Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap. And Some Baby News.

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend.  Our Thanksgiving was perfect.  Mellow, low key, and VERY relaxing.  Gwen ah-dored the parade, it was exciting just watching her get excited... although, I DID have to explain to her that she didn't have to look out the front window, because the floats were not coming down OUR street, but that they were on tv in NYC.  Lol.

We may have had a restful Thanksgiving, BUT the rest of the weekend was JAM packed... like I don't think that we could have fit anything else into it.

Friday we celebrated my cousin's 30th birthday with a surprise party :)  It was a masquerade party {I love a theme!} and I am pretty sure she loved it.  I loved seeing her so happy and relaxed, she's currently pursuing her doctorate, planning a wedding and working full time, so she doesn't get much down time these days.

Saturday morning we headed to the tree farm to Griswold it up and cut down our Christmas Tree.  I love this tradition,and Gwen was especially fun this year.  She said, "That one is PERFECT!"  So, of course we picked that one!!

Saturday night, we had another party {I def needed a nap before round 2}.  This time, it was a 50th birthday for a fabulous family member.  Another good time, although I do wish I could have had a delish mudslide shot with everyone... 2 weeks {ish}.  I couldn't last at the party past 10pm, and although I don't think he wanted to go, Hubs obliged and we left.  I loved getting dressed up and for all the sweet compliments that came my way, but I COULD not wait to put on PJs and veg.

Sunday, since Gwen wasn't home {for the second night in a row ::insert sad face::}, Jason decided to surprise her by putting up the Christmas lights up outside.  Of course we could not find one FULL strand of working lights, and even after spending a few hours trying to make just ONE happen, we had no luck... so we bought new ones.  Lol.

We then headed to The Stone Pony {an iconic music venue... look it up}, to watch my very talented cousin perform on stage for an Oceans of Love benefit.  And to meet up with our little lady... FINALLY!!!  I have to say, my cousin was great!  And I am in awe of her ability to put herself out there.  on stage.  by herself.  in front of a ton of strangers.  I would not be caught dead up there.  Ever.  She played "Round Here" - By the Counting Crows  and she nailed it.

Afterwards, we scooped up our girl and headed home.  Gwen could barely keep her eyes open and fell asleep in our bed... of course I didn't move her... I missed her something fierce.  And even though I slept with a leg across my face, it was worth all the cuddles.

Long weekend, right?!?  It should be one of the last crazy weekends we have for a while, since Addison's arrival is just a few short weeks away!!!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!  We got some interesting news at my weekly visit with Dr. P on Thursday... I am 3-4cm dilated and she doesn't think that I will make it much longer!  If, I do make it to next Wednesday, she may take me in Thursday!  Oh boy.  That news sent Jason into a little bit of a panic, and me into "I have so much to get done" mode.  Not much action since then, a few small cramps/contractions, but that's it.  Any day now.

Crazy, right?!  I can't believe she is almost here!!

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I can't believe she is almost here too!!!