Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ma'am. And Other Sh*t That Happens After 30.

Ma'am.  It hurts every time.  When did I become Ma'am??  I  don't think I look like a "Ma'am" just yet.  But, it seems like I am wearing a badge that says "I'm 30, just call me Ma'am."  It's painful.  I get that it is respectful, but c'mon now... can't I still pass for a "Ms." just for a little while longer?!

You know what else happened at 30??  I can't see for shit.  True story.  I've worn glasses/contacts since I was in the third grade, but for the past 5 years, my eyes have stayed the same  prescription. Then, BAM... I'm 30... and my prescription increases.  Really???  Not only that, but I've become someone who needs my phone flashlight to read things in dim places.  You know, moving your body and the menu around to get some good light, kind of person.  Like, who are you, Sam?? 

Guess who also showed up to the party at 30??  Gray hair, baby.  Yup.  Gwen was actually brushing my hair one night and said, "Mom, what's this white stuff in your hair??"  I am pretty sure I texted my bff for a hair makeover that night.  Maybe, I'll just blame the grays on my children and not my age... I can do that, right?

Ok, so maybe this isn't so much a "happens after 30," as much as it is a "happens after you become a parent" but, staying up late is any time after 10pm.  11pm on weekends.  The other night both of my kids and the dog all decided that 2am was an awesome time to get up and party.  Dog had to go out, Addie was wet, and Gwen couldn't sleep.  It literally was an hour and a half of craziness.  And all I could think was, "Remember when we would still be out at 2am, or just coming home. I certainly can't hang at 2am anymore."

30 isn't all bad, there are some good parts about it, too.

You don't get carded.  Now, some see this as a bad thing too, but it's actually nice not to have to stop and pull out your ID to prove that you are of age.

You care a lot less about what other people think. You just know better than to care about other's opinions.

You recognize that quality is better than quantity.  In everything.  Friends. Material things. Even things like food.  Quality always wins.

 I actually am loving 30.  I am in the healthiest/best shape I have been since probably before I had Gwen and I am happy.  And I'll always be younger than the Hubs ;)

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Jamie said...

It stings a little every time I buy booze without being carded.