Thursday, October 25, 2012

30 Questions - #1

I saw this on The K.O. Jewelry and REALLY liked the questions, so I'll sporadically be doing them when I don't have a post scheduled. Should be fun.

1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I don't do scary movies/shows/stories/even commercials {yup, I change the channel...or leave the room. lol}

2. I put ice cubes in my coffee bc I hate having a burnt tongue.

3. If carbs were our friend, I would eat them. all. day. every. day.

4. I can't wait to buy a new house. With a big yard.

5. I probably would never have dated/married my husband if he had hair. {I've always liked baldies/shaved heads}

6. I've never been on a cruise.

7. I usually eat the cheese off of my pizza first and THEN the rest of the slice.

8. I have SEVERE allergy to cats. Like, my body can tell that there is one nearby before I can. {Hello hives and puffy eyes!}

9. Nothing is more therapeutic to me than the sound of the ocean. And the smell of salty air. Nothing.

10. I see the Statue of Liberty every day. And the NY skyline for that matter.  And I feel very lucky.

11. I HATE procrastination. Mine. Yours. Anyone. Just do it already. 

12. My husband's cologne makes me melt. When we were dating, I used to spray it on my clothing so I could smell him all the way home. 

13. I hate buying things without a sale or coupon. 

14. My girlfriends and I were once invited back to Ron Jeremy's hotel room... we politely declined. Lol.

15. It is very rare that I can ever turn down a Raw Bar. Clams on the half shell are a weakness of mine.

16. I am dying to be on The Wheel Of Fortune. And ask anyone... I'd kick some serious ass!

17. I once got kicked off of a school trip for being out of my room after curfew with my best friend. AND they tried to not let us go to prom OR graduate... but bc we were just in another room, they lessened the punishment.

18. My husband and I were "officially" dating less than a year before getting engaged. But that's a whole other story. lol.

19. I'm a lefty.

20. I love cooked tomatoes, but hate raw ones.

And just because a picture makes everything better...
Gwen feeding the ducks with her Daddy and Uncle Timmy.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WW. Pumpkin Pickin'

We took Gwen to the Pumpkin Patch Saturday morning before we left our Maryland road trip, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day.  There were tons of gorgeous pumpkins, so many it was hard to choose.

It was a cute farm, with a tractor ride, a horse and pony, and a little bakery for some homemade sweets. There was also a corn maze... but we opted out of that one, seeing as how it took us waaaaaay too long last year. lol. 

Girlfriend tried to pick up EVERY oversized pumpkin, until Daddy found one that was more her size. She loved every minute of it!

I just can't say enough how much I love fall! 

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Happy Hump Day, Peeps... weekend's almost here. :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill

Linking up again, for the next installment of...


Although I would like to BEAT them all for they way that they didn't even show up stunk up the ALCS this past week. Ugh! My Eff, Marry, Kill is all about the NY Yankees.

Here we go.

I figured this one out, by working backwards...

Kill - A-Rod. That was easy. Lol. Sorry, you aren't a good hubby. You're quite cheesy. And, well frankly, I'm not your biggest fan. {Oh, and you REALLY stunk lately!}

Eff - Cano. 

Marry - Jeter. Duh. He's just a class act. A sweetheart. Yet, he's still a bachelor... hmmm. Lol.

How would you vote?

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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Quick Hello

We spent our weekend with family down in Maryland, but not before we headed to the pumpkin patch for some pickin'.  

We are travelling back home as this posts, and I'll have a full review of all our fun activities later, but I will leave you with a few fun pics...


Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Filled Weekend Ahead

It's a MISERABLY rainy day here, but that can't get us down!  We have a ton of Adventures in store for this weekend. Pumpkin picking. Dinner and drinks with friends. Seeing family we haven't seen in a while. A sleep over with my bestie. I may be going blonde. I KID! I KID! Just wanted to make sure that you were paying attention.  No, not blonde... just a ton of highlights {need to switch it up a bit}.

And it's our first weekend in over a month and a half that we won't be doing any home renovations.  I think my Hubs may have some withdrawals  lol.

See? LOTS of fun stuff going on!

So while we count the minutes patiently wait for Daddy to get home, we are hiding from the rain and watching some movies/snuggling up together. :)

Hope to have tons of pictures from our fun weekend!

Here's some from the other day.

Happy Friday! Enjoy yourselves some happy hour!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Renovating and Marriage. Lessons Learned.

Yesterday, I shared with you all of the amazing changes that have been happening at casa de Gwen.  But, now it's time to dish the dirt.

Oh, you thought these things were all easy breezy, did you now?

That the Hubs and I worked all hand in hand, smiling and laughing and all lovey dovey, during this process.

Yeah, ok.

Now, I love my Husband. With every fiber of my being.  But, there are a few things that doing "home improvement projects" together make you realize. 

  • There is no way on Earth, that we could ever work together. Ever. {Unless there was a water cooler FULL of booze}
  • Booze SHOULD always be involved during said Projects. {And probably best to keep all sharp objects away from each other :)
  • Home improvements does NOT promote sexy time. Like, ever. Let's just be happy that we are getting into the same bed that night, hmmm-k?
  • I think I'm the boss. You think you're the boss. You're not the boss of me. And I'm not the boss of you. {insert stomping of the feet like a 5 yr old here}
  • "Stomping of the feet" happens... A LOT.  From both parties.
  • Do NOT ask for opinions if you don't want to hear any other than your own. {Just say out loud that you want to hear what a beautiful and amazing job that was. And that was the most ingenious idea. ever.}
  • A fight could arise about AN-Y-THING. Measurements. Tape. Paint. The way you are painting. Your tone of voice. Who gets to use the fancy step stool as opposed to just a chair. lol

This is why I think most couples end up doing all this stuff during the Newlywed stage.  You're all mushy-gushy, high-fiving each other, "yes, honey-ing" it up. Yeah, check back with me in a few years.

At the end of the day, Hubs, the house looks amazing, I still love you, and we're both still alive... win win, right?!?
{Truth be told, it wasn't that bad. But it WAS pretty damn funny!}


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our Pinteresting House Reno

Pinterest, you devil, you.

Not only has is become an addiction.  But about 90% of our latest home reno has been bc of ideas via Pinterest.

So, for the past month or so, we have been devoted to making our house more, well, Pinterest-ing. {yup, I just went there.}

We saw this...

and this...
Source: via Nina on Pinterest

So, we did this...

{I love it!}

And I have been eyeing up this...

So, we did this...

Isn't she the cutest?!

And of course, we had to add this...

And lastly, we saw this...

And we did this...

Needless to say, we have been VERY busy around here. But, all the hard work is definitely worth it!

Happy Hump Day, Peeps!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Decisions.

I posted this on my FB yesterday, but thought I would ask again.

Which do you like better?

I have to say, although I welcome more opinions,  I am pretty sure I am going with the Poodle. Definitely girly. And just so stinkin cute!

I can't believe that this could possibly be the last year that I get to choose a costume for Gwen.  She may be making the decision all on her own... eeek!

Either way, I can't wait to take my own pics of her on Halloween! 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WW - My Love

Today, my love and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary!

I love you, Jason, with all of my heart.
{even when I don't like you ;)}

I love our life together.  I adore you as a father. I cherish the way the you love me.  I couldn't imagine my world without you.

Happy Anniversary to my soul mate.

I love you.

Here's a few pics from memory lane.