Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some days, I just need a nap.

First of all, chill out peeps.  I'm not about to get all woe is me, the poor stay-at-home mom, because, frankly, I love adore what I get to do each day.  I'm a lucky beotch to get to spend all day with my baby girl, but that doesn't mean that there aren't those  days.  

What days, you may ask?

The days I just need a nap.

The days where "the day" started a little too early, like 4:30am, and your very awake child is now sharing the bed with you and your bed hogging Hubs, therefore, you are lightly sleeping with a leg across your chest, half of your body hanging off of the bed and praaaaayying for five more minutes another hour of sleep. Yup.

The days where your morning flies by and suddenly you realize that you haven't showered, are still in your pjs, have pretty much polished off a pot of coffee, and the house looks like shit.  The last thing you want to when that tornado of a toddler finally passes out for a few hours is cook and clean.  You want to nap dammit. 

Most of  "those" days, I fight it off... I get my ish together and clean up the house, put on a real pair of pants and move on.  Some days, I can't.  Some days, I convince myself that a nap will make me a better person when I wake up lol.  That I'll be a bundle of energy, and "Suzy Homemake" my way through the rest of the day with joy.  Then, I realize that I am just trying to justify my want of a glorious hour of Zzzzs.  And I give myself a little kick in the ass and think... "Just take a nap, will ya."

It's not every day, but some days, I just need a nap.

And today may just be one of "those" days.



Brittney said...

I've had that day every day this week. Sometimes I literally think, "How did I used to wake up at 5:30 to go to work every day?" I've tried to motivate myself to get up before the kids so that I make it out of my pajamas...but I just want to sleep!

Ashley said...

Hey I SAH too and it's exhausting. I feel like because I stay at home so I'm expected to do early mornings and late nights.

Well that takes it's toll after a few days...

I could def use a nap today!

Jennifer said...

Don't worry! Take the nap when she naps!

Natalie said...

Yes...I think I need a nap today too!

MommaBBabyboy said...

I nap almost daily! I think we need it for our sanity! I'm a much better Mom when I'm well rested, well, just rested! Xxx