Friday, February 7, 2014

Five On Friday

1. BIG NEWS! Gwen is officially a big girl! We have conquered pooping on the potty!  I am so proud it's ridiculous!  She has been fighting me for so long, that I admit there were times I was about to give up hope.  But, she did it!! Thank the good Lord.  The only thing left to overcome is nighttime, which I am ok with right now, one step at a time!

2. CHILI PEPPERS.  Last weekend, my awesome cousin took me to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Brooklyn.  The show was pretty amazing.  I can't get over the fact that they are all 50+ and still kicking ass.  Flea literally walked across the staged on his hands.  Impressive.  And I am pretty sure I got a contact high from all the pot smoking going on around us.  Lol. Oh to be 21 again.

3. DE-FRIENDED. A few weeks ago, a "friend" {really just an acquaintance} de-friended me because he was tired of seeing my happy posts and family pictures.  Really, D-bag?!  I mean, I could care less, I mean I don't know when the last time I saw this guy in person, but you could have just silently removed me from your friend list, I didn't need a public bashing because you can't handle seeing someone happy.  I wouldn't have even noticed.  Good riddance, sir.  Hope life gets better for you.

4. GIFTS OF LOVE.  Gwen randomly came up to me last week and asked if we could go and get some "gifts of love" for her family and friends.  I was like, "What?  What are you talking about?"  My sweet girl was talking about Valentine's Day presents... how freakin cute!! So we have been talking about "gifts of love" all week.

5. 15 BY 30.  Sad to say {not really}, but the big 3-0 is rapidly approaching.  And although turning 30 doesn't bother me in the slightest, I WOULD like to start my 30s off with a bang.  So I am giving myself the goal of losing 15lbs by the big day.  It's more about changing my eating habits, getting more exercise in, and well, looking HOT for my 30th.  Funny part is that I don't even have actual plans yet for it, I just want to celebrate in a big, fun, hot way.  Wish me luck.

Happy Friday!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get anymore snow... I've had enough.  I've had enough of being cooped up in my house with two kids and no adults to talk to.  Enough of my husband being a zombie because he is putting in crazy hours because of the snow.  Enough of school being cancelled and Gwen BEGGING for it every. single. day.  I've just had ENOUGH.  I'd like a beach and an umbrella drink STAT.  M'kay?  Thanks.  But, I guess I'll have to settle for red wine and reality tv.


Peggy Aront said...

I know you'll say "that crazy Mrs. A" but in the winter when I couldn't get out, I had the cleanest house on the block! I'm not a big TV watcher so I cleaned everything in site! Big Al would come home and the house would always smell like bleach or lemon oil!!!

Good luck with the 15 for 30! I should do 30 for 60 :)

Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

Visiting from the link up. Looking forward to reading more about Gwen. My daughter is almost 21 months.

Kerry said...

Hey friend!! Happy 2014 to you guys (see how long it has been since I visited you here!) I loved reading this post :) Good luck to you with your weight loss, you are beautiful no matter what but I can understand your desire to be a hot 30 year old ;)It seems like only yesterday I turned 30!! And it wasn't :(