Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Last Bumpdate. 38 Weeks and 1 Week Post Partum

December 11, 2013
December 20, 2013
 How far along?
I am no longer pregnant, YAY!!!  I am one week and one day  postpartum. {written Friday.}

Total weight gain?
38 weeks - Gained that pound I lost back, so we are back to 19 lbs.  Although I feel as though I have gained 100++
Post - I checked the scale today, specifically for this post, and I was 6-7lbs away from my starting weight {hellooo breastfeeding!}

Maternity Clothes?
I wish that I could say that I have said, "Sayonara" to those Maternity Clothes, but I'll be rocking them for a little while longer... not much longer, maybe a few weeks.
38 Weeks - I've been napping most days {when I can}.  And I have been doing really good at night.  Although, I had one night where I could not get comfortable, woke Jason up for help {water and pillows}, cried hysterically because nothing would work, then finally fell asleep.  Yeah, that was a fun night.

1 Week Post - Sleep?? What's that?!  Actually we are doing OK. Addison is waking about twice a night and stays up for about an hour each time.  I've forced myself to nap with Gwen and Addison a few times this week... and I see that becoming a trend in our house.

Best Moment of the Week?
38 Weeks - Finding out at my weekly visit that I am 5cm dilated! And headed to the hospital to meet our girl!

1 Week Post - I can't possibly pick a BEST moment.  I'm in love and enjoying every minute with my family.

38 Weeks - Oh, yes.  She was "showing off" for her Daddy the other morning, so much so, that it kinda hurt.  It was A LOT of kicking for six in the morning!

1 Week Post - She is just as much of a mover on the outside as she was on the inside.  She's a little wiggler.

38 Weeks - Well, I can tell you what I am NOT craving, anything Thanksgiving related.  I am so over left overs.  And I guess you could say that I am craving that Apple Cider Sangria that I made last year... oh you can bet your ass that it will be making an appearance at Christmas!!

1 Week Post- Red wine.  And an Italian Sub.  Basically I want everything that I couldn't have while pregnant.

All girl.  Miss Addison Kay.  aka. Addie Kay

Labor Signs?
38 Weeks - A few.  I'm dilating as I said, and have had light cramps/contractions since my internal {Wednesday}, but nothing major... yet. {little did I know that I was already starting labor when I wrote that!}
1 Week Post - I've definitely had some afterpains, which were much stronger this time than last.  But overall, I recovered much better this time around than last.  I think because I knew what to expect and there was less for me to be scared of.

Belly Button?
38 Weeks - What belly button?  It doesn't really exist at this point.

1 Week Post - It's back to an innie, but definitely doesn't look like it's old self, yet.

What I Miss?
38 Weeks - Being able to go more than 5 minutes without having to pee.  Being able to bend over without grunting.  Walking without waddling... sad but true.

1 Week Post - Nothing!!! I'm not preggo anymore AND Addison is here!!! Life is good.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
38 Weeks  - Giving birth and meeting our little lady!
1 Week Post -  Christmas... Gwen is sooooo excited for everything Christmas.  She is going to be so much fun! And spending as much time with my little family as possible!

38 Weeks-  Making it full term.  And starting to dilate.  Yay!

1 Week Post- Giving Birth!

Overall we are all adjusting pretty well.  It's been so nice having Jason home, not just for his help, but for the quality time that we are getting!  I honestly can't believe that she has already been here over a week.  Crazy.


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Good for you to be almost back to pre-pregnancy weight! You look fabulous :)

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