Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holy Heifer Alert!!!

So today was my monthly visit to Dr. P (sans Wiley, although we did talk about him as usual), and my Glucose Test, which tests for Gestational Diabetes.  I had to chug (w/in 5 min.) 10 oz. of bright orange, super sugary, and might I add pretty gross, liquid.  Then exactly one hour later a blood test was administered at Dr. P's.  Now, we wait for the results.  Actually, this office only calls when the tests results are not good... so no news is good news.

After my test, we had our normal visit, and found out that this little lady gained 7, I repeat, s-e-v-e-n pounds since our last visit (4 weeks ago).  Now, I'm just kidding, I now that this is completely normal and on pace for my pregnancy, but what a shock!  I have NEVER gained like that. Lol.  So, I am up a total of about 12 lbs... and to think, last weekend I was in a bikini!!!!! :)

All is well with Gwen, we are both right on track.  We go back see the Dr. in three weeks instead of four (b/c we are getting closer to due date), and we have to schedule our next ultrasound for about three weeks from now.  Can't wait to see her again! 

Here's my latest bump pics, thanks to Hubby.  I am 26 weeks, 5 days... almost into the third trimester (ahhh, the home stretch).

And here is the frontal pic I have been promising.  See, the belly button hasn't "popped" but it is certainly far from its starting location. 

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable Father's Day!  Jason had a great time celebrating his "almost" Father's Day, can't wait until next year, Gwen and I will certainly make it special for him!

All our love to you.


Ashley said...

Look at the cute belly - I love the belly progress pics!

I can't believe you are almost in the third trimester - time sure flies.

Samantha & Jason said...

Thanks Ashley! The belly is definitely growing by the day, sometimes I think even by the minute!

You know, as I was going through it, the first 2 trimesters seemed to take forever. But, now I am with you, I can't believe we are in the home stretch... just hoping this isn't the longest trimester of all :)