Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving along quite nicely...

We have made some SERIOUS progress in Gwen's room!  Last weekend, we decided to stay home and get painting... well Jason did, I supervised, only because I couldn't really be around the paint.  We can't get over how much we love the new print (Bubble Gum by: Bananafish), and we found the perfect colors for the walls.  We decided on Pink Destiny for the top half and Greenhouse Tint for the bottom, with a white chair rail in the middle. 

Here is a before picture, with the room all taped out:

With the Pink Destiny done...

Both colors done, and tape removed... Love it!

The Bubble Gum curtain against the two colors, it really looks perfect! (At least we think so)

Here is our cutie pie's crib (Parker in Cherry by: Da Vinci)

We also bought new heat/sun repellent plantation blinds in White, hope to get them both up soon.

So, it seems we are just sailing right along!  Although, I have to admit, I just want to keep going and going until the room is done.  I LOVE seeing a finished project.  But, Rome wasn't built in a day, Lol!

Tons of love to you.

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