Monday, May 31, 2010

Dr. Appt, Crib, & Memorial Day Weekend

This past Wednesday was our monthly checkup.  Or should we say it was Wiley's Dr. Appt.  We brought our little pup to meet Dr. P (per her request) and boy was he a hit!!!  We think that our doctor is wonderful, but are pretty sure she missed her calling as a Vet. :) 

So after all the oohing and aahing over Wiley, it was time to talk about Gwen & Mommy.  Turns out I only gained another pound and half, a total gain of five pounds from my starting weight.  I definitely do not feel that way, I mean the weight gain in my bra alone feels like 5-10 lbs.  But, she said that this is about the time that I will start to gain because the baby will really start to put on weight soon.  Hopefully, I will keep my gain to my belly, and not everywhere else!  

I did ask her about a sore spot that I occasionally feel right about my belly button, which was starting to make me worry.  But, after examining me, she said that we are both fine and that the tender area was most likely due to Gwen growing, or even her putting pressure there.  I was very relieved...  As I have pointed out before, I am a bit of a hypochondriac, so I tend to dwell on even the most minor health issues.

Gwen's heartbeat was 150.  And she is moving more and more every day!  Our next appt. is near the end of June, and that will be the day of my Glucose Test (which is a whole different post in itself).  Hope all goes well!

Although we have not received the new curtain that I ordered yet, we DID receive our crib!!!!  Yay!  It looks adorable,  but it is still in pieces until we paint :(  I can't even enter Gwen's room right now, because I want to put it together so badly!

Here are some pics!

This weekend Gwen & I got some much needed Vitamin D and had our first trip out to Tice's!  What a different experience being pregnant out on the water on Memorial Day Weekend, but it was still great!  We are now completely pooped, a little sun burnt, and enjoying a relaxing day inside with my boys. 

I did make the mistake of not bringing my Boppy with me for the weekend... let me assure you that I will NEVER leave home without it again!  I was so uncomfortable!  Boppy and I have happily reunited and are bonding as we speak.  I'm a happy girl!

I would just like to take a sec. to say how great Jason was this weekend (I know, how mushy).  He was a very thoughtful and concerned Dad, not that I expected anything less, but it was just so nice of him.  He really made sure that Gwen & I were taken care of this weekend, and it is greatly appreciated!

Here are some updated belly pics Jason took today.  I am 23 weeks and 4 days preggo, almost 6 months.  Wow!

Hope that you all had wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!
Our love to you.

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