Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stats ~ 11 Months

Again, I am a huge slacker.
But, I have a good great reason.
We've been on vacation, sort of.
{More about our week in a later post}

More importantly, little lady turned 11 months old on Tuesday {her Daddy's birthday also!}

Holy shiznit!  How can it be possible that we have now entered the last few weeks of Gwen's 1st year?!?!?

In 26 days, Gwen will be a year old!  Although I am BEYOND excited to celebrate this amazing milestone, I could cry that she is growing up so fast.  TOO FAST.

Well, without further ado, here it is...

Gwen, you are 11 months old...
...and this is what you're up to.
Height - About 31 inches.  You seem so tall to us.  Such a little person.
Weight - 21ish lbs.  We were on vacation so we really didn't step on a scale :)
Diapers - Size 3, but I am sure we will end up moving up a size sooner than later.
Clothes - Some 9 months, some 12, depends on what it is.
Food - Everything.  Ok, that's a fib, because you don't necessarily like EVERYTHING.  But you try.  And you most definitely seem OVER baby food.  You couldn't be bothered by it.  It's funny.  And I have to admit that it makes life a lot easier that you eat regular food.
Sleep - Nothing new here, you're still awesome!
Naps - Still 2 a day.  And you are very specific where you nap.  In your crib/playpen.  Or in the car. 
Teeth - No new teeth, but it doesn't matter because you're toothy little grin is absolutely precious.
 - You are WALKING everywhere!!!!  It is so amazing, and yet SO terrifying.  lol. 
- Daddy went to get you out of bed last Saturday and you looked right at him and said "Da-da"  Thank goodness, because he was begging for it, haha, and you made it right before his birthday!  He was sooooooo happy!!!
- We took our first little vacation, and we all survived! :) We came home today, and it feels so good to be home.
I haven't uploaded her "official" 11 month pic, but here's two from our week away.

You make every day a great day.  We love you SO VERY MUCH!



Natalie said...

Awww she's getting so big and already walking everywhere! Happy 11 months!

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness...she looks SO big!!!! I can't believe she's walking everywhere...your nerves must be in overdrive;)

Happy 11 months, Gwen!!!

Glad you guys had a wonderful vacation away...we have one coming up and I'm hoping everything goes smoothly!!