Monday, May 20, 2013

My Blogging Break... Is Now Over

I really  wish that I had a legitimate reason for my absence.  But, the truth is peeps, I don't.  I mean, I can give you a bunch of tiny reasons, that all add up to one thing... Me not writing.  Or reading.  Yeah, it's true, I am so beyond in all my blog reading, I suck.  But, I'll catch up.

So, what's been going on in this little life of ours?

Well, my angel faced toddler is DEEP in the "NO!!!" stage.  Full on, dirty look, I'm not doing what you say no matter what you do type ish.  And when I say, "Do you need a time out?"  You know what that kid of mine says?!?!?  "Yes."  She WANTS the time out, because OBVI it's better than doing what Mom wants me to.  AHHHH!!! Who is this child?!?!

Let's just say that it has been exhausting.

Not to mention that we have had something to do EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. since April and won't be stopping until probably August, maybe.  Parties, weddings, showers, etc.  If you'd like to plan something with us, I think we have something open in September... I'll pencil you in now.  Lol.

So, what else?

Minus the sassiness that has infected my child, she is EVER growing and maturing and learning.  Her vocabulary sometimes leaves us with our jaws on the floor like, "What did she just say?!?"  or "Are two and a half year olds SUPPOSED to know that?!?!"  She's a pretty amazing little tike.  

During my break, I also turned 29.  Eeeek!  Yes, on May 1st, I began the last year of my 20's.  It was a relaxing day, with my two favorite people.  We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and then cuddled up in bed for some family movie time.  Let me tell you, it does not get better than that.  Just doesn't.  And it's those moments that make approaching the big 3-0, not a big deal to me.  I have so much to be grateful for in my life that didn't exist when I was entering my 20's.  Not to mention that I am pretty sure I can kick 30's ass!  But, that's a whole year away and I'll deal with it when I get there.

And of course there was Mother's Day... but I'll save that for another post.


Natalie said...

Oh the two's...what doesn't kill us will make us stronger right?

brittany (something like life) said...

glad you're back! and happy late birthday! Torin isn't quite in the "no" phase yet, but holy cow he's a terror lately! absolutely defiant and STUBBORN!

Monica said...

Yay welcome back! She is getting so big and even more adorable!

Kerry said...

Hi Samantha! It is so good to get over here to say hi to you, I am so behind in reading my fave blogs too. I don't know what happens (life maybe), I get all caught up and then I don't make time to read for a couple of weeks and fall behind again.
Ahh this age is a beautiful one, even with a little attitude. I totally understand when you say it is exhausting lol I carried my 2.5 yr old out of a store today under my arm because he refused to move hehehe I told him I will win and that I did ;)
Happy 29th Birthday, Happy Mother's Day and if I fall behind again, Happy Christmas!! xo

Angie said...

I think your two year old and my two year old should meet. Sounds like they would be VERY good friends!