Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Half Baked.

That's right, baby girl is half baked.  I am 20 weeks today!  It definitely DOES feel like I have been pregnant for 5 months, this pregnancy seems to be moving along very slowly.  Don't hate me, but I am welcoming the end of summer and my favorite season, fall.  I am just ready for the laidback-ness {yes, I know that's not a word} that September brings, along with football, everything pumpkin and Gwen's bday!

How far along?
Half way there! 20 weeks.

Total weight gain/loss?
Ugh, I go to the doctors this afternoon, and I am sort of dreading it.  I mean, I was on vacation last week, do you really think I stood a chance?  Should be interesting.

Maternity clothes?
While on vacation, I did rock 3 maternity items {although they are still a bit too big} - A pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, and one tee.  Other than that, all my regular clothes.

We shared a bed with Gwen while away, so it wasn't the BEST sleep, but since we have gotten home, I am back on track! {Thank God!}

Best moment of the week?
Finding out the sex!  And seeing/hearing the baby again.  Now on to planning and organizing.

Tons.  And this week, Jason was able to feel a few kicks from the outside. :)

Food Cravings?
Oh, Lord... while away, I could not get enough dill pickles, lemonade, and cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles!  {See why I am dreading the scale??!?!}

Girl!  My husband will be a ladies man until the day he dies, lol!

Labor Signs?

Belly Button?
Still normal.

What I Miss?
Being on vacation.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
Seeing my best friend's baby boy {she's in labor RIGHT NOW!}.  And getting started on the baby's room... I am pretty sure I know what I want to do, just have to get the Hubs on board.

Being half way there {maybe less}, finding out the sex, and feeling her from the outside... it's been a busy week!


Kerry said...

It is the most amazing thing to feel and hear your unborn baby! I am so excited for you :)
sweet u/s pics too, bet you can't wait to meet her. Gwen will love having a baby sister to be a mummy to :)

Natalie said...

I can't believe you are already 20 weeks!