Saturday, April 28, 2012

Laugh It Up

I am linking up with Melissa, again, because frankly, I need some laughs after the past two weeks.

I haven't gotten the chance to write about it, but my poor baby's "double ear infection" 
actually turned out to be EBV {Epstein-Barr Virus}. Ugh.  So we are headed back for more blood work Tuesday to make sure her body is getting back to normal.

Sick babies = NO BUENO.

So, let's laugh it up, shall we?

1.  Two of Gwen's newest favorite words are "Whoa" and "Wow" and she uses them at the best times!  If I hand her a grape... "Wooooooooooooow!!"  Haha!  Or if she throws a ball over her head... "Whoooooooooooooa"!  Cracks me up just thinking about it.

2.  Lately, the car is where I do most of my talking on the phone {relax, it's via the car's bluetooth}, and the other day I was trying to talk to my mom about all the "Dr./blood work/sickness" stuff and every single time I would go to talk Gwen would ramble/shout and talk over me.  Then she would stop, and I would try again, but she started all over again.  I guess she just wanted to talk to her Wela, lol!

3.  Gwen could easily be mistaken for that clip of "Family Guy" when Stewie goes, "Mom."  "Ma." "Mommy." "mom." "Mom." "MOOOOM!!"  Me-"What?"  Gwen- "Hi."  Haha. She just chants "mom" all. day. long.  Love her.

4.  Gwen has finally stopped calling Wiley, "Good-boooooy" and has mastered his name.  Sort of.  It's the cutest thing, she pronounces it "Why-yeeeee" and it melts me every time.  She has been so interested in him lately, she'll walk over to him and just bend down to give him a kiss.  Love it.

5.  This is the strangest... in the last week, the ONLY way that Gwen will drink her water is to pour it from her Sippy Cup, into another cup {we're talking DROPS at a time} and then gulps it down.  So funny, but so messy.  Hope this doesn't last too long.

Have a great weekend!  It's party time for me tonight!  Deets and pics later. 



Candice Moretti said...

Oh no poor little lady! I hope she is feeling better now. These laughs are great! G does the same thing to me all day with the Ma, Mama, MA! Mommy...I can't get enough either. Have a great weekend.

royalegacy said...

I love babies kissing their pets, but I just love baby kisses anyways.

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Alyssa said...

I am SO sorry to hear about Gwen being so sick! My Uncle just a few months ago had Guillain Barre' Syndrome. It's a scary thing! Sending some prayers for Gwen!

the workaholic momma said...

The cup story and Gwen is hysterical...I'd love to spend 5 minutes in these babes heads!!!! And her kissing Whhyy-yeeee is just precious!!! I'm so sorry to hear about her EBV...what a nightmare for all parties involved:( Hope you guys had a fun night last night!!

mommy baum said...

love all the cute little words and phrases! thinking of you guys......sick babies are so not fun. ;) happy sunday!

Natalie said...

Awww poor girl...I hope she is better soon. We need to see a vidoe of her wow and whoa! :)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Poor Gwenn- I hope she is feeling better now! I love your laughs! Look at her putting one zippy into the next- too cute! Haha- love the family guy reference- Greg watches that show all day long! Love your laughs!