Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Lesson In Gwen-ese

It's pretty common that every toddler has that in between phase of language that is clearer than just baby babble, but not quite understood by all yet.  And Gwen is no exception.  Although we are closer to the clear side of things, she still has some words and phrases that she uses and most don't understand.

Her "Crocodiles" - means her Crocs.  Lol, yes, not that far off, but when she is asking you to find her Crocodiles for her, don't panic... we are a reptile free household.

"doh-doh" - means Play-doh.  I actually love this one.  She calls it that because on the commercials, the jingle is "Play-doh doh doh, doh, doh doh, doh."  Therefore, we've dropped the Play and picked up an extra doh.

"I love your haircut" - just means she loves your hair.  I don't know why she added the cut part, but she did.  When I finish drying my hair every morning, she says, "Mom, you done with your haircut?"  Makes me smile.

"Take a bathtub" - just a bath.  But, she's partially correct, she is in the bathtub.

She also still call things by different names:

"Apples" = Could be Apples or Grapes.  We're getting better, I mean she used to call every fruit {except bananas} "apples"

"Cuh-cake" = Donut

"Sandwich" = Yellow American Cheese.  Hey, at least she dropped the "Turkey" part

She is definitely getting clearer each day, but for most people that aren't around her all the time, I am forever the translator... or they just stare at her and smile.

I'm sure that I'll miss Gwen-ese when it's gone, just like I miss the baby babble... but for now, I'll just be fluent in it.


Jennifer said...

I love these and can't wait for Emma to have cute words for things.

brittany (something like life) said...

lol too cute! for a while Torin called most fruit "blueberries". elevators are called "alligators". "i don't want to go in the alligator, mommy!"