Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Day

Well, today is my last day of 27...
tomorrow will be a whole new year of my life.

And, to be honest, my life couldn't be any better.  Seriously.  You may think that I am being cliche' or even exaggerating, but I'm not.

No, life isn't "perfect," but I don't think that I could ask for anything more {ok, except the winning lottery ticket, lol}.

Let's think about this...
I am married to my BEST friend.  Who ADORES me.  He really does.  I know that my happiness means the WORLD to him, and that it why I love him. {Love you Jason}

I have the most beautiful daughter, whom I get to spend every single day with.  She is my BFF and I couldn't imagine not being her Momma.

I have friends and family that are so supportive and loving.  Who I can always rely on.  And I hope that they know they can always rely on me.

So, I am beyond excited to begin this next year of my life with my amazing family.  We are headed out to dinner tomorrow, just us three, and some cuddles in bed.  

Buuuuut... I had my "adult" bday Saturday at Lucky Strike in the city {NYC} and it was FABulous!

We bowled, drank, ate, drank some more, took pics, and oh, drank some more. {What?!? It was my night out!!!} 

I don't know what my scores were... and I don't care! lol.

Seriously though, it was such a great time.  Thank you to my hubs, bro, sis-in-law, and cousins-in-law, for making my night so special.

Here are some pics from our "cray" night out:

My love <3 
Yummy Margaritas!

Love these girls! 
My brother and I :) 
The Future Mr. & Mrs.

So cute!

He totally thinks this turns me on... it doesn't. lol. 
Ok, so I had a few drinks... 
They bought me a "birthday" pin & all signed it! 
I was so touched. They wrote such nice things!

I love him, with all that I have. 
Breakin' rules, lol.

The boys. 
Drinks kickin' in. 
Love them! 
Danger! {Sherri, I could only think of you!!!}


Thank you for such an amazing night out!  You guys mean SO much to me... it was a perfect celebration.

Hope you had a great weekend.

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Natalie said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration...happy belated birthday!