Monday, February 25, 2013

My Poopie Doopie Piiiiiiie

{written last week}

Since the day I brought Gwen home from the hospital, I, like many other mommas, have sung to her.  I have sung anything and everything, in many different "keys" lol.  But, there is one made up song that I never intended on happening or sticking around or EVER being sung back to me, and it melts me.

In those first few weeks of sleep-lacking nights, while rocking my sweet babe in our comfy glider, I made up this little tune, to the sound of Annie's "Tomorrow", and it's the simplest words, lol.  

"I love you, I love you, my Poopie Doop, I love you. I love you my Poopie Doopie Pie."

And sometimes I would switch it up, as I sang it over and over again, in the gentlest whisper, maybe switching out "Poopie Doop" for "Peanut Pie" or "Baby Girl" and sometimes even "Gwen-Bo-Ben."  Some mornings I would even walk into her room and sing "Goooood morning, good morning, I love you, good morning." But, the tune always remained the same, yet I never knew it's impact.  

Til recently.

See, I would just sing this song without request.  Because it came naturally to me.  

Then one morning a few weeks, maybe months ago, she asked me to sing "I Love you," and the first few times, I didn't get it.  I would say "I love you" and move on with our day.  Then, one night she sang "IIIIIIIIII love you, I love you" and I was elated!  I jumped right in and sang her the rest of the song with EVERY verse I could think of, with tears in my eyes, watching her smile from ear to ear.

Then, tonight.  Oh, tonight.  She sang the whole song to me, and even whispered the end "my poopie doopie piiiiiiie" in the tiniest little voice, because that is exactly how I sing it to her.

It was the most amazing moment.

Because it is something that she remembers.  And hopefully always does. :)

Happy Monday.



Natalie said...

Awww that would melt my heart!

Liz Runningmomma said...

I found you through the link-up and goodness is your daughter adorable!!!