Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dr. Visit Today

Today was our normal 4 wk check up, and everything is right on track. The results from the AFP (Alpha-feta protein) test, which tests for neural tube defects, can detect Downs Syndrome, among other things. All is negative! Yay! We also got to hear the baby's heartbeat again, still loud, fast, and strong. It is fun to have a audio remind of what is causing all that movement in my belly. :) I am also finally gaining a few pounds, 3 to be exact. Dr. P says that I am doing just fine in the weight gain dept, and reminded Jason that "Eating for Two" is really a fallacy. She says that I just need to eat until I am full... I made her tell Jason a few more times, just to make sure he understood. Lol. Other than that, we spent 3/4 of the time talking about our dogs, yes, our dogs. She has 2 Labs of her own, and she is as big a dog lover as we are! She has insisted from the day that we met her that we bring Wiley into the office, and we just brushed it off, not taking her seriously. But every visit we share our latest pics of our crazy little guy. Well, at the end of this visit she said, "I would REALLY like to meet him, will you PLEASE bring him in next visit." She even has the receptionist reminding us to bring him next time! So it looks like May 26th all 3 of us will be heading to see Dr. P!! My latest obsession are Rockabye Baby CDs!!!! I found them this weekend and they are Rock Songs, turn into lullabies... OMG they are so freakin cute!! Each CD features one artist/band, and they have Journey (NEED it), Dave Matthews Band (NEED it NOW), AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Bob Marley (Have to Have It), and many more. I want them all!!! :) I haven't bought any yet, but I only discovered them yesterday... so they will soon be in my possession! Here are two of the album covers:
Can't wait for Baby G to listen to them!
Our love to you all.

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