Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Addison Kay :: 1 Month

How in the world has one month {well more} gone by already?!?  Slooooooow down time, please.  It has been a whirlwind of a month+, between Addison's arrival, the holidays, and getting into a routine, so, I guess it's easy to see why it has flown by.

Girlfriend grew two inches!  22 inches.

AND she gained two pounds!  That explains the CONSTANT eating she's been doing.  She houses at least 4 ounces every time she eats.

Newborns currently, but when we run out of them {we don't waste diapers in this house}, I can easily put her into Size 1.  

Newborn.  Even though she is gaining weight, she's still a tiny little peanut.  0-3 month clothing is definitely still big.  

I am nursing and supplementing, so breast milk and formula.  I have been lucky that both of my babies were easy and nursed AND used a bottle.  Thanks girls :)

The first two weeks she definitely had her nights and days mixed up, but I think we have corrected that ::knocks on wood::  She has one long stretch of sleep during the night from 11-11:30 until 5-ish, which is great! She is a loud sleeper though, constantly squeaking and grunting, which sometimes keeps me from getting "real" sleep.  

We've been trying to wake her up every few hours to make sure that she isn't wide awake when it is time for us to sleep.

Nope, just a cute gummy smile!

*We've been calling her "Addie-cakes" {her Wela gave her that name} or Addie Kay*

Can't wait to see what this month brings!


Natalie said...

One month already???? So cute!

Kerry said...

Oh she is so cute!!!! You guys make really adorable babies xo