Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturdays Top 5 Laughs :: Watch Your Mouth.

There have been multiple moments these past few weeks that have really stopped me in my tracks, all of them happening with Gwen.  She continues to prove to me that she is listening to EVERYTHING we say, especially me.  Of course, I know that it's because we are together all day, every day, but some days it feels like I am spending it with a mini me.  She has picked up many of the phrases that I use on a daily basis, and uses them... perfectly.

1. While attempting to get my attention one day, I was a little busy with Addie and wasn't giving her the quick response that she was looking for, she said, "Mom, how many times do I have to tell you?!?!"  Let me tell you, I just about died.  I admit that since Addison's birth, I have said this to Gwen more than I should, but sometimes I feel like a broken record.

2. Another day, I over heard her saying to her Daddy, "Ok, Dad, do this, and then we can do this.  Those are the rules."  Yup, I say that too.

3.  One of Hub's most frequent sayings when asked to do something is, "Give me two minutes."  Guess who picked that one up??  Yeah, it's not so fun when we say, "Gwen come here" and she says, "Okaaaaay, give me two minutes!"  Dammit.

4. Yesterday, Gwen was riding her rocking horse around the house and at a certain point she started to get a little crazy and really loud, so I asked her to calm down a little bit.  Her reply?  "Hold on, Mom, I'm just looking for a parking spot."  I couldn't even keep a straight face, because I say that to her on the regular when looking for parking near her school... she'll want to have a full on convo and I'll say, "Hold on, baby, Mommy has to look for a parking spot."  Little parrot she is.

5.  Although this isn't related to the "theme" of this post, I find it hysterical.  Since Gwen became a "big girl" on the potty, she has found it neccesary to a) kick us out when using the bathroom {she apparently needs her privacy} and b) yell "MOM, I've got a SURPRISE for you!" when done and in need of my services.  Lol.  Thanks, Gwen.


Ashley said...

Adorable! It's amazing what these kids pick up! Tape recorders I tell ya! My 5 year old recently began closing the bathroom doors during potty time. It's hilarious.

Monica L said...

Haha this is so cute! My nephew always surprises us with the things he repeats!