Saturday, June 26, 2010

Working for the Weekend

Since our summer is starting to get pretty busy, we decided to stay home this weekend and try to finish the chair railing in Gwen's room.  After measuring out the room and consulting with professionals (Gwen's Welo), lol, we headed to Lowe's to pick up the supplies that we needed for our current project.  We bought 2 twelve foot pieces and 3 eight foot pieces.  As you can see below, for them to fit we stuck them out the sunroof, and headed home.  Well, we were just a mere 3 blocks from our house when, *SNAP,* and then there were 5 eight foot pieces.  Haha.  Needless to say, Jason went back to the store this morning and returned two of the original smaller pieces and bought 2 new longer ones.  :)

And he was so happy in this picture :)  His face was NOT this happy 10 minutes later.

Today, the chair railing was painted, and tomorrow morning at 9am, with some help, it is going up!!! Yay!  We cannot wait to see the finished product!

Jason was a busy little bee today, working so hard for his little girl.  Not only did he paint the chair rail, but he put up the curtains and new blinds, installed the light switch cover, and is currently putting together her swing (our first registry gift, Thanks Aunt Jane & Uncle Tom!).

 Here is a picture of the new curtain and blinds. 

 I found this company that makes custom light switch plates and outlet covers (Yes, we are a bit obsessed), but look how great it looks!  They are so fun!  Hopefully, the outlet covers will be here this week. 

Wish us luck for tomorrow, we will definitely document all the fun! 

Love you all.

Let's go USA!

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