Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gwen's 1st Rock Concert

In May, while driving around Hoboken, Jason and I had heard an advertisement on the radio for the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert that was coming to the IZOD center in August.  Without even thinking, Jason said "I would LOVE to go see him this summer!"  Also without thinking, I said loudly, "THIS summer?!?!"  He quickly retracted and said he was sorry, that he wasn't thinking... he had realized that I would be 9 months pregnant and mostly likely not able to go. 

The thought of how badly he had wanted to go never left my mind, and I REALLY wanted to surprise him for his birthday.  But, I wanted to wait as long as I could to make sure that I would be feeling well enough to attend.  SO, since I have been feeling really good, I bought the tix!!! And he was so surprised.  We went to the concert Tuesday night (after I prepared by taking not one, but two naps), and it was GREAT!  I was comfortable (it was inside and had cushioned seats) and so happy that I could still make his birthday special!!!!  

Happy Birthday Jason!  You are an amazing person and I am lucky to have you as my husband, and Gwen is equally as lucky to have you as her Daddy!

Here are a few pics of us before we left:

Betcha Gwen will love to rock out to Tom Petty with her Dad when she's born!  She was a big dancer the whole concert!

Our love to you.


Steve Heisman said...

When do we get to bring her to her first Slayer concert?

Anonymous said...

i take her deep into her roots and take her salsa dancing!
love titi celia