Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gwen Goes To School.

As if being pregnant, already emotional, and having your little baby girl turn three were not enough... Gwen started preschool on her birthday.

We enrolled Gwen in a two day a week program, two hours each day, with the local recreation program.  Monday was their orientation, which meant that we stayed with her, got to know her teachers, and learned the ropes.

It was unbelievable how grown up she looked all dressed up in her adorable "first day of school" outfit,  and carrying her bigger than her backpack.  It was hard to keep it together as I forced her to take the obligatory pictures to send to all the grandparents.

We waited for Daddy to come home and then we all packed up and headed to school.  We walked into the classroom, she put her adorable bag into the cutest little cubby, and then the teacher told her to pick a little red chair, while directing us to the perimeter of the room.  She obliged at first, but when she saw where we sat, she decided that she wanted to sit with us.  When we directed her back to her own chair, the lip started to quiver, her head stuffed in her arms on the table, and the sobs began.  

It took all of me not to run to her, scoop her up, and wipe the tears away.  I now was tearing up myself, and turned to Jason who was doing the same thing.  We're such saps.  Lol.  

I went over to her, sat on the floor next to her little chair, and helped her start to color.  Within a few minutes, she was talking to other kids and her teachers and I was able to sneak my way back to my seat.

The rest of the class went smoothly.  Thank God.

Today, was the "big day."

No parents.  Just a big girl headed to class all. by. herself.

To say that Jason and I were scared shitless, it probably an understatement.  He even texted me about an hour beforehand and said, "Please call me... I am so nervous for Gwen today."

We all went together, kissed a million times, then told her that we would be back later, that we had to go to the store and would see her in a little bit.  She was a bit hesitant, asked if we could go with her, but never cried.  

The doors opened, her teacher said hello, and off she went.  She walked into the classroom without even looking back.  Our big girl.

We walked out of the building and Jason said, "That's it?!  We just leave her?!"

"Yes, babe, she's ok."

"But, what if she is freaking out in there and we don't know it?!"

"They are professionals at this, they will get her through it."

"I don't if I am ready for this."

Lol.  And that's why I love him. He's such a good dad.

Turns out... she did fine.  She came out of the classroom all smiles, with her star sticker, telling me she had fun!  Of course, Jason called right as we were walking in the door asking how it went... Gwen reassured him that she had a great day.

Such a proud and bittersweet moment.  Our big girl.


The Bases said...

That is so sweet how you were so worried about her - almost made me cry! :)

Kerry said...

Aww what a big girl! She looks so grown up in these pictures, are you sure she is only three? Lol
I totally understand your angst over her going to preschool and leaving her in the care of others. It isn't easy is it...but you guys did well and she obviously loved it!

Natalie said...

She is so cute!!! I love her outfit!