Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fun

orry for some serious blog slacking, but this week was a rough one.  Baby girl caught a cold (grrr) and needed some EXTRA love and attention... THEN she shared her cold with me :(  BOOOOOO for colds in the summer!  We are feeling better now {just in time for "date night" tonight}, and I am ready to play some "catch up."

Wordless Wednesday
Most of the summer, we have been letting Gwen rock it out barefoot, but we figured that it was about time to get her a pair of "walking shoes," you know, ones with some support, hard soles, that she can walk on any surface with.

Gwen I and went on a 3-Mall, yes I said 3, to find a pair of sandals {apparently it's already fall, and there is NO more summer stuff out, WTF?} in her size {that I didn't hate}.  We finally found a pair that I could stomach, and that fit her chubster tootsies!  AND they were on sale. Score!

Pretty freakin cute, right?!?!
I can't say that she LOVES wearing them, but she doesn't seem to mind, and she looks adorable in them!

The Simple Things
Here's my {day late} link up with jesslyn amber, sharing all the things I am grateful for...
I appreciate...

a healthy baby.  that cold DID ME IN, {mentally AND physically} and I am so happy baby girl is back to normal!  It sucks watching your happy little one be SO miserable.  but I DO realize that is the first of MANY, so I'll just have to tough it out.

"dance party" for wii.  I know that this is a weird one, but we {hubs and I} played for the first time this weekend with my bro, future sis-in-law, cousin and her bf, and OMGGGGGG!!!  I haven't laughed that hard in sooooo long!  Oh yes, I took video, and am contemplating a post totally devoted to embarrassing us all... stay tuned!

that my sis-in-law was offered a fantastic job {after a VERY long and stressful search}!  she is such a hard worker and deserves it more than anyone.  love you meg.  congrats again!

date night tonight! at Yankee Stadium.  happy girl.  'nuff said.

today starts hubs' "stay-cation." whoooo-hoooo!  if you need us, we will be at the beach, poolside, out to lunch/dinner, and plenty of other fun places. 

What were you thankful for this week?

Fill In The Blank Friday

Seriously I can't wait for this vacay to get underway... I am counting the minutes until the end of the work day {Jason's not mine}!

Here's my link up with Lauren at the little things we do.

1. My most favorite birthday was  there are two that are dear to my heart.  obviously this years {my 27th, ouch} because it was the first that I spent with Gwen and Jason as our little family.  and my 25th.  it was a Friday that year, and we flew down to Puerto Rico after work, for our wedding tasting, planning, etc. just for the weekend, and flew back Sunday night.  we packed so much fun and excitement in those few shorts hours days!

2.  My Worst Birthday was  I'm not sure about this one.  I mean, I haven't had an awful birthday, but I guess I have had ones that weren't up to par.  Maybe my 16th?  no party. not much excitement. idk.

3.  My favorite birthday memory is  getting off a plane at about 10:30pm the night that my best friend, Jen, and I turned 21, and meeting her out in Seaside to celebrate ANOTHER milestone together {we have been besties since Kindergarten!}  we rocked it that night, and turned 21 in style, but paid heavily for it in the morning. lol.  I love that we share the same birthday, it makes it THAT much more special.

4.  The BEST birthday present I have ever received was  my beautiful Movado watch that Jason {then just my bf} gave me when we first started dating.  it was SO unexpected, and he really put some thought into it.  i love it {and him}

5.  The Best birthday present I have ever given was  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tickets to Jason last year.  for a few reasons. 1. I was preggo and he thought there was NO chance of us going so he was TOTALLY surprised. 2. It was just a few short weeks before Gwen's arrival, so it was a sort of "last date night" before the big day! And 3. I knew it was something he REALLY wanted.  He couldn't stop thanking me that night.

6.  Birthdays are SPECIAL. and always should be. it's your day, celebrate how fabulous you are, and make everyone else celebrate with you!

7.  My favorite age so far has been 27. I am happily married, with a beautiful little girl, a crazy, but lovable Lab, and I am living in the moment.  I don't see how it could get any better, but I bet it will :)

Well, there it is people. ::sigh::  That felt good.  cleansing.

enjoy your friday.
i'll be on a date.
with this handsome guy...

...and he's ALL mine ;)



Natalie said...

Whoa that was some catching up right there! Those shoes looks adorable on Gwen's little footsies! YAY for your SIL!

the workaholic momma said...

Great job catching up, girl!!! Thats awesome that you and your BF share a BF and I are one day apart...ha!! The shoes are adorable too!! hope you enjoy your staycation with your hubs - im so jealous:) Have a great weekend:)