Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bumpdate :: 30 Weeks

How far along?
30 Weeks... 10 to go... hopefully a little less.

Total weight gain?
Idk... I go back to the Dr. on the 28th so we shall see... eek!

Maternity Clothes?
Yup.  It was inevitable, but it's all that works these days.  I hate to waste the money on them, but they are essential.  Grr.

I'm tired as I could possibly be.  And it has become increasingly hard for me to get comfortable at the end of the night.  I've been relying on my Boppy for any relief I can get.

Best Moment of the Week?
Hubs and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. We started clearing out our spare room, which is filled to the brim with shit paperwork and clutter.  AND {my fav part} we sanded and painted our glider which used to be cherry, and now is a beautiful white!  yay!!

All the time.  And she gets the hiccups, alot.  

Food Cravings?
Still the same... pumpkin anything, choc chip cookie dough ice cream, and most any other sweets.  Which is totally opposite of my pregnancy with Gwen.

Girl... Miss Addison Kay

Labor Signs?
None, but she is definitely either head down or positioned very low.  When she does get the hiccups, they are pretty low, and sometimes her movements are a little startling. 

Belly Button?
Still on the move outward.  Not quite flat yet, but changing every day.  Such a weird thing that happens during pregnancy.  I also have yet to have my linea negra appear... wonder if that is coming back??

What I Miss?
Being able to bend down.  Being comfortable.  Sleeping on my stomach.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
My due date.  Lol.  Getting the room done.  Finishing the chair.  The "Sprinkle" my bestie is throwing me.  Seeing baby girl one more time at the next ultrasound.

30 weeks!  We are now in the single digit week countdown... CRAZY!!
I can't believe that October is already half way over.  These next few months are going to fly by, and before we know it, our second little princess will be here.  I. can't. wait.

Check out the cutest little photo bomber there ever was.  :)

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Natalie said...

You seriously are the cutest!!!!