Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update on Gwen

Here's the latest...

Yesterday:  Went to see our pediatrician for a follow up.  He said that it was basically a waste for us to see him, that we needed to see the surgeon from Monday night.  And that he is surprised that we didn't have the surgery that night... I asked him "How soon should we look to have the surgery?"  He answered... "Yesterday."  {I love our Doc!}

Today:  We go to see Dr. B {Pediatric Surgeon from Monday night}.  And he also says that we shouldn't wait for the surgery either... then he begins to explain why, which I will do for you now.

Gwen had inguinal hernia.
Via - During gestation, a girl's ovaries develop in the abdomen and sometime before birth they push through a tunnel in the tissue between the groin and abdomen (called the inguinal canal) and descend into the pelvis.  At this point, the passage through the abdominal wall should close up.  

{In Gwen's case}
Sometimes, the opening remains large enough to allow a loop of the intestine to poke down into the tunnel.  Inguinal hernias do not heal on their own.

With that said... our Dr. wants to operate to correct the problem, like next week.  He said it is one of the most common surgeries, and by far, the one HE performs the most.  It would be same day, a very small incision, a stitching of the opening, and about 30 minutes long, with 1-2 hours in recovery.  Then we get to take her home, and she will return to the normal maniac that we know and love.

We can also elect NOT to have the surgery performed.  But, more than likely it would happen again... meaning we end up back in the emergency room and could possibly result in "emergency surgery."

Before I go any further, I KNOW what people are going to say to me... "It's so common" "It's not such a big deal"  "It happens to so many people, and they have the surgery and they are fine." 

Well, my friends, that it all fine and dandy, when it is ANYONE other than my child.  It IS a big deal to me.  I am tearing up just thinking about it.  That little baby is my WHOLE world and the thought of surgery, anesthesia, another IV, etc., is killing me.  I know, I know, if it were to happen again that would be even worse than the surgery... I just have to wrap my brain around it.  I know that what is really best for her is to prevent this from happening again and that she would not remember it.  I know that I need to put my own fears aside because it is about what is best for her... I know.  It just sucks.  Big time.

So, we are left to make the decision.
You know, no one put this kind of stuff in the parenting manual.  Lol. 

Btw, Gwen is 14 Months Old today!!



brit said...

Happy 14 months Gwen! And oh girl, I will NOT tell you those things! I would be a wreck if I were in your position, I will just pray for little Gwen to go through the surgery just fine!

Natalie said...

Oh my heart goes out to you...I would be feeling the same way you are!

the workaholic momma said...

Happy 14 months, Gwen!!!

Thinking of you guys:)

Andrea said...

She is such a cutie! I can't even imagine making that decision! I know y'all will make the best one for her, whatever that is! Thankfully if you elect the procedure she can at least go home in sleep in her own bed (or yours) that night and not have to stay at the hospital! Praying your little cutie gets better. You left a comment on my blog regarding my sewing machine, and I just wanted to answer it here. I tried to reply to the comment via e-mail, but for whatever reason, your e-mail wasn't linked to your comment.

I sewed a little before I had Gracie, but since I've had her it's been non-stop. I love boutique-style clothes without paying the price! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my machine though. It can have a mind of it's own. My mom taught me most everything I know. We are not great by any means, but if I'm unsure of something, I just look for a tutorial. You could totally teach yourself though. I am still learning new stuff everyday! I have a Brother machine, not sure what the model is, but it's the "fashion faces" line. It was like $80 at Wal-mart. I just bought the cheap one and it has suited me just fine. Let me know if you get one, I would love to see what kind of creations you come up with!

Anonymous said...

Happy 14 months! Any little thing seems so scary when its your own child. Will definitely be thinking of yall.

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Happy 14 Months Gwen. I'm praying for you guys. I would be a complete wreck if I was in your shoes, so dont feel bad for it being 'common' at all. i was a wreck when kaylee got her adenoids taken out and tubes put in. So sorry you're having to go through all of this.