Friday, August 27, 2010

We're on our way... :)

Wednesday began our weekly visits with Dr. P.  We shared our disappointing visit to Beth Israel with her and her staff, and they were very comforting.  They also explained what the Biophysical test actually meant, and what our score was.  The Biophysical measures Gwen's heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around her.  We scored an 8 out of a possible 8!  Yay!  Now, WHY didn't anyone tell us that MONDAY?!?!  Oh well, it is all in the past.
This visit also began the first of my internals, and Dr. P informed us that my cervix is pretty thinned out and that I am already dilated 1 cm!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!  We were shocked!  She also told us that Gwen is head down and in position, which explains why I am using the bathroom every 5 minutes (or so it seems).  Although she cannot be positive, she did say that she thinks that Gwen will most likely be making an early appearance.  She says that her guess would be around Labor Day week... Oh, boy!  She said to make sure our bags are packed and car seat installed, and not to travel too far within the next few weeks.  We will admit that it was a pretty big reality check, but was are SO EXCITED!!!!! 
We are ready for you Gwen!!!
Here are pictures of her finished room:

The only missing piece is our little girl :)

Here is my Mommy-To-Be Quiz @ 36 Weeks:

How far along?:  36 Weeks (9 Months), it's funny, no one tells you beforehand that you are REALLY pregnant for ten months... I would like to get the word out there. Lol.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Well, this week I lost 1 lb (HOW in the WORLD that happened, I have NO CLUE), but that puts me back at 16 lbs.  And Gwen currently weighs 5 lbs 10 oz.

Maternity Clothes:  Now that I am not working, I am constantly in summer dresses or tanks and comfy skirts.  Comfort is key, because I am feeling anything but comfy!

Stttrreeetttcccchhh:  We are REALLY in the home stretch now.  Gwen is still stretching a lot, putting a ton of pressure on my organs... especially bladder.

Sleep:  It seems as though a tidal wave of exhaustion has come over me, so I am sleeping whenever I can.  Sleeping during the night is still somewhat uncomfortable, but I really can't complain.  I am fitting in at least one nap a day too!  Thank you Wiley! Haha.

Best Moment of the Week:  Finding out that I have started to dilate!!!  We cannot wait to meet Gwen, it feels like we have been waiting forever, so to know that she is on her way makes us feel so great!

Movement:  All the time!  I am able to tell though, that she has less room in there... her movements are more like stretches now.  Hey, Gwen, there is PLENTY of room for you out here, so come on out!

Food Cravings:  Coconut, which is something that I love all the time, but lately I can't get enough. 

Gender:  Girl!  And we had that confirmed Monday, so now her laundry has all been done.  (Just had to make sure one more time before I washed all of those pink clothes!)

Labor Signs:  Apparently more than I was aware of!  Thinning cervix and dilated 1 cm... and a  little bit of cramping.

Belly Button, In or Out?  Still "flat."

What I Miss: Functioning normally, getting up from laying down seems to get harder by the minute.

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Meeting Gwen!  And our next appointment with Dr. P, hopefully she has some more exciting news for us!

Weekly Wisdom:  There is no such thing as a stupid question.  We can only learn from asking, so ask away!

Milestones: 9 months :)  And the beginning of dilation. Woooo Hoooo!

What Gwen Is Up To:  Gwen's skin is getting smooth and soft, her gums are rigid, her liver and kidneys are in working order, and her circulation and immune system are basically good to go.  Her lungs are the only organs that stil need to fully mature, but every day she gets a little closer to breathing on her own! Yay!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gwen's 1st Rock Concert

In May, while driving around Hoboken, Jason and I had heard an advertisement on the radio for the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert that was coming to the IZOD center in August.  Without even thinking, Jason said "I would LOVE to go see him this summer!"  Also without thinking, I said loudly, "THIS summer?!?!"  He quickly retracted and said he was sorry, that he wasn't thinking... he had realized that I would be 9 months pregnant and mostly likely not able to go. 

The thought of how badly he had wanted to go never left my mind, and I REALLY wanted to surprise him for his birthday.  But, I wanted to wait as long as I could to make sure that I would be feeling well enough to attend.  SO, since I have been feeling really good, I bought the tix!!! And he was so surprised.  We went to the concert Tuesday night (after I prepared by taking not one, but two naps), and it was GREAT!  I was comfortable (it was inside and had cushioned seats) and so happy that I could still make his birthday special!!!!  

Happy Birthday Jason!  You are an amazing person and I am lucky to have you as my husband, and Gwen is equally as lucky to have you as her Daddy!

Here are a few pics of us before we left:

Betcha Gwen will love to rock out to Tom Petty with her Dad when she's born!  She was a big dancer the whole concert!

Our love to you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


     Monday was our Biophysical (Growth & Weight) ultrasound appointment, and boy was it an experience.  Let me start at the beginning...

     Our hospital, Meadowlands, was recently bought by a new company.  This new company closed the Fetal/Maternal Medicine Department for whatever reasons... they still have the Maternity Ward (so I will still be delivering there) but I can no longer have my ultrasounds there.  So, at my last appointment with Dr. P she gave me the new location for the u/s... Newark Beth Israel Hospital.  Ok, cool, that is one of the best hospitals around so I figured it was a nice trade off... so I THOUGHT! 

     I will absolutely admit that we have become spoiled when it comes to our u/s.  We have always gotten the 4D (where you can actually see the baby's face ), there have never been more than us an another patient in the waiting room, and our technicians have always told us EVERYTHING that is going on with Gwen.

     With that said... Jason, Myself, & my Mom (we were dropping her off at the airport, so she got to come along, yay!)  arrive at Beth Israel, which may I point out, is a LOT bigger than our quaint little Meadowlands, and not in the BEST neighborhood.  So, we park, and head to the front desk to figure out where on Earth we were going.  The man at the front desk tells us to "try" the 4th floor... we really needed the 2nd. (Thanks Officer!)  Then we open the door to the OBGYN and BAM! There are, no lie, about 25-30 patients in the waiting area.  Our appointment is for 2:15, and we are now taking bets as to what time we will really be called in... and I will say, it was a LESS amount of waiting time than I expected. 

     We are called in, and head to the room.  The technician begins the u/s while I ask, "You do the 4D here, correct?"  "No, only when we see a problem bc of the high volume here," she answers.... Great, I think, I was really anticipating those great pictures!  But, whatever, she continues, and she is SILENT, so I begin asking questions, such as:

"Can you tell us the baby's weight?"  She answers shortly, "At the end."  Ok.
"Can you just confirm one more time for us, that it is a girl?"  "It is."
"Is this the baby's butt over here?"  (I point to a side of my belly)  "Yes."
Hellllloooooo Lady, does everything look okay?  (That is what I wanted to scream!)

     The u/s is done, but she says, "Don't wipe off yet, the Doctor is going to want to come in and talk to you."  WHAT?!?!?  I have NEVER seen a doctor at these appointments, just the technicians.  WHAT is going on?!?  After what felt like a decade, the Dr. comes in and introduces himself, and asks who my OBGYN is, I tell him.  "Oh, ok, we have just started seeing her patients, but we normally only take HIGH RISK patients."  Ok, maybe this explains the technician's concentration, she's forgiven.  Lol.  The doctor then walks over to the screen and asks the tech to point out what she is talking about... then without a blink of an eye he says "Nope, nothing, just an oblique blah blah blah.  Everything is fine, have a nice day."  Ok, again WHAT?!?!?!   You aren't even going to explain to me what just happened... I am now nauseous bc I think that there is something wrong.  Nope, they didn't....  UGGGGHHH!

     We then start to head out of the office and they hand me the WORST sonogram pictures I have ever seen!  They are not even slightly visible, therefore, I have nothing to show you, sorry.  Overall, the experience was terrible, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong until yesterday.  Let's just say that if I need to have another u/s before I deliver... I am requesting (demanding lol) that I be sent somewhere else. 

     Have an appointment with Dr. P today, so wish me luck, now I start going weekly!
Lots of love to you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mommy-To-Be-Quiz @ 34 Weeks!

How far along?   34 Weeks and counting...

Total weight gain/loss:   17 lbs, doing well.

Maternity Clothes:  Still haven't bought anything, if I had it my way I would be wearing a bathing suit all day everyday... clothes are so HOT these days :)

Stretch -----:  I can finally stretch out and relax because I am OFFICIALLY a stay-at-home mom (How strange to say that!), well without the baby yet, but Wiley counts for now right?

Sleep: Very uncomfortable but still managing... and squeezing in naps whenever I can!

Best Moment of the Week:  My last day of work! No more commuting! And PLENTY of time to work on Gwen's room. Happy Mommy!

Movement:  Sooooo much.  She is very, very active.  She has been a big side kicker these days.  It doesn't hurt, but it  is a little shocking sometimes lol. 

Food Cravings:  This weekend we celebrated Jason's Birthday and his Great Aunt Kathryn made her AMAZING crumb cake (she hand rolls the crumbs).  We had some yesterday and brought the rest home with us... and I am positive that if he does not hide it from me, I will probably not leave him any! 

Gender:  Girl!  We have an Ultrasound scheduled for Monday, and you better believe that we will once again ask for confirmation... haha!

Labor Signs:  Only "false" signs, spotting, a few Braxton Hicks, but nothing too exciting.

Belly Button, In or Out?  I'm going to say that it is currently "flat."  It is neither in nor out, it's just there.

What I Miss:  Being able to spend the whole weekend out and about.  It seems like these days I am counting the minutes until bedtime, but it is better to listen to my body than to pay the price later.
What I Am Looking Forward To:  Our next ultrasound, another glimpse at our little girl.  The calm before the storm, resting for a few weeks and enjoying my "nesting" period.  And of course, MEETING GWEN!!!  I dream about her all the time and can't wait to see her face for the first time!
Weekly Wisdom:  A happy pregnant woman = A good day.  An unhappy pregnant woman = LOOK OUT! ;)
Milestones:  My last day of work!  Jason's 32nd Birthday (it's not a baby milestone, but it is something very special!)
What Gwen Is Up To:  From now on, Gwen's growth is mostly in the plumping up department - though she won't get much longer, she'll put on a pound or more of baby fat before birth.  Her hearing is totally developed (Then I hope she likes the Tom Petty concert that we are going to next week!!). 

A view from up top... buh bye feet!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soaking It All Up

     Yesterday was our 2 wk check up with Dr. P., and everything seems to be going well.  I have gained another pound since my last visit, putting me at a total gain of 17 lbs.  Baby's heart rate sounded good, and my next appointment is in 2 weeks, but then I start seeing her weekly.  Which means Gwen is almost here!  Dr. P said that we can schedule our next sonogram for this upcoming week to check the baby's weight and growth.  Can't wait to see our little cutie again!

     After our appointment we headed to the hospital for some more classes.  I took a Postpartum Mom class and a Breastfeeding Education class, they were BEYOND helpful, and made me feel a little more at ease about everything.  Then, Jason joined me for an Newborn Care Class, which I have to say, he was very engaged in.  All were taught by the same woman who taught our Childbirth Education Class, thank goodness, because we LOVED her, and she made the class fun and interesting.  The class was so small, which allowed us to discuss a lot more, and ask tons of questions... and that we did.  Now let's just hope that we utilize all this knowledge that we have, and make the best decisions we can for Gwen!

     So, 34 weeks down, and only 6, yes, SIX weeks left, maybe less!  Tomorrow is my last day of work, so bittersweet.  My class threw a little party for me (so cute) complete with gifts and cake (YUM)!  I will miss everyone, but I am looking forward to the rest and free time to get everything Gwen-ready.  Time seems to have been flying by, yet, I think these next six weeks are going to feel like forever.  I have started having dreams almost every night about Gwen and her being here with us.  I love them, and wake up smiling, but disappointed that she hasn't arrived yet.  I know, patience Sam, patience... but haven't I told you that we are instant gratification people?!? Lol. 

   Our love to you.