Monday, February 28, 2011

Let the Teething Begin

It finally happened!

A few months ago, I think it was at Gwen's 3 month well visit, Dr. A told us that Gwen was most definitely teething, hence, all the drooling, chewing, etc.  We had already suspected it, but we didn't see any of the obvious signs, such as red gums, whitecaps, or even any rashes around her mouth.  But, low and behold, Sunday morning while she was laughing and talking up a storm, I noticed that Gwen had cut her 1st tooth!!  Yay!

It makes sense too, because the night before, she was a bit cranky, well cranky for her at least... and now we know why!  We are now fully stocked with Baby Oragel, frozen teethers, and hopefully all the essentials to ease Gwen through this process.  Poor little munchkin!

I find parenthood completely hysterical, once you conquer one thing, right behind it is another curve ball... Awesome! :)

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it is miserable here, dark and rainy, and I even heard some thunder before.  Either way, stay dry, and enjoy your day!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

We've Zzzzzzurvived!

   Corny, I know, but tonight will officially be one week that we have been "Sleep Training" with Gwen... and I am amazed to say that we have all SURVIVED :)  For those who aren't familiar with what sleep training is, it is a method to help the baby put herself to sleep, without feeling abandoned by Mom & Dad.  She is put to bed awake, and you allow her to cry or fuss until she falls asleep, with intervals of Mommy & Daddy checking in and reassuring her everything is ok (but without picking her up).  I was unsure if I wanted to use this method, but I was tired of rocking Gwen to sleep, then tip-toeing to her room, only to have her wake up the minute I put her down.  My hesitation came from the worry that I would not be able to bear the crying that would take place, bc it breaks my heart. :(  BUT, it did say in my Parenting Bible (What To Expect The First Year, lol) that it would be much harder on us than on Gwen.  Well... they were right!

     That first night was not fun.  We did establish a bedtime routine: Food, Bath, Lotion, PJ's, Story, and then we gave kisses, laid her down on her back in the crib, said Goodnight, turned off the lights and shut the door.  Then it began... crying, and angry crying at that.  Although she only cried for about 20 minutes... it was the LONGEST 20 minutes of our lives.  To hear and see (via monitor) Gwen cry that way, made me feel awful.  Part of me wanted to run, yes run, in her room, pick her up, hug & kiss her, and make everything all better, like Mommy should.  But, I knew that this was what was best for all of us.  When she finally settled down, after having flipped onto her stomach and buried her face into the sheets, of course panic came over me and I couldn't help but think that something was wrong.  So, for the next 40 minutes, I continued to make sure she was breathing, lol.  She was, and she was fine, and slept through the night!  We all awoke happy and rested, and thankfully Gwen wasn't mad at us anymore :)

     So with each night, the time that she fusses (it isn't really crying anymore) seems to become less and less.  I can't say that with each night I become less paranoid, haha, but it is getting just a little bit easier for me.  Needless to say, I am thankful that we stuck it out, and hope that it continues to work.  

Here is what I say to Gwen each night, that my mom used to say to me with 3 kisses:
"Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I love you."

Sweet dreams to you all too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What We Do In the Pew...

     A few weeks ago, Jason and I decided that it would be a good idea to start going to Church with Gwen.  So we packed our family up and headed to our local Parish.  Gwen was a SAINT our first week, slept half the mass, and was a bubbly little baby the rest.  We met the Bishop on the way out, he gave her a little blessing and we were on our way home.

     Between our first and second week, Gwen hit her milestone of making "Raspberries," and seemed to use them more when frustrated than any other time.  Well, she was a little fidgety during the Second Reading, so Jason picked her up and we were trying to keep her calm... but were not very successful.  So, RIGHT in the middle of the Gospel (while everyone is listening devoutly), our Peanut decided that it was the perfect time to "Pppppbbbbttt" about a hundred times! LOL!  And if any of you have seen a little baby make this noise, it is near IMPOSSIBLE not to crack up!  So, now our baby is loud, and we are giggling... but, thankfully, we made it through. 

     This past Sunday, we headed to Mass and took a seat in our now regular pew, and hoped for the best.  Well, I have to say that I always knew it was a possibility, but never did I think it would happen.  Right about the time that the Bishop was giving his Sermon, Gwen decided it was Poopy-Time.  And if you know my daughter, she does NOT poop quietly!!!!!  She goes into full-fledged work mode, turning red and grunting PRETTY loudly, it sounds even louder in a cathedral church while everyone else is being quiet.  Now, if you thought it was hard for us not to giggle last week, well, you should have seen us this week... we were definitely a sight.  Not only because of the sounds coming from our little lady.... but the SMELL!!!!!  AND it followed with us up to the alter to receive Communion! Hahaha!  Again though, we lasted through the Mass and did a quick diaper change in the car (we wouldn't have lasted in tight quarters with that smell!). 

     We are almost worried about what this upcoming week will bring, lol.  We are thinking that Gwen just wants to know what she can get away with.  :)  She's lucky she's so cute!

Wish us luck!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents Day

     We hope that everyone, who were lucky enough to have one, enjoyed their three day weekend!  We certainly did, and Monday, we did some SHOPPING... yay!!!  No, not any for Gwen, let's be honest, her closet is still ready to explode!  This trip was for Mommy and Daddy... and it was way over due.  It was nice to spend the day out and about as a little family, with no plan or scheduled things to do.  Well, that's a bit of a fib, we did have Gwen's doctor appointment in the afternoon, but we were definitely done by then.

     After our excursion, we showed up at Dr. A's office, where we were greeted with packed-to-the-brim waiting rooms.  I mean there were more people than I have ever seen in there... maybe bc all of the kids were off from school???  Anyway, our appointment was for 2:45pm, we got there about 5-10 minutes early, and plopped ourselves in the only 2 available seats in the "Well Room" (thank goodness bc I think Jason would have freaked if we had to sit in the "Sick Room" lol).  We have become pretty accustomed to waiting when we see Dr. A, but we had a feeling that this was going to be long one.  At about 3:15pm, we realized that our prediction was probably right, bc the woman sitting next to us told us that her appointment was for 2:00pm... ahhhh!  So we waited, and waited, and waited, and at 4:15pm we were called in to the exam room.  Grr. 

     So, Gwen is now 26 1/2 inches long and 17 lbs 6 oz.  Dr. A said that everything is perfect and that in the next few weeks we can start giving her foods (even though we were going to start anyway)... he said Oranges (Carrots, Squash, Sweet Potatoes), then Greens, then Meats, then Fruits.... all in due time.  But, how exciting!!!  We go back in another month... maybe we should show up a day early!

Hope you had a fun and relaxing holiday weekend!


P.S.  Did I mention that I am soooo over snow and cold?  26 days and counting...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cinco Meses!

     FIVE MONTHS!  Our little sweetie is 5 months old today, and although it feels like it was just yesterday that she arrived, it also feels like she has been here forever.  It amazes me that it has almost been a half of year.... wow.  She is such a little person now, and with more personality that I could have pictured.  Teeth are on their way, and hopefully some hair too :) 
     I always take a picture on Gwen's "month" birthday, and today she is finally big enough to wear the first piece of clothing bought for her.  If you remember back in my blog, Jason bought Gwen her first onesie (even thought he didn't know we were having a girl) when we were at a Yankee Game, opening week, last year.  Well, today, for her "birthday" she wore it proudly!  Maybe it will bring luck to the Yanks this year. 

Here's our girl!

When Daddy bought her onesie :)

Here's hoping the next months slow down just a bit.

Love to you. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Her Valentine for Life

Happy Valentine's Day to You!

     Today, at lunch, Jason came home as he usually does, with flowers and cards for his ladies.  It was so sweet of him, but, the best part of the day was when he read to Gwen what he wrote in her 1st Valentine's Day card from her Dad.  Hope he doesn't mind me sharing, because I am.  Lol.

Dear Gwen,
Sweetheart on your first Valentine's Day, I want you to know that you have a Valentine for life!
I love you.
Love, Daddy

     Ahh, that just melts me... short and sweet, and utterly sincere.  I know that he loves her more than anything in this world, and that makes me love him even more than I already do. 

Hope your day was full of LOVE :)

Our little Valentine

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Parents...

Dear Parents (Biological, Step, In-Law, Grand),

     I am not sure if this is the circle of life, or an epiphany, but I am so sorry for not appreciating you, as you should have been, until this time.  I am under the impression that, until you are a parent yourself, you cannot understand what YOUR parents have done for you. 
     Since having Gwen, my connections with ALL of my parents have been stronger than I could have ever imagined, for which I am truly grateful.  And I would like to take this time to thank each of you... for being a mother, a father, a friend, a disciplinarian, a confidant, a role model, a force to be reckoned with... and MUCH, MUCH more! 
     My only hope is that, one day, Gwen will feel the same way about me, as I do about each and every one of you.  You have all shaped my (our) lives into what they are today, and as much as I am thankful, I hope that you are proud. 
     I've always known that I was loved, but when I had a child of my own, I realized the DEPTH of that love... and it is TREMENDOUS.  To know that I am loved as much as I love Gwen, well, that is something to be excited about! :)  And I THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for loving me that much. 

It all makes sense now, and my heart is full.

I love you... 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Belly Laughs

Honestly, is there anything greater in the world?  That first TRUE belly laugh just melts your heart, and it is safe to say that EVERY one thereafter has the same effect.  Gwen hit the "laughing milestone" some time ago, and I think that Jason and I are slightly obsessed with making sure that she reaches her maximum laughing potential... lol... which really just means that we want to hear it ALL the time.  So, there we are every morning, noon, and night, like two clowns, goo-goo and ga-ga-ing, dancing like fools, giving raspberries (blowing on her stomach), and pretty much doing anything possible to bring on that giggle.  But, it is SO worth every minute of goofiness, and can turn any frown upside down.

Again, this isn't the best that we've heard, but I thought I'd share some laughs, and maybe, if needed, brighten your day. :)

Life is good.

Hope we made you smile!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Note to Self

...It is probably a good idea to check Gwen's diaper BEFORE allowing her to play in jumper.  All I can say is EWWWWWWWWW.


She's a Little Jumpin' Bean!

I have been told by Gwen's Nanny (Jason's Mom), that Jason was a HUGE jumper when he was a baby.  She told us that she could stick him in the jumper for hours on end, because that is all that he wanted to do.  Well, Gwen has yet ANOTHER thing in common with her Daddy.  She LOOOOVES jumping!  She loves it so much that sometimes I think that she is going to jump right out of the jumper, lol!  

I wasn't able to catch her at her craziest... but here's a little clip of the action. (Not the best quality either)

Isn't she just too much?!?

If this is a sign of things to come, then I think we are in serious trouble when she becomes mobile!  Ha ha!  She definitely seems VERY EAGER to get on the move.  But, wait a minute, wasn't she just a tiny 7 lb newborn the other day?!?! 

At least she is getting some form of exercise... seeing as how we are stuck inside AGAIN!  If there is no sun though, the Groundhog can't see his shadow, then Spring should be here sooner than expected, right?

Here's hoping...