Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Baby

Dear Gwenyth Cynthia,

     With your arrival quickly approaching, I can't help but stress about what type of parent I will be.  I may not have a definite answer, but I do know that I will love you UNCONDITIONALLY, every moment of your life.  I will always be here for you, to share anything and everything, to protect you, but to let you grow into your own person.  To support you and guide you to make the best decisions for your life, and to be a consistent force always standing behind you. 

     Although I know that our relationship will not always be perfect, I hope that through it all you will be proud of me, and even more proud to say, "That's my mom!"

     Now, get your little butt here ASAP, Daddy, Wiley, & I are READY to meet you!!!

I love you.


cynthiaarios1 said...

You will be a wonderful mother, she is a lucky little girl to have you. I know because I know how lucky I am!
Love you,

Samantha & Jason said...

Awww, thanks Mom! If I'm even half as good a mom as you are, then I'll be happy! Love you!