Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bumpdate :: 32 Weeks {8 Months}

How far along?
32 weeks.  Technically 8 to go, BUT at my appt. with Dr. P on Monday, we spoke again about the possibility of her taking me in early, and the tentative date is December 19th.  So 7 weeks left.  Hallelujah.

Total weight gain?
In the last month, I gained 1 pound.  So, total is about 15 pounds.  HOW this is possible is BEYOND me.  I stuff my face like it is my job.  And I definitely am not counting calories, but I am sure that running around after Gwen has something to do with it.  This appt.  Dr. P. gave me another "stern" look when she saw what my weight gain was, but I SWORE to her that I was trying my best.  She said that she would be able to tell if Addison was growing well when she checked my stomach, and SHE IS!  So, I am off the hook.  Now, where's that ice cream?!?

Maternity Clothes?
Can I just say, again, that I hate maternity clothes.  Ok, well mostly maternity PANTS, but, all of them in general.  I bought one pair of Maternity jeans that weren't the full panel...big mistake.  I am constantly unrolling them and trying to adjust to get comfortable.  And the full panel ones?!?  They fall down CONSTANTLY.  I can't win.  Leggings it is... or sweats if I am home.

Still doing pretty well here.  I think that I may have restless leg syndrome during this pregnancy, such a weird feeling, but it's not interfering with my sleep so, whatev.

Best Moment of the Week?
I have to say that a really nice moment this week was when Hubs and I got to go to my appt. just the two of us {Gwen was at school}.  It was like our first pregnancy.  We got to talk and "hang out" {even though we both were getting annoyed at how long we were waiting}, it was nice to be just us two... even if it was in a doctor's office.  And of course, hearing Addie's little heartbeat.  So sweet.

Holy kicker, Batman.  Girlfriend is so much like her big sister.  She doesn't do much "rolling" she JUTS and JABS, which doesn't hurt, but it sometimes very shocking.  It doesn't bother me though, as long as my girl is doing fine in there.

Food Cravings?
Roast Beef sub.  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups {helllloooo Halloween!}, and Chili.

Still girl.  We have one more u/s and I am sure that Hubs is going to want one final check that it's still Addison in there.

Labor Signs?

Belly Button?
Let's just say that my belly button CANNOT make up it's mind.  It has no clue what it wants to do.  In one minute, out-ish the next, and most days half and half.  Weird.

What I Miss?
Don't laugh {or judge}, but a Captain and Diet.  It's so weird, I have had actual dreams about going to the bar and ordering a drink.  Yes, I know, soon enough.  But apparently my body {and mind} are really looking forward to my first post labor cocktail.

I also miss being able to bend down comfortably.  Picking things up off the floor, putting on shoe's, putting on Gwen's shoes, painting my toenails {can someone come paint them for me?}, all seem like Olympic sports to me lately.  And to think, it ain't gettin' any easier any time soon.  

What I Am Looking Forward To?
I am looking forward to waking up one day soon and Addison's room magically being completely finished.  Poof!  No?!?!  Bummer.  Better get my ass in gear then.  And my sprinkle in the next few weeks that my bestie and her mom are having for me.  I am in awe that they want to do this for me {can't help but get teary eyed} and am looking forward to a celebration for Addie.

8 months baby!  I can see the finish line... sort of.  It's going to be so amazing to start the new year off as a family of four.

Here's my buddha belly.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'm Not Ready For This.

When you find out that you're having a little girl, your mind is flooded with thoughts of bows, frilly dresses, dance recitals, and everything pink.  What doesn't immediately pop into your head is what to expect further down the line... because we won't be experiencing them until LATER in their lives.  Or so I thought.

This past Sunday, we were celebrating our beautiful Godson's Christening at my sister-in-law's house out in PA.  The party was filled with tons of kids, of all ages, which Gwen was thrilled about.  She took a particular liking to a little boy, a bit older than her, who offered to play catch with her.  To say she was excited was an understatement.  She was enamored with this boy.  And he, well, he was not.  Sure, he played with her for a little while, but when he tired and she did not, he began to hide from her.  "Don't let Gwen find me."  "Gwen's crazy."

Ok, kid, we get it.

BUT, he wouldn't just hide and leave it alone.  If she wasn't running to find him, he made sure to make his presence known to her, then take off running.  An innocent game of cat and mouse, right??

Well, this went on the majority of the party.  And after most of the other kids had left, Gwen asked very sweetly, "Wanna play catch with me?"  He accepted.  

They played nicely, as Jason and I watched from up above on the deck... then it happened.  He turned her around so her back was towards him, and pushed her gently forward as to say "Go that way and I'll throw it to you."

She was all smiles as she took steps forward, excited for the game.

While, he ran away.

She turned around, looking for her friend, and when she realized he had taken off... she was crushed.  She didn't say a word, she didn't have to.  From 30 feet away, I could see it clearly written all over her face.

And I wanted to cry.

She pouted and sat down on the steps near her, just about ready to cry, and all I could think was, "I am not ready for this.  I'm not ready for heartbreak."

She snapped out of it after a few minutes and after her Grandma, myself, and her Daddy engaged her in something else, but I was in shock.

Jason and I kept looking at each other, me with tears in my eyes {hey, hormones!} repeating, "WTF?!"  "That little kid just broke her heart!"  "Oh, I was not prepared for this!!!"

Ok, I knew DOWN THE ROAD that this would be something we would deal with.... MAYBE middle school, but at three???   Ugh.

No, it wasn't such a huge deal, but it definitely was a lesson.  I couldn't believe how infuriated I was at a little boy, for hurting my baby.  I wanted to scoop her up and kiss her and erase what had just happened.  Because I'm her mom and that's my job.

She's just fine.  And, I'm sure that she doesn't remember much about it, in fact, I'm sure that she'll be just as enamored and excited to play with him the next time they meet.  

I, on the other hand, won't ever forget Gwen's first "playground heartbreak."

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tiny Prints Holiday Card Collection and Giveaway!

It is no secret that I loooove taking pictures... especially of Gwen.  Poor Addison doesn't even know what's in store for her when she gets here!  I also love sending cards... birthday, Easter, Halloween, and most importantly Christmas cards!  I just have so much fun picking them out and taking the perfect picture of Gwen and/or our family... all to send the best holiday wishes to our friends and family.

My favorite place to purchase those cards, is Tiny Prints.  And if you haven't used them yet, well shame on you.  KIDDING.  But, seriously you need to check them and their 2013 Holiday Card and Photo Gift collection out ASAP.

Although, Tiny Prints has always had beautiful products and cards, this year they have really out done themselves.

They now offer new trim options for 2013 including - square, rounded, bracket, ticket & scallop trim options.  Such a simple idea, but each makes the card totally different.  I am in love with this, and you can bet that my Christmas cards will have a fancy trim to them.

They also have new design styles for 2013!  Contemporary, Classic, Vintage, Full bleed photos, All That Glitters, Bold Expressions, Simply Chic, Woodland Wonder, & The New Tradition are all new and are so hard to choose between!!!

Not to mention, when you finally do decide on your Holiday card, Tiny Prints suggests matching address labels and envelope liners!  I love when everything matches and looks so polished, don't you??

I've started my search for our 2013 card, and I'll share with you some of my favorites, so far...

I always have a hard time deciding on just ONE picture for our card, so I love how this one displays a few  different pictures without any of them feeling too overpowering.

The clean cut of this one is what appeals to me.  It's simple and still feels very Christmas-y.

I love how this is like an ornament in itself.  It's so fun and festive, but not too over the top.

There is so much that I love about this card.  The full bleed, the bracket trim, and of course, the GLITTER!  It's such a unique card, sure to impress!

What a cool card design, right?!  I chose the scallop trim for this one for a little flare, and I am loving the laser cut look.  So different!

See what I mean about choosing just ONE?!

Here's the really exciting part... Tiny Prints is giving away $50 and free shipping to one of YOU!!!  That's right, $50 off your total order PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!  

Good Luck and Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bumpdate :: 30 Weeks

How far along?
30 Weeks... 10 to go... hopefully a little less.

Total weight gain?
Idk... I go back to the Dr. on the 28th so we shall see... eek!

Maternity Clothes?
Yup.  It was inevitable, but it's all that works these days.  I hate to waste the money on them, but they are essential.  Grr.

I'm tired as I could possibly be.  And it has become increasingly hard for me to get comfortable at the end of the night.  I've been relying on my Boppy for any relief I can get.

Best Moment of the Week?
Hubs and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. We started clearing out our spare room, which is filled to the brim with shit paperwork and clutter.  AND {my fav part} we sanded and painted our glider which used to be cherry, and now is a beautiful white!  yay!!

All the time.  And she gets the hiccups, alot.  

Food Cravings?
Still the same... pumpkin anything, choc chip cookie dough ice cream, and most any other sweets.  Which is totally opposite of my pregnancy with Gwen.

Girl... Miss Addison Kay

Labor Signs?
None, but she is definitely either head down or positioned very low.  When she does get the hiccups, they are pretty low, and sometimes her movements are a little startling. 

Belly Button?
Still on the move outward.  Not quite flat yet, but changing every day.  Such a weird thing that happens during pregnancy.  I also have yet to have my linea negra appear... wonder if that is coming back??

What I Miss?
Being able to bend down.  Being comfortable.  Sleeping on my stomach.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
My due date.  Lol.  Getting the room done.  Finishing the chair.  The "Sprinkle" my bestie is throwing me.  Seeing baby girl one more time at the next ultrasound.

30 weeks!  We are now in the single digit week countdown... CRAZY!!
I can't believe that October is already half way over.  These next few months are going to fly by, and before we know it, our second little princess will be here.  I. can't. wait.

Check out the cutest little photo bomber there ever was.  :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

81 Days.

81 days left until my due date. Wow.  And being that those days will also be a part of the holiday season, I am sure that they are going to fly by.  

I've been thinking a lot lately, that I only have a short amount of time left as a mom of one. {aaahh!!} And I want to smother Gwen in tons of love and "mommy and Gwen" time.  It's been 3+ years of just Gwen and I, and I would be lying if I said that I'm not nervous as to how she will react to this new chapter of our lives.

Maybe I am nervous for me too.

I want her to know that she will always be my "baby."  My first glimpse at the world of motherly love.  That she changed my life in ways that she won't ever be able to imagine until she has a child of her own.  That I will never love her any less, only more and more with each new day.

I've been a barrel of emotions these days, thinking about how amazing these three years of just Gwen and I have been.  How she is my best friend.  How I have not missed a moment of her little life {thank you, Jason for that opportunity}.  And I just want to soak in EVERY SECOND of the next 81 days as our family of three.

We may have taken more that the normal amount of naps together.  Snuggled a little past bed time a few times.  Shared a midday day ice cream sundae, just because.  I just want her to feel special.  Always special.  I don't want her to feel like she is losing any part of me with the arrival of her sister.

I know that it's me who is feeling this way, not her.  But, I just love her so much, and I want her to know it.

Now, I know that I am going to have the same relationship with Addison when she arrives.  I already love her so much too.  I guess I am just nervous for the change.

What about you moms of more than one??  Did you have similar feelings??  How did you address them??  Did these feelings just disappear after baby's arrival??

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Four years ago, I made the best decision of my life.  The decision to start a journey.  A journey with my best friend, my partner in crime.  It's been a crazy, fun, beautiful journey so far, and it's only just begun.

Jason, I love you more with each passing day.  I appreciate everything that you do for our family.  I admire and adore the man you have grown to be.  I am in awe of the father that you are.

There's no one in the world more perfect for me.

Happy 4th Anniversary!  I love you more than words could ever say.  Thank you for being the most supportive, caring, and loving husband.  You make me the happiest girl in the world!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday :: Baby Edition

You may or may not have seen in the past few weeks/months on my personal FB page, that in addition to expecting our little Addison, there are many babies in our world right now.  Two new nephews have come into our lives AND my baby brother is expecting a baby of his own {well, I mean, his wife is, lol}.

Of course, I have to get in all the pics I can because that's just what I do, so here are some of the pictures I've taken recently.

Harrison Carter
August 7, 2013

Carter Robert
August 21, 2013

And congratulations to Michael and Megan...
Baby "O" due April 2014!

Such great stuff, right?!?  I couldn't be happier for all of them!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bumpdate :: 28 Weeks 5 Days

I think at this point, I am going to start counting down the weeks until Addison's arrival, instead of counting how many weeks I have been preggo.  SO, only 11 weeks, 2 days to go.  Holy crap!!  We have SO much to do in very little time... we still have to gut clean out our spare room {which is easily a two week project in itself}, paint, assemble furniture, sand and paint the rocker/glider, bust out the rest of our stuff from storage, and disinfect everything.  Boy oh boy, that's one hell of a to-do list.  OH, AND I need to get my Christmas shopping done ASAP because Lord knows I won't want to be out with all the crazies and 9 months preggo... that could be some ugly shit!

I have been feeling good, but very pregnant.  I have reentered that phase where I'd rather leave whatever I dropped on the floor than attempt to bend over and pick it up.  Lol.  Luckily, Jason AND Gwen are very helpful and don't mind doing that for me.  

I never heard back about my Glucose Test, which with my Dr., no news is good news.  Yay!  And I had a growth ultrasound two weeks ago, and baby girl is right on track.  She was 2.4 lbs.  And my fluids and her growth all looked good.  Hallelujah.  This news made Dr. P. happy although she still thinks I am not gaining enough weight and need more rest.  But at least it's an improvement.

How far along?
28 Weeks, 5 days.

Total weight gain?
As of my last appointment I was up to 14lbs.  At this point last pregnancy I had gained even less, so it is confusing that Dr. P. thinks it isn't that much.  But, she's the expert.

Maternity Clothes?
Even though we have had a very unwanted {at least by me} Indian Summer in these parts lately, I have been trying to stock up on a few sweaters and some jeans because I know that I am going to need them sooner than later.  I really am not a huge fan of Maternity clothes, but regular clothes just aren't cutting it anymore.

Still exhausted.  Haven't been making it through many nights without having to use the bathroom.  And Gwen for some reason has been waking up in the middle of the night quite often and ending up in bed with us... which usually doesn't bother me, but with my growing belly, we are certainly running out of room, fast.

Best Moment of the Week?
Best moment(s) of the past few weeks have been seeing Addison again and knowing that she is doing well.  Entering the third trimester, HELL YEAH!  Scoring a deal on a dresser and hutch for Addison's room {I am sucker for deals!}.  

All day. Every day.  And night too.  I love it.

Food Cravings?
Pumpkin everything.  Cookie dough ice cream {although I have switched to Frozen Yogurt since I can't seem to live without}.  


Labor Signs?
A few Braxton Hicks-like feelings, but nothing major.

Belly Button?
Getting closer and closer to being flat again.

What I Miss?
Not having to pee every 5 minutes.  Being able to get comfortable.  After eating dinner, it is almost impossible for me to get comfortable, unless I am stuffing pillows all around myself and not moving once I find that sweet spot.

What I Am Looking Forward To? 
Getting Addison's room going, and done.  Any volunteers to just come and do it for me???  Puh-leeeeeasse?!?  

Hitting the third trimester is a big one for me.  This pregnancy is slowly overstaying it's welcome ;)