Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Beautiful Christmas(es).

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday! We must certainly did.  Each and every day of our Christmas celebration was uniquely special and full of love.

We are seriously blessed.

Not to mention, Miss Gwen got more toys than I think our home can accommodate. Lol.  For real.  We currently have a kitchen, shopping cart, trampoline, microphone stand and drum set in our living room.  A princess corvette in our office.  Overflowing drawers of clothes.  And enough toys to last us the year.  

The best part?

She truly loved every minute of it.


She loved seeing her extended family.  And couldn't rip presents open fast enough.  Even made us Christmas breakfast in her new kitchen.

She made every single minute of the planning, scheduling, shopping, worth it!

We hope that every one of our family members enjoyed our time together too.

Here are some pics from our Christmas celebrations...

Catch up with us tomorrow for a farewell to this past year.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmas Switch

Santa, my friend, it's that time again.
we'll soon be expecting your visit.
But, Santa, I have just one more Christmas wish,
and I'm not sure if it's ok for me to wish it.

Not gadgets, not gizmos, not clothes,
not even to be rich.
What I really want this year, Santa...
Is for a Christmas Switch.

We love visits from you, Santa,
Please don't get us wrong.
But, we'd love to see our Pop, Santa,
it's been just too long.

We miss him so much, Santa,
and it's hard for us to be apart.
So, this wish is really one
that we need for our heart.

He's a really great driver, Santa,
You can trust him with your sleigh.
Just take a much needed break
And send him on his way.

To see his face and hear his voice,
Would make this Christmas perfect.
There are so many of us that miss him, Santa,
I promise this gift would be worth it.

We'd hug him and kiss him,
Give him just one more squeeze.
Then, maybe our first Christmas without him,
would come with a little more ease.

Then we'd send him back to Heaven,
where we need him the most.
Up there watching over us,
"Guarding his post"

For this wish I'd do anything, Santa,
Anything I could.
It's been a rough time without him,
And I swear I've been good.

So, please considerate it Santa,
Pretty please, with a cherry on top.
For this Christmas,
I just want to see my Pop.

-Samantha Jasovsky

December 25, 2011.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Surviving Christmas - My Holiday Advice.

I know that I have mentioned time and time again about how we have many different places and faces to see during the holidays {blah, blah, Sam}, but it isn't an easy task.  It takes some scheduling and finagling and teamwork.  Yes, I said teamwork.

You see, I may not be a veteran or an expert on this particular subject, and may bitch about it from time to time, but I have learned quite a few things along the way... I thought maybe I should share.

First and foremost...
We are a team.
We, being Jason and I {before Gwen was born}, and now Jason, Gwen, Wiley {yes, even him} and I.  Therefore, if one goes, we all go.  If one can't go, none of us go. No singular adventures.  We support each other in everyday life and the holidays should be no different.  If anything, they are more important! We stick together.  Hell, Jason and I don't even like to drive in separate cars on holiday excursions. lol.

Everyone is equal. {I think this is the most important one}
This is something that Jason taught me, well I mean I already knew it, but he allowed me to actually experience it.  Every single destination and family/family member is just as important as the other.  Whether my family, or his, no one place/situation/person is more important than the other.  The minute that you let unbalance happen, it will set a tone change.  {Which usually occurs in a fight - no bueno}

It's a blessing, not a curse.
Although it is not the easiest way to spend the holidays, I sometimes have to remind myself that I should be thankful that I have so many places to go and people that want to share the holidays with us.  It could be MUCH worse... we could have no one.  And when I put it into a perspective like that, it becomes a little easier.  Our holidays are filled with people who love us and want to share these moments with us, and for that, we should consider ourselves lucky.

Us first.
When Jason and I exchanged vows, we also were promising that our family was to always come first.   That we were to make all decisions based on what was best for us first, then others.  And now, especially with Gwen in our lives, it is very important to always put our little family first.  We are setting the tone for her future.  We are creating her memories right now.  And we must make sure that all of the choices we make are in her best interest.  So, yes, that is why we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are spent at our home, then we travel.  Because these are the memories that we hope for her.

Be flexible.
Listen, it's never really going to be easy for us.  And travel is most likely always going to be a part of this process for us {that is, if we want to see everyone that loves us for the holidays}.  So, our best bet is to be flexible and ask all of those that are a part of our holiday schedule to do the same... for us.  

So there it is.  I hope this helps at least one person... because I really wish that I had this advice years ago.  But, maybe that's the thing, maybe we learn these things with experience.  I know that having Jason and Gwen in my life has changed my entire perspective on things.  And it's just another reason that I am grateful for them.  Even Wiley ;)

Happy Friday, peeps!  Glad to see we are all still here :)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh, Poooookie.

It is easy to say that we have a few favorites in this house when it comes to books...

I Love You Through and Through
The Icky Sticky Frog 
{which, btw, we just had a CATASTROPHE with, but more on that tomorrow}
The Ratatouille Book Set
{Remy, Emile, Colette, and of course, Linguini. We can't go anywhere without these books}
Night Night, Little Pookie

What's funny about these is that she has memorized {for the most part} all of these, and no longer allows me to be the only reader during bedtime.  And I randomly hear her in her room, "reading" these out loud to herself and her stuffed animals... which of course makes me smile like and idiot and then fill up with tears.  Lol.  I never want to interrupt her, but I always want to catch it on film, to share with everyone... well, yesterday I got my shot.

While cuddling in bed, she grabbed Pookie and climbed into bed, snuggled up next to me, and read me {a very fast version} one of our favorites.

Adorable, right?!?!  Ahh. Melts me.

I feel so blessed to spend these moments with her.  I am a lucky Momma.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Show & Tell Monday: Christmas Talk

1. Tell us what your favorite thing about Christmas is.
I looove giving gifts.  Especially when they are GOOD ones, ones that I know will be loved and adored.  And since Gwen has come into our lives, I love pretty much everything about it.  It's a chance to be a little kid again, and to see it through her eyes.  

2. Tell us what your plans are for Christmas this year.
I know I tell you this over and over, but we have four, yes, four Christmases.  So, our Christmas begins on the 23rd with family coming to our house for dinner and gifts.  Then, Christmas Eve we will have more family over, head to Church for the children's mass, then dinner and more gifts.  Christmas day we will head down to our hometown to see some more family and spend the night down there, wake up and celebrate our final Christmas the day after. Pheeeeww.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a bunch of naps as well ;)

3. Show us a picture of Christmas in the past. Or Present.


4. Do you wrap your presents all in one box, or do you wrap each present separately?
 OMG, I looooove to wrap!  Like I'll wrap each and every one of your gifts.  For free.  There is something about making a beautiful package that is so fun to me.  So, separately would be my answer.  No matter the shape, size, or quantity, I am your go to girl for wrapping!  Maybe I was an elf in a previous life ;)

5. Tell us about any special traditions that you or you and your family like to do.
This may sound strange to you, especially if you have never dealt with divorce, but since having Gwen, we are determined to make sure that Gwen always spends Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning at her house with her Christmas Tree and all of her presents.  With both of us having divorced parents, we spent many holidays split between homes and families, and we as if we owe it to her.  It may not sound like much to you, but it means the world to us and we feel very strongly about it.


Praying for those innocent little angels today.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas in NYC

We ventured out yesterday into the madness that is NYC during the Holiday season, for a little bit of the Christmas Spirit.  It was a great day!  Full of Bryant Park, FAO Schwartz, good food, and of course the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

There were SO many people with the same agenda, as to be expected, I think we were all looking for a little pick me up during this national time of sadness.

It was even more enjoyable for us because Gwen is now at that magical age when she is starting to understand what it going on.  She was in awe of all the lights, and buildings, and candy!  Lol.

It's an amazing feeling having the magic of Christmas brought back into our lives because of Gwen... it really is a blessing.

Only 9 more days til Christmas! And only 7 until our first Christmas {remember we have four, lol}!  Can't wait!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Just Can't

 I had a normal, upbeat post all ready for today, but it doesn't seem right to post.  Maybe tomorrow, or even Monday, but I am still in shock from what happened to all of those innocent children and teachers yesterday.

Babies.  That's what those children were.  Innocent, naive, defenseless babies.  


Last night, my husband came home early to be with us.  We watched with tear filled eyes in disbelief that this could happen.

Gwen slept with us last night.  Because we wanted to breathe in every. single. second. of her.  And today we are taking her into the city to see all of the Christmas festivities.  We get that moment with her.  And we are grateful.  Because there are parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and other family members that don't get those moments anymore. Because of a coward. Yes, a coward.  My heart breaks for each and every one of them.  I could not imagine the pain that they are in right now... I would not wish that pain on anyone.

So, I'm just going to send prayers today.
Shouldn't we all?

And hug all of your loved ones a little tighter and a few extra times today, and every day. 


Friday, December 14, 2012

How Long With It Last?

For about a week or so now, Gwen's sleep routine has been changing.  Not by much, but just enough to notice.  Like, when I put her down for a nap at 1pm {the same time it has been for who knows how long}, she plays, or talks, or jumps, yes JUMPS... for a while!  And on top of that, the nap is no longer the loooong, glorious nap we are accustomed to.  We could even call it the "cat nap" version of her real nap.  {Now I have to be honest with you, her normal nap is usually a blissful 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours... I know, you want to punch me, bc that is one hell of a nap, so what am I complaining about right?}  But, I enjoy that down time.  Mommy time.  Which, btw I usually spend doing household stuff, or sometimes finally taking a shower.  Don't judge me.  And the "momma instinct" is telling me that it is only a matter of time before el-napo becomes no-more-o.

You may think I am overreacting a little bit here, but it is even kind of having an effect on bedtime. She goes to bed about 8 - 8:30pm, and lately has been having a party hanging out for a good amount of time before calling it a night.  She's not crying or anything, she's just very awake and alert.  For example, if she hears a loud noise she yells "You alright Mom??" and won't stop until we answer. lol.  Or when we sneeze, "bless you, Mom" "BLESS YOU" "BLESS YOU!!!" until we respond. And although it isn't a big problem, I would rather her go to bed at night tired.  Like me :) 

So what's a Momma to do??  Make naptime earlier? Try going without it?  Idk, but more than anything I want to do what's best for Gwen.  And not to alter her schedule too much, we've been on a really good roll for a long time and I would hate to jeopardize that now.  When do naps usually stop?  I mean, I'm 28 and still love a good nap. lol. But seriously, HELP!  

For now, I am just going to roll with the punches... 

...and give you a few pics from our quick little "we don't need Santa to have a good Christmas picture" session last night. {lol}

See?? Much better than a crying child on Santa's lap, don't you think?

I am so excited that it's Friday!  Tomorrow we are headed into the city to see all the Christmas festivities!  It's moments like these that I adore living right next to NYC.  I can't wait to see Gwen's face! :)

Happy Friday to you!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Great Santa Debate.

This past Easter, we skipped the Easter Bunny and opted for just having Gwen's pictures taken in her Easter Dress, knowing what loomed ahead of us if we forced her to sit on the giant rabbit's lap. And we are feeling the same way about ole St. Nick this Christmas... why? Might you you ask.  Well, let me refresh your memory of last year's warm and fuzzy pic...

Awesome, right?!?  And, if you don't remember or didn't read last year's story about how we were those people, you may want to check it out.  It still makes me cringe!

Now, knowing what we have been through already, and assuming that I know my child sometimes better than she knows herself, I feel like it would be a waste of time {and money} to wait in that treacherous line with an impatient toddler {and parents} just to have her scream her head off and possibly assault that poor man. {Yes, it IS a possibility that she would whack him one, just to get away. Don't judge, she's a tough Jersey Girl!}  Buuuuuut, what if I am wrong?!?!  I mean, I really don't think that I am, but there is always a chance.  Ugh.

We've been going back and forth with our decision since Thanksgiving, and I think we aren't going to go.  Hours on line and $24.95 for a picture of my screaming kid... no thanks.  I can get that for free at home, with a glass of vino while in my pjs. 

So, dear Santa, you are most welcome to stop by our house Christmas Eve and unload all of your presents here, but we won't be seeing you until next year... maybe ;)

And here is our Christmas Card pic for this year.  From our house to yours, Happy Holidays!

Thank you, Pinterest!  Lol.


I wanted to say thanks to the girls that emailed me about my picture problem!  For right now, the problem isn't happening, but I think I have a solution for when it does happen again!  You guys rock!



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Blog Break. A Mish Mosh of a Post.

Where the heck have I been, right?! 

Have you missed me?

Maybe?  Maybe not?

I took a little break. For no special reason, I just lost some motivation. And frankly, I have been wrapped up/obsessed with Christmas.  I get so excited just thinking about how much fun this year is going to be with Gwen.  She is grasping all of it, with so much enthusiasm.  Therefore, THIS Momma cannot wait for Christmas Day and for Santa to come with all of Gwen's presents.

Over the past month, we have chopped down our own tree {again}, Griswold-ed up our house {the best we can}, visited Gwen's Uncle Mark @ his college in the adorable town of Bethlehem, celebrated some birthdays, and been shopping and wrapping away.

Although it has only been a month since I have written, it seems like Gwen has grown up SO much!  If I wasn't convinced that she wasn't a "baby" anymore, I am now.  And as bittersweet as it is, I am really loving it.  Well, most of the time... you see, we have begun to really enforce ::dun dun dunnnnn:: "time out"!  Because, frankly, they are needed.  Lol.  For us both. :)  I am pretty sure that our child had no chance of not being stubborn or having an abundance of patience with us as her parents! Haha! She has been doing really well dealing with her "time outs" getting much better at understanding "saying I'm sorry" and what she shouldn't be doing.  It's a long and growing process, but I am confident that we are on the right track.


I am sooo happy to report that she is in LOVE with all things Christmas {what kid isn't, right?!?}!  She ooohs and aaaahhhs at everything from Christmas lights, to music, to fun shows that are on TV.  It really puts the magic back into Christmas for us both.  I don't think that I have been this excited for Christmas since I was little... I may not even be able to sleep lol.


On an annoying note... Blogger says that I have run out of storage for my pictures on here and now need to pay to add pics... WTF??!?  Really?!?!  Has anyone else encountered this problem?? What's a girl to do?  Posting is much LESS fun when I can't include pics. HELP!

So that's it for now.  I promise to be back again tomorrow. ;)