Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mom, WHAT Are You Taking Pictures Of?!?

Moments before Addison's delivery, I asked either my mom or Jason to get the camera out and prepare to snap away at our new little princess.  Jason decided that he would rather my mom take the pictures so that he could really be in the moment with me, and my mom happily accepted the task.

Just as they were prepping everything for her arrival and I assumed the position {lol, sorry if tmi}, my mom stood in front and to the left of me.  She was just hanging there, when all of a sudden she picked up the camera and aimed it across me to Jason... but it looked like she was about to shoot some candids of my hoo-haa... so naturally, I reacted...

"Mom, WHAT are you taking pictures of?!?!"

She paused and said, "Well I was going to take a picture of Jason, but it's not working"

And then it hit me, I had set the timer to take 10 pictures that morning while taking pictures of Gwen kissing my belly... and it was just about to snap away.  

"Oh, mom, hurry give it to me!" {Yes, I was just about to push and took a break to fix the camera.}

But it was too late... 

As she was walking towards me, camera now pointing directly in the WRONG place, it began to take 10, I repeat TEN pictures.  I shit you not. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click.

I just about died laughing.  My mother had just unknowingly taken X rated photos of her daughter.  Lol!!  

We all had a big laugh about it, I fixed the camera, and then it was back to business.

It was a nice little moment of comic relief right before the big moment, but Thank God for the delete button.

Only me people, only me.


Happy Gwens-day, lovies!
And hey, look at me blogging three days in a row.  Impressive.  No?? 

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Natalie said...

Oh my that is hilarious!