Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pavlov's Dogs Live Here.

I'm not sure how it happened, or how they even know, but BOTH of our children seem to be trained by Pavlov.  They could be completely immersed in something else, Addison sleeping ever so soundly in her swing, Gwen watching an episode of her fav show, yet the SECOND we {Hubs and I} sit down to eat, they instinctively decide to go BUCK WILD... simultaneously.

My fork hasn't even reached my mouth and Addison is awake and crying for a change or she needs to eat as well.  Meanwhile, Gwen is barreling down the hall with every toy she can carry, ready to tear apart the living for the ump-teenth time.

They just know.

They know that Mom and Dad are about to have some normalcy, a moment of peace together and think, "Hahahaha, not on our watch!  We'll take care of THAT!"

Now, Gwen, we can sort of  distract, with a snack or a movie, but Addie is in need of us, so dinner in shifts it is... again.

We just laugh at this point, because no matter what time we plan dinner for, they are on to us.

But, that's being a parent right?!?!  Putting them before yourself.  And hey, we've got plenty of years to eat a meal together.

Good thing they're adorable.


Natalie said...

They always know!!!

Kerry said...

Oh yeah I can relate! Today the same thing happened to me every time I tried to take a nap! One of those really tired days...I agree though, it is good they are so cute!