Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bumpdate :: 32 Weeks {8 Months}

How far along?
32 weeks.  Technically 8 to go, BUT at my appt. with Dr. P on Monday, we spoke again about the possibility of her taking me in early, and the tentative date is December 19th.  So 7 weeks left.  Hallelujah.

Total weight gain?
In the last month, I gained 1 pound.  So, total is about 15 pounds.  HOW this is possible is BEYOND me.  I stuff my face like it is my job.  And I definitely am not counting calories, but I am sure that running around after Gwen has something to do with it.  This appt.  Dr. P. gave me another "stern" look when she saw what my weight gain was, but I SWORE to her that I was trying my best.  She said that she would be able to tell if Addison was growing well when she checked my stomach, and SHE IS!  So, I am off the hook.  Now, where's that ice cream?!?

Maternity Clothes?
Can I just say, again, that I hate maternity clothes.  Ok, well mostly maternity PANTS, but, all of them in general.  I bought one pair of Maternity jeans that weren't the full panel...big mistake.  I am constantly unrolling them and trying to adjust to get comfortable.  And the full panel ones?!?  They fall down CONSTANTLY.  I can't win.  Leggings it is... or sweats if I am home.

Still doing pretty well here.  I think that I may have restless leg syndrome during this pregnancy, such a weird feeling, but it's not interfering with my sleep so, whatev.

Best Moment of the Week?
I have to say that a really nice moment this week was when Hubs and I got to go to my appt. just the two of us {Gwen was at school}.  It was like our first pregnancy.  We got to talk and "hang out" {even though we both were getting annoyed at how long we were waiting}, it was nice to be just us two... even if it was in a doctor's office.  And of course, hearing Addie's little heartbeat.  So sweet.

Holy kicker, Batman.  Girlfriend is so much like her big sister.  She doesn't do much "rolling" she JUTS and JABS, which doesn't hurt, but it sometimes very shocking.  It doesn't bother me though, as long as my girl is doing fine in there.

Food Cravings?
Roast Beef sub.  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups {helllloooo Halloween!}, and Chili.

Still girl.  We have one more u/s and I am sure that Hubs is going to want one final check that it's still Addison in there.

Labor Signs?

Belly Button?
Let's just say that my belly button CANNOT make up it's mind.  It has no clue what it wants to do.  In one minute, out-ish the next, and most days half and half.  Weird.

What I Miss?
Don't laugh {or judge}, but a Captain and Diet.  It's so weird, I have had actual dreams about going to the bar and ordering a drink.  Yes, I know, soon enough.  But apparently my body {and mind} are really looking forward to my first post labor cocktail.

I also miss being able to bend down comfortably.  Picking things up off the floor, putting on shoe's, putting on Gwen's shoes, painting my toenails {can someone come paint them for me?}, all seem like Olympic sports to me lately.  And to think, it ain't gettin' any easier any time soon.  

What I Am Looking Forward To?
I am looking forward to waking up one day soon and Addison's room magically being completely finished.  Poof!  No?!?!  Bummer.  Better get my ass in gear then.  And my sprinkle in the next few weeks that my bestie and her mom are having for me.  I am in awe that they want to do this for me {can't help but get teary eyed} and am looking forward to a celebration for Addie.

8 months baby!  I can see the finish line... sort of.  It's going to be so amazing to start the new year off as a family of four.

Here's my buddha belly.


Ashley said...

You look gorgeous!

If only we could dream up their nursery and it be done when we wake. How awesome would that be?

Natalie said...

You are so beautiful pregnant!