Friday, August 27, 2010

We're on our way... :)

Wednesday began our weekly visits with Dr. P.  We shared our disappointing visit to Beth Israel with her and her staff, and they were very comforting.  They also explained what the Biophysical test actually meant, and what our score was.  The Biophysical measures Gwen's heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around her.  We scored an 8 out of a possible 8!  Yay!  Now, WHY didn't anyone tell us that MONDAY?!?!  Oh well, it is all in the past.
This visit also began the first of my internals, and Dr. P informed us that my cervix is pretty thinned out and that I am already dilated 1 cm!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!  We were shocked!  She also told us that Gwen is head down and in position, which explains why I am using the bathroom every 5 minutes (or so it seems).  Although she cannot be positive, she did say that she thinks that Gwen will most likely be making an early appearance.  She says that her guess would be around Labor Day week... Oh, boy!  She said to make sure our bags are packed and car seat installed, and not to travel too far within the next few weeks.  We will admit that it was a pretty big reality check, but was are SO EXCITED!!!!! 
We are ready for you Gwen!!!
Here are pictures of her finished room:

The only missing piece is our little girl :)

Here is my Mommy-To-Be Quiz @ 36 Weeks:

How far along?:  36 Weeks (9 Months), it's funny, no one tells you beforehand that you are REALLY pregnant for ten months... I would like to get the word out there. Lol.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Well, this week I lost 1 lb (HOW in the WORLD that happened, I have NO CLUE), but that puts me back at 16 lbs.  And Gwen currently weighs 5 lbs 10 oz.

Maternity Clothes:  Now that I am not working, I am constantly in summer dresses or tanks and comfy skirts.  Comfort is key, because I am feeling anything but comfy!

Stttrreeetttcccchhh:  We are REALLY in the home stretch now.  Gwen is still stretching a lot, putting a ton of pressure on my organs... especially bladder.

Sleep:  It seems as though a tidal wave of exhaustion has come over me, so I am sleeping whenever I can.  Sleeping during the night is still somewhat uncomfortable, but I really can't complain.  I am fitting in at least one nap a day too!  Thank you Wiley! Haha.

Best Moment of the Week:  Finding out that I have started to dilate!!!  We cannot wait to meet Gwen, it feels like we have been waiting forever, so to know that she is on her way makes us feel so great!

Movement:  All the time!  I am able to tell though, that she has less room in there... her movements are more like stretches now.  Hey, Gwen, there is PLENTY of room for you out here, so come on out!

Food Cravings:  Coconut, which is something that I love all the time, but lately I can't get enough. 

Gender:  Girl!  And we had that confirmed Monday, so now her laundry has all been done.  (Just had to make sure one more time before I washed all of those pink clothes!)

Labor Signs:  Apparently more than I was aware of!  Thinning cervix and dilated 1 cm... and a  little bit of cramping.

Belly Button, In or Out?  Still "flat."

What I Miss: Functioning normally, getting up from laying down seems to get harder by the minute.

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Meeting Gwen!  And our next appointment with Dr. P, hopefully she has some more exciting news for us!

Weekly Wisdom:  There is no such thing as a stupid question.  We can only learn from asking, so ask away!

Milestones: 9 months :)  And the beginning of dilation. Woooo Hoooo!

What Gwen Is Up To:  Gwen's skin is getting smooth and soft, her gums are rigid, her liver and kidneys are in working order, and her circulation and immune system are basically good to go.  Her lungs are the only organs that stil need to fully mature, but every day she gets a little closer to breathing on her own! Yay!

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Ashley said...

The finished room is just beautiful! The belly AND you are looking beautiful :-)