Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's Dr.'s Visit

Today we went back to Dr. P for a check up. Amazingly, it has been our shortest visit yet! We learned that all of our tests came back negative (that's a good thing), and that the baby is progressing nicely. Another fun fact, STILL lost weight instead of gained (we are only talking a pound or two), but I definitely DO NOT feel that way! Also a plus, NO blood taken today, lol, but I do have to go back in a week to have a test done. I did have a few questions for her, such as: Do I really need to boycott deli meats throughout my pregnancy? She says no, just moderate, she is more concerned with the salt in them than the nitrates. Are these headaches normal, because I feel like they are present almost 24/7? Completely normal, and that I can take some Tylenol to help. (Hey, it HAS to be better than morning sickness right?) What was all that blood taken for? And what were the results? Blood type, Downs Syndrome, HIV, Rubella, and a few others. And... everything looks great! Yay! She let us hear the baby's heartbeat again, she said that it was 160! Still sounds loud and strong... man, May 3rd can't come quick enough! That's all for now, lots of love to you.

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