Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Closer and Closer...

We have done so much in the past few days!!!  Saturday night, Jason put together the swing AND our new glider (sooo comfy)!  I find myself hanging out her room, rocking away, wishing she was here already. :)

 Then, Sunday morning, with the help from Gwen's Welo, the chair rail went up.  And let me just say, I think the room looks perfect!!

Then, today (Wednesday), Jason called from work and said that he had a surprise for me & Baby Gwen.  He came home at lunch with a box from Gwen's Grandma (Jason's mom) and inside was her bedding!!!  I was sooooo excited!  I love it so much and am so thankful.  Of course, I had to put it up right away... even though we haven't bought a mattress yet (we will soon).

Thanks Grandma Mary!

We are getting SO close to finishing the room, it's so exciting.  I can't wait for the day her room is complete with her in it!  Only about 12 weeks to go... hopefully less.

Now we are just gearing up for a relaxing 4th of July weekend (Jason really does deserve it!)...  then it's back to work, lol.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe 4th!

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