Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Potty Problems

For awhile now, we have been working on the potty training thing.  This past month or so, has been "crunch time" because to attend pre-school, she had to be completely trained.  {Eeek!}  For the most part, she is.  I can say with confidence that as of right now, other than naptime and bedtime, she is Pee Potty Trained.  I stick her in a Pull Up when she sleeps, but from the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed, she is in BIG GIRL UNDIES.

Here's the problem...
She's scared shitless  {pun intended} to poop.  She complains that her belly hurts, but holds it in and cries at the thought of having to go on the potty.  This charade happens after dinner and close to bed time, so even though I attempt to have her sit and "try" she ends up going to bed, and waking up with a dirty {#2} diaper in the morning.

Now, I have used all the "tricks."  Rewards and prizes galore.  It all means nothing.  She REFUSES.  

And although I am thrilled that we are so far along in the process, it's so frustrating {for both of us} that we can't get this part down.

What to do??

Do I stick her in underwear for bedtime and hope that waking up in that "mess" makes her want to go on the potty?  {and have to clean and santize everything!}

Do I wait it out?  And hope that this is just a phase that will soon pass?

The worst part of it all isn't that I have to clean it up, it's that she is genuinely in pain and uncomfortable holding it in, and I can't convey to her that "going" will make her feel better.

I'm open to any suggestions :)

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Brittney said...

Wyatt was like that. I told him I was fine if he pooped in his pants (we're talking real underwear), but he needed to do it in the bathroom. Then I said it was fine, but he needed to poop in his pants ON the potty (we had to do a few of lid closed, then lid opened). THEN I just had to make him walk around with no underwear, and he went to the bathroom and pooped there. He had one place that was his favorite place to hide and do it, and once we tranisitioned from THAT, it was easier.