Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Whole Story

For those who may, or may not know... we spent the night in the hospital with Gwen last night.  Let me stop there and say SHE IS OKAY, Thank God... but it was a looong and hard on the soul kind of night.

I figure I should share the whole detailed story for those who want to hear it.

From the beginning...

Last night, I was to attend a seminar with my Aunt who lives about an hour and a half from us at 6pm.  Jason came home early, and I left for the seminar.  On my way down Jason called to inform me that he had changed a "poopy" diaper {he doesn't do well with these, he gags and sometimes throws up, so, although not his first "dirty" diaper, it was still a big feat for him}.  I laughed at him, told him he deserved no medal, lol, and that I would be arriving at my destination soon.

About 10 mnutes into the seminar, I noticed that my phone was ringing again and that it was Jason.  I let it go to voicemail thinking "he's really proud of this poop thing," but after the call he texted and said "Call me, I am taking Gwen to the Doctor."

Ummm... WHAT?!?!  I excused myself from the room and called to hear a frantic Daddy tell me that after changing her Gwen was tugging at her diaper and whining and crying {not normal for my baby}.  We had just recently switched to the new pull-up type brand that Huggies makes and Gwen isn't really fond of them, so Jason thought maybe she would like if he put the regular diaper back on her.  He took her into her room and upon taking off her diaper saw what was a golf ball sized, rock hard lump in her pelvic area.  He had called our pediatrician who told him to come to his office.

Let my freak out commence.

Half way through my {hysterical} drive back home, Jason calls again and tells me that our Ped. thinks that it is a hernia, and that he was now headed to the hospital {and for me to meet him there}.  I arrived just in time to meet him, Gwen, and Jason's cousin {who works at the hospital} in the emergency room.

Gwen was very lethargic, just wanted to cuddle and couldn't get comfortable... and I lost it. {once of many times}.  We were brought into a room and I finally got to see the "lump" which now had gotten bigger and saw the pain that Gwen was in when it was pressed on. 

The next 6 hours included:
  • seeing the Resident, Resident's Assistant, and waiting to hear back from the Surgeon {yes, there was a possibility she would need surgery}
  • x-rays
  • ultrasound
  • 3 rounds of vomiting
  • IV {probably one of the worst parts of the night, I held her so tightly while they did the procedure kissing her and crying as silently as I could, but it hurt my heart to have my baby go through that}
  • They administered something to take the edge of the pain away so that they could try to "manipulate" it back into place {best case scenario}
  • 4 attempts to "manipulate"
And thank the Good Lord, the fourth try was successful!!!!!
No surgery, for now, and we got to go home!

We got home a little after 2am and needless to say, our precious little baby girl slept with us last night. :)  She seems to be fine today, although I am a nervous wreck that something will happen.  We have to have a few follow up appointments, so let's hope that it all goes well.

Oh, what a night, right?!?! 

Let me say a few things...

I have NEVER prayed so hard in my life.  I would have done ANYTHING to take away her pain, to make it all go away.  I would rather have had it been me.  Seeing her "back to her old self" is better than winning any lottery, any vacation, ummm... A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G in the world.

My daughter is healthy ::sigh::

I would also like to thank everyone for their well wishes.  And a special thank you to our family... we needed all of that love and support that you gave.  Thank you.  And to Jason's mom, my brother, and my future sis-in-law, for staying with us through the whole ordeal, keeping us sane amongst all the chaos.  We love you all so much.

Today is definitely an all day cuddle day.
Don't you agree?



Andrea said...

oh my goodness, I almost cried while reading this. I CANNOT even imagine. Praying that your precious baby continues to feel good!

Anonymous said...

How scary. I could only imagine how scary that must have been but so glad she is ok now. I think seeing your child in so much pain is probably one of the toughest things about being a parent.

Natalie said...

That is so scary! I would have cried too...I'm so glad she is ok. I'm sure you were worried sick about her. I hope she's ok from here on out.

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

OMGSH! How scary! I was almost in tears reading this. So so glad she is okay.

Megan said...

Oh my goodness! How scary would that be?? I'm SO SO relieved to hear that little Gwen is doing ok!! I'm glad your hubs reacted so quickly and took her to the dr so that everything could be taken care of.

brit said...

Oh my word, poor Gwen! I'm so glad to hear she's ok! Poor baby & poor mama too!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I my goodness. I am so sorry mama!! How absolutely scary! Def lots of cuddles today. I am so glad everything is okay. Big hugs to all of you!

the workaholic momma said...

oh my goodness...i just got chills - so scary for you guys:( I am SO SO glad that Gwen is ok - sending hugs your way!!!