here" - By the Counting Crows  and she nailed it.

Afterwards, we scooped up our girl and headed home.  Gwen could barely keep her eyes open and fell asleep in our bed... of course I didn't move her... I missed her something fierce.  And even though I slept with a leg across my face, it was worth all the cuddles.

Long weekend, right?!?  It should be one of the last crazy weekends we have for a while, since Addison's arrival is just a few short weeks away!!!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!  We got some interesting news at my weekly visit with Dr. P on Thursday... I am 3-4cm dilated and she doesn't think that I will make it much longer!  If, I do make it to next Wednesday, she may take me in Thursday!  Oh boy.  That news sent Jason into a little bit of a panic, and me into "I have so much to get done" mode.  Not much action since then, a few small cramps/contractions, but that's it.  Any day now.

Crazy, right?!  I can't believe she is almost here!!