Friday, August 23, 2013

Adventures With Gwen and...

Jason and I are terrible at keeping secrets, he's worse than me, but together, we really suck.  We usually give each other gifts before the "holiday" we are supposed to give them, or in his case he shops the day before, because he can't keep it hidden.  Therefore, when it comes to the sex of our unborn child and prospective names, it hasn't been any different.

We've had a boy name for a while now... like before we were even trying.  We are in love with Lincoln.  And if I can ever convince him to try for a third baby{never thought I would say that}, and if it ever is a boy... his name will probably be Lincoln.

So, that part of the "Name Game" was easy.  The girl part???  Not so easy.

I downloaded apps, researched online, looked in name books... and almost every one I suggested... he shot down.  See, he doesn't need to think about it.  It's an instantaneous yes  or no, with the occasional "I don't hate it" thrown in there.

Early in the "game" we both weren't hating "Gisele" but I wasn't completely sold... apparently he was.  At some event {I forget where we were} he was telling people, "Yeah, our picked names are Lincoln and Gisele."

"Umm, no they are not."

I had to explain to him that Gisele was not a definite, that we were still on the fence about it. Which later led to a conversation where I said, "No, Gisele is off the table."  

Back to the drawing board...

He has always loved Madison.  I do too, but I am not a fan of how popular it is. {I have a cousin that just had a Madison as well}. So, although beautiful, Madison was out.  

The "game" continued... and it wasn't pretty... sometimes, I even threatened violence. {I'll just blame that on the hormones!}

I would find names and text them to him, usually while he was at work, and expect responses back, lol... here are some of our convos.

And that, my friends, is how Addison got her name.  I really do love it, and Gwen already refers to my bump as Baby Addison.  It's freakin' adorable.

The middle name is yet to be determined, but at least the major battle has been won!

Happy Friday!


Navin Menon said...


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AEG said...

Addison is adorable. And Addie as a nickname is even more adorable. "Addie and Gwen" Sounds cute together! I'm also not a fan of Madison... cute but too popular.

Alyssa said...

I love it!! That is such a great name! Can't wait to hear her middle name! :)

Natalie said...

You crack me up! Pretty name!

Kerry said...

Beautiful choice!! I love it :)
Your conversation sounds like something my husband and I would have...why can't men elaborate more? Pfft... ;)
Baby Addison, how adorable!

Brittney said...

LOVE Addison! It was actually on our list for Reese - but Addison was still on Grey's Anatomy at the time, and Brian didn't like her (no lie, that's why I had to cross the name off the list).

Can't wait to find out her middle name!