Friday, July 18, 2014

Wins, Losses, and Other Current Statuses.

Wow, I cannot even tell you the last time that I opened up this page.  It has definitely been awhile, but there just hasn't been the time (or the motivation to be honest).  It seems with every free moment, I am sneaking in a shower, or a load of laundry, or some snuggles with whichever little lady of mine is available.  But, in the past week or so, I have been thinking about this space of mine.  Of how it's like a little form a therapy.  How it's my grown up activity, that requires no babysitter, lol, ok maybe sometimes I could use a sitter.  ANYWAY...

What's up with us?!  Tons.

Addie is 7 months old!!! (WTF?!?!)  How the hell did that happen??? She is about 15lbs.  Not sure of the inches.  And the happiest little thing on Earth.  No, really.  I mean, of course she cries, duh, but it's mostly bc she needs something (or the DAMN teeth) and otherwise she has a smile on her face.

We don't ever call her Addison.  Maybe once every now and then.  But, mostly, it is Addie, Addie Kay, or Addiecakes.  Or Sissy.

Speaking of Sissy, they ADORE each other.  Before Gwen's eyes are even open in the morning she says, "Momma, is Addie Kay awake??"  And when Addie sees Gwen, she reaches for her face and pull her in for a nice slobber.  They both love it.

Gwen, will be 4 in September.  (I think I just had a heart attack.)  She just finished her first year of preschool with an adorable little "show" that they put on for us.  (Hubs and I could not stop crying. Saps.)  She just seems so grown up these days.  Why seems to be her favorite word, and testing mom's limits seem to be her favorite activity these days... but she's three and this is to be expected, or at least that is what I am telling myself so I don't lose my sanity.  All in all though, she is a GREAT kid, and I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be her mom... even when she is in time out. ;)

Remember that little challenge I gave myself - "15 by 30" to lose 15lbs, change eating habits, yada yada yada?  Yeah, that didn't happen. Until now.  I've changed a lot of the way that I eat, I am trying to sneak in some exercises here and there, and since about Mother's Day, I have lost 20lbs.  Bam.  Not only do I feel better about myself (which inadvertently affects everyone else in the house), but I feel healthier.  I'm not done working on myself yet, but I am getting there.

Hubs did a little work to the backyard a few weeks back.. and now there is a place for Gwen to place.  She even has one of those bounce house things (yes, I am aware of all the stories of them flying away. I tie it down, no worries).  Why is this a "win"??? Because girlfriend is BEAT by the end of the day.  AND usually sleeps in til about 8am.

We just got back from vacation! And even though, I could already use another one, it was exactly what we needed.  It was even better than last year.  Gwen tore up the water park one day.  We beached it almost every other.  And Hubs even managed to sneak in some golf (surprise, surprise).  

I've been feeling very overwhelmed in the "mom" department.  I feel like I get worked up too easily, that I get a little loud too often.  I just can't stand repeating myself 18,000,000 times... "Slow down."  "No Running." No. NO. NO.  It's exhausting. I'm trying to fix it... but sometimes easier said than done.

I don't give myself enough "me" time.  I don't ask for it often enough.  Which is probably what is causing the above problem mentioned.  I need to realize that it's ok to step away.  Completely alone.  That I'm not a bad mom for wanting to sneak away.  That it will most likely help me be a better mom.

Teething sucks.  And I forgot how bad it sucks.  Need I say more?

Other Stuff.
Gwen started dance class... and LOVES it!  It is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I have to keep myself from tearing up while I watch her.

While on vacation, Addie started crawling!  It's all she wants to do now, she has been unleashed! Time to bring the gates back out!

My blog needs a revamping.  And do I need to change the name now?? Someone had mentioned that to me a while ago, but I just don't think that I could do it.  Maybe, one day, something will hit me, but until then, the name stays.

That's all, for now.  Hope it's not another few months before my next post ;)

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Angie said...

Good to catch up with you! Having two little ones is very overwhelming, trust me I'm in your boat. I have a terrible time of stepping away and taking me time. In part it's because I don't have a sitter which makes it even more complicated. Hang in there friend, it's just a phase of our lives that will pass too soon and then we will be wanting it back.