Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Addison Kay.

If you haven't heard the amazing news...  Miss Addison Kay made her appearance into the world on 12/12/13 @ 12:14am.  Weighing in at a WHOPPING 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 inches long.  {She is the tiniest little peanut}  AND she has a full head of hair! Imagine that.  She is so beautiful and has stolen all of our hearts already.

So, how's about a little birth story for ya?

Now, my original due date, if you remember, was December 16th, which was then changed to December 25th after my first ultrasound showed that the baby was measuring smaller.  So of course we followed the 25th as our guideline.  But, as the last few weeks came around, and I was starting to dilate progressively each week, Dr. P was convinced that my first due date was the correct one.  She also was appeasing me {who was hell bent on not missing Christmas with Gwen} and agreeing to induce me Dec 19th, IF I hadn't gone on my own already... which she thought I was going to do.  

Well, at my weekly visit, on December 11th, she gave me the news... we were going that night.  I was already dilated 5cm and she was worried that I would end up giving birth on the Turnpike if I was in labor and had one good contraction.  Lol.

We left the appt, in shock, and planned out the next few days, alerting family, and then continued on with our day.

My in-laws came from Pennsylvania to stay with Gwen, which made her super excited, and my mom met us at our house to head over to the hospital together. I DREADED saying goodbye to Gwen.  I thought I wouldn't be able to control my emotions, and I didn't want to scare her.  I did waaay better than I had anticipated.  I brought her into her room, shut the door and explained that Mommy was going to the hospital to get baby Addison and bring her home.  I said that I loved her so much {I'm crying as I write this but didn't when it happened} and that I wanted her to come see me in the morning.  She reacted great, gave me a big squeeze and a kiss and headed out to hang with her Grandpa and Grandma.

We got to the hospital right at our 5pm check-in, but really didn't get to Labor and Delivery until about 6-ish.  They hooked me up to all those crazy monitors {I hate those things! I get what they are used for, but too many beeps and alarms and more things for this hypochondriac to worry about.} and it turns out that I was already contracting on my own. Every 2-4 minutes. Say what?!?!  I had no clue.  Therefore, I couldn't have the Cervadil... and had to wait for my doc.

Dr. P arrived around 7:30pm, explained the situation, and decided at 7:50 to break my water... then the walking began.  Up and down the halls, with husband in tow, walking this baby out of me.  I walked for a while, and when the contractions started to get a little stronger, I decided to rest and let the doctor check me.  I progressed to 6cm, but whenever I layed back down {instead of walking} my contractions STOPPED all together.  FML, right?  So I pushed myself to start walking again.

All this time, Dr. P {and everyone else} kept pushing and asking when I wanted my epidural.  My honest answer was that I wasn't really in AWFUL pain, and I wanted to be able to keep walking as long as possible.  So I waited.

After walking some more, my contractions became regular again and definitely more intense.  So I had them check me again.  I was now 8cm, and decided to cave and get the epidural... because Lord knows I wasn't having this baby without one.   Lol.  {I should mention that Dr. P once again gave me a Xanax, because I was such a nervous wreck... I seriously hate hospitals.}  Right before the epidural, they also gave me something to keep the contractions regular... not Pitocin thankfully, just a little pill.

From there on out, it was pretty quick.

Dr. P came in and asked, "So, Sam... which birthday sounds better, 12/11 or 12/12?"  {I can't say enough how much I love her.}  "12/12" I said.  She agreed.  She checked me again a little after midnight and told us that it was time.

They got the room all ready, and literally two pushes later... Addison Kay was born.

We're in love with our Addie Kay.

I obviously have tons to write about in the next few days/weeks... just need to find the time.  I promise to update you on how Gwen's doing, how we are doing, how my mom accidentally took pictures of all the wrong things during my labor, among many other things.  So stay tuned ;)


Tracy Over said...

Congrats! So adorable.

Monica L said...

Congrats! She is beautiful!

Natalie said...

Aww love her and your birth story...don't start giving me baby fever for #3!

Melissa Pezza said...

I am so excited for you!!!

the workaholic momma said...

AAAWWWW...YAYAYAYA!!!!! I am SO excited for you guys!!!! I've been away from anything social media for so long but was sitting at work and wondered if your baby girl was here;) (Love the name and will need to send me your address - I can send some of my addie's monogrammed stuff your way if you want)!! I'm so glad that everything went well and everyone is healthy!!!!