Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's in a name?

With our big gender reveal right around the corner, I have been thinking about our name choices a lot. We really love both of them, and have been using them more frequently when talking about baby "G." All of this led me to wonder what the baby's possible names mean... and even our own names. I find it so interesting that some people choose their children's names with their meanings being the most important part... and we have no clue what our picks mean. So here is what I have found via
Jason ~ Its source is Iason, a Greek name meaning "Healer"
Samantha ~ Its source is Samuel, an English name meaning "God Heard"
Gavin ~ Its source is gwalch, a Welsh name meaning "White Hawk." The name could also mean "Little Falcon." It first appeared in writing in the French form of Gauvain, though its ultimate source was probably the Welsh legends of King Aurthur's knights.
Gwen ~ Its source is a Welsh expression meaning "Blessed." Even though the actress Gwenyth Paltrow made this name famous, it is still far from popular. (Fine by us!)
Good to know, if we are ever asked... lol. But we most certainly did not know any of this while deciding on names. We were just happy that we agreed on two so quickly, that we stuck with them!
We are also starting to clear out the baby's room today, slowly. We will definitely be taking/posting pics of our process. Here are some "before" pictures:

Wish us luck!

Our love to you all.

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