Friday, May 31, 2013

Necklace for Your Belly

Let me just ask, when you read the title of this post, do you have ANY idea where it's going??

Do you think...

"Is she bringing belly chains back?

If so, you'd be wrong.

It all began yesterday...

Gwen and I had just woken up from our naps {yes, I napped too, don't hate} and we needed to head out to the grocery store for a few dinner supplies.  Now, Gwen usually naps pantless, with her SleepSack on.  Me, I nap, no NOT pantless, lol, but usually in a comfy pair of sweats and a tee or tank.  Therefore, before we could leave the house, we definitely needed to change clothes, or in Gwen's case, put some clothes on.  

Gwen was first, got some pantelones on her, threw her Crocs on real quick, and she was ready to go.  She then followed me into my room to "help" me get dressed {which really only means that she watches and says, "Oh, Momma I love your dress/shirt/hair"}.  

Now, a side note... I change in front of Gwen, not like in my birthday suit kind of change, but a quick change of clothes in front of her is something that I see NO harm in doing.

So, as I am changing my top, and looking for a replacement, Gwen say's, "What's that Momma?"

Jeez... I am half naked, and my child wants to know "What's that?"  This should be interesting...

"What's what, baby?"

"This?" she says as she comes over and points to my bra.

My first thought was, Oh, thank God!  This situation could have been waaaaay worse, lol.  And my second thought was, how do I explain this to a two and a half year old.

I am happy to say that she figured out her own explanation way before I had one for her.

"Is that a necklace... for your belly?"

I died.  I couldn't control my laughter.

Let me just say, that my "tatas" are NOT in the belly region, yet, lol.  I mean I am still in my 20's {barely}.  So, I think that bc Gwen does not really know the name of the "chest" area, she went with the closest region she could name.

And after composing myself, I smiled and said, "Yes, sweetie, it's a necklace for my belly."

I know that one day, I'll have to explain the real purpose and names of all of these things, but for now, I am going to enjoy and embrace my toddler's way of seeing things.

Happy Friday!!!!  We have nothing planned this weekend, so I have my man and my little lady all to myself.  Yay!!  These plan free days are few and far between, so I dare not waste them.


Natalie said...

Haha that is too cute! Gotta love toddlers!

Alyssa said...

LOVE this! She is precious! And so creative! :)

Kerry said...

I just love how toddlers think!
They sure keep you entertained with laughter :)
Enjoy your loves all to yourself this weekend xo